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Rush Limbaugh, the Taunts of a Coward!

I am cross posting this with the blessings of Joe Leonardi in the hopes of touching as many people as possible as to the feelings of a certain segment of the population you will be surprised and happy to hear. There is hope for America after all! Please read the following and we will discuss it at the end of Joe's observations!
The Taunts of a Coward by: Joe Leonardi
I am listening to the once conservative, talk show host, turned Presidential spokesperson Rush Limbaugh (Wednesday 3/28/07). In the first hour of today's show he is dutifully attacking Senator Charles Hagel. He didn't spend a lot of time on him, but in the few minutes he did — he gave away his duplicity. His tirade against Senator Hagel, centered on claims that the Senator must have forgotten September 11th. And therein, my friends, lies the rub. Rush is bringing out the tried and true, implying and insinuating a connection between Iraq and the terror attacks on our country. He invoked 9/11 at least ten times. During this tirade he kept reiterating that we are at war against "Muslims", I guess someone on his staff finally penetrated his purported drugged induced deafness;
because after about the third time he corrected it to "Militant Muslims."
It has been said before, however, obviously it bears repeating. Saddam didn't have anything to do with September 11th. There was no connection, 9/11 was not used in our testimony to the U.N., there was no Saddam-Al Qaeda collaboration. Our attack was a predetermined design by Neo-Cons from the think tank, The Project for a New American Century. Out of power after Bush 41, this group attempted to convince President Clinton to attack Saddam. After President George W. Bush assumed the Presidency many from this think tank moved into his administration. Most notable, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz. Paul O’Neil, former Treasury Secretary, outlines many of the behind the scenes goings on in his book; The Price of Loyalty:.... O’Neil’s book wasn’t what convinced me that this misguided war was a predetermined, done deal looking for justification. The convincing factor was the Nightline episode interviewing members of the PNAC think tank. The information about the plan to oust Saddam came straight from the horses’ mouths. See my column, "Warning Conservative Republicans."
Mr. Limbaugh went on to claim that anyone against the war is linguini spined. I get such a kick out of El Rushbo when he goes on this particular condemnation. There is nothing better than a coward calling people out. Rush avoided the war of his generation, Vietnam, due to an inactive pilonidal cyst. I remember when someone first told me this, I fell on the floor laughing. You see, I too have an inactive pilonidal cyst. I learned about it during my admission physical into the United States Navy. I was concerned it was going to disqualify me and I asked the doctor about it. His words, which stuck in my head, are what made me laugh so hard when I heard about Rush. The Doc said, ‘no, it’s nothing, but if your family had pull, this would have gotten you out of the draft during ‘nam.’ Rush you linguine spined, miserable, wussy coward. You continue to deride true heroes that served in the war your influential Daddy kept you out of. Please, just shut up!
Few true conservatives have inwardly been supportive of this administration. All the gains made in the forty years it took us to finally get a conservative in office have been destroyed in the last six years. We finally have a reasonable, conservative voice in Chuck Hagel. And if you listen to the Senator, the bulk of his criticism has been on the mishandling of the war. The kicker is he has been correct — while those in the administration have been wrong. In June of 2005 Vice President Cheney said "that the insurgency is in its last throes" and predicted that the fighting will end before the Bush administration leaves office. However, Senator Hagel said in August of 2005 that "the United States is getting more bogged down in Iraq." Well, a year and half later who’s right?
Mr. Hagel went against his party in this vote. I believe he took such bold action to send a message to not only the administration, but to the American people, that we must start being realistic about getting out of Iraq. Senator Hagel will be mercilessly torn apart by White House hatchetmen Limbaugh and Hannity, but it doesn’t matter, because the time for rhetoric is over. It is urgent now that austere people take action and start looking for serious solutions.
Joe Leonardi
Any one of us could have said this. We all see this two faced purposefully untruthful behavior not only from Rush, Hannity, Bush, Rove, Cheney, and Gonzales, but from every single NeoCon involved with this misadministration! You may have gathered this by now but what I find exceptional about reading Joe's incite is that he is a true Conservative and voicing his observations from that viewpoint.
He truly cares about America and honesty not following the mis course set by Rove and Bush. I have made it a point to visit Joe's site daily so I can see what he has to say. It is a pleasure to see that there are some Republicans out there that really do care about our America. I know I have gone out on a limb here but if anyone is interested in what he has to say, Joe's address is I am encouraged though that there is hope for the future of our two Party system and our beautiful America!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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