Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Please look At these points and then Think about what happened at Virginia Tech!

As some of you know, I am on vacation in Florida but hearing about events Monday at Virginia Tech and then today hearing that there was supposedly bomb threat there I just had to give you once again my simple but not mentioned thoughts on this.
Knowing for a fact the abusive rights this misadministration was given with the patriot Act and the fact that one professor threatened to quit if Cho was not removed from her class and students and instructors have warned about him for years, to me you have to come to the logical conclusion that what happened at Virginia Tech was allowed to happen as a way of inciting more fear into American citizens so Bush could clamp down even further on our rights.
Look, today they have the right to open your mail if they think you are a threat, monitor your computer, listen in on your phone, heck they could have gone right into his room, confiscated his computer, or gone after him if they thought he was a threat. They knew he was a threat. They knew he was a nut case. I am still waiting to hear how 2 hours after he killed the 2 students he showed up on the other side of the campus myself. We are all curious but Just think about this and then put this in context!
1. Mass murderers are overwhelmingly male Caucasians.
2. They often come from extremely dysfunctional homes where you find:domestic violence, incest etc...
3. There is usually a clearly defined motive such as revenge or lust.
4. The crime is usually perpetrated with a machine gun or a rifle, not a handgun. None of these characteristics are present in this case. They "say" they found a letter where he spoke of his "anger" against rich kids but this letter could easily have been planted. There was no anger when he killed all those people. In fact, one of the students who escaped reports that Cho Seung-Hui would say: "Hello, how are you?" and then start shooting with no emotion or anger in his face at all!
This is how his roommates describe him:
"His roommates in Harper Hall said that Cho's behavior around them was unusual - but not alarming. When the shootings occurred, said Karan Grewal, 21, a senior from Falls Church, Va., "No way did I think it would be him." "He didn't seem like a guy who could even hold up a gun," Grewal said."He seemed like a shy foreign exchange student." Cho worked on "normal school projects" and downloaded music and music videos of all sorts on his computer, said Aust, his roommate."
This proves he was not "obsessed" with guns or violent video games like the kids in Columbine. He didn't really have a girlfriend that recently broke up with him or anything like that. Neighbors report the family as being friendly with a successful dry cleaning business.
There is absolutely nothing there that would explain what happened although I am sure hundreds of stories will come out saying he was "disturbed", "obsessed" etc.... but as we know, the mainstream media is not a reliable source of information. Another important thing to consider is: "How and where did he learn how to shoot?" He didn't come from a background where his family had weapons, or went hunting. He didn't play violent video games and even if he did, this doesn't train you how to shoot. It's not easy to kill someone with a handgun, especially when they are running and fighting for their lives.
Another VERY interesting question is: "Why would this kid file the serial numbers off the Glock 19 he purchased last month if he was going to commit a mass murder-suicide unless someone else wanted their identity hidden? You file the serial numbers off a weapon when you don't want the weapon to be traced to you or the person you bought it from but then, why would you keep the receipt for the purchase in your backpack?!? It makes no sense.
Now, let me explain other circumstances which I found extremely unusual: 1. Many of the Va. Tech students end up working for the CIA, NSA and other government agencies because of the school's focus on Geospacial Information Technology. This is from the Va. Tech web site:
"The (Va. Tech) Center for Geospatial Information Technology conducts geospatially-related research for federal and state agencies and private business and provides expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) applications to the university community. The Virginia Tech researchers are expert on extracting, analyzing, and visualizing information from data provided by such geospatial technologies as GIS, GPS and remote sensing.
The article proves the CIA was actively recruiting students on campus.
I saw CIA agents on the scene right after the shooting which means they were involved with the "investigation".
The reason the local police and University management took 2 hours to inform the students was because they were following a "bad lead". Who gave them the bad lead?
When the president of Va. Tech made his first statement to the press he appeared cool as a cucumber and the very first thing he said was "I am in direct contact with president Bush".
Think about it, if you were the president of a University that didn't advise it's students there was a shooter on campus and because of this decision 30 students were killed..... don't you think you'd be scared to death of the consequences? Well, the president of Va. Tech didn't look the least bit worried. In fact, he spoke in the most nonchalant way as if he didn't have a care in the world.
Now, if the CIA was actively recruiting students within the campus it was because they had permission from the president of the university which means he had some kind of "deal" or "arrangement" with them. Under normal conditions you cannot believe what we are told as "official" information.
Knowing what I just pointed out you certainly have to question what really happened at V.T. why, and who was behind it. There is just too many questions and anomalies here and none of them traditional. There is more here than meets the eye. Think about it and please let me know what you think!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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