Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Virginia Tech Incident will be used by Bush to take even more Freedom From Citizens!

Bush is working towards that Declaration of Martial Law, Just watch him and put nothing past him, this Cho incident was too convenient for Bush and he is using it! I was very upset!

 I just stopped at the store and I stayed in the car and of course being away from the radio, computer, and TV, I wanted to catch up on the news. What a mistake! I happened onto Rush Limbaugh blaming the VT mass murders on the Democrats.

He said we make everybody hate the rich Democrats and that was behind Cho's hate for the wealthy. Republicans do not need any help making us and the world hate them. As I routinely say of Bush, they do that all by themselves and need no help. I watched the videos Cho made between killing the first 2 people and then 2 hours later killing the other 30. I can't figure out who was behind this guys training but he had some somewhere. You don't just buy a couple handguns and turn into an expert madman. He definitely had some training.

Anyway I do believe this will be used against us. This very well could be the beginning of of his efforts of a declaration of martial law. Bush will declare martial law and cancel elections if he thinks that is the only way to keep this new order prosecuting .

I have discussed it very often at Kos and people seem to think it could never happen in the U.S. Bush will use this to further tighten his grip on the peoples freedom. Yesterday it was a bit hard to believe that there was a real bomb threat. Who the heck would do that at a time like this.

 Oddly I never heard another thing about it . Have you? I do not know what is going to happen when all is said and done in the U.S. or in the Middle East and around the world but Bush will not relinquish his power willingly nor will he leave the middle east without attacking Iran and furthering his new middle east and world order

. This is all getting very scary and ominous. You cannot put anything beyond the realm of possibility with Bush. He will stoop as low as he has to keep prosecuting his new order. Whoever is pushing the buttons behind this idiot I hope to God people wake up to the fact that he will do anything and you cannot trust anything he says or does. It will get worse here and around the world. A lot worse!

James Joiner
 Gardner, Ma


LittleBill said...

A very scary post! I had never considered martial law, but considering Bush, it is a good guess.

an average patriot said...

Hi little bill
I firmly believe he will do exactly that in his last attempts to follow his and his handlers new world order. The expat who sends me research thought I might be wrong but after she saw what happened at V. tech she sent me an Email titled Oh No!!! This could be the opening volley! To me it is and Bush will use it in his favor to step on us further. Watch!