Friday, April 27, 2007

Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Focus on Bush, Tenet speaks against Bush, It will have Zero Effect as usual!

We have the idiot Bush waiting to veto the Iraq funding Bill which should hit his desk on the 4th anniversary of his aircraft carrier mission accomplished speech, because it calls for him to do the right thing and that as you know is withdraw.
The Senate's passing of the bill came as a US army officer warned the US faced the prospect of defeat in Iraq. In an article published last night in the Armed Forces Journal, Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Yingling blamed American generals for failing to prepare their forces for an insurgency and misleading Congress about the situation on the ground.
Defeat was guaranteed the day Bush ignored all advice to the contrary and attacked Iraq to get into the middle east to implement what he thought would be his new middle east order. Nothing I can see is going to stop Bush, period! As he ignored the Joint Chiefs and everyone else Bush will ignore a lowly knowledgeable Lieutenant-Colonel.
Last night The first Demoratic Presidential debate highlighted to me Senator Edwards whose leadership against poverty and responsible Health Care reform I admire, respect, and hope to see matched by others. However, of course the focus of the debate was President Bush and his lying in order to get into Iraq and what is to us, his mismanagement of it.
You know as well as I do that Bush could care less what Democratic Presidential hopefuls say and will merely brush it off as political gamemanship.I am though disturbed that it took ex CIA chief George Tenet so long to come out against Bush and his runup to get into Iraq. He said There was never a serious debate that he knew of within the administration about the imminence of the Iraqi threat and he chided Dick Cheney for twisting his words "a slam Dunk" and the facts about Iraq.
We knew that too from the start that is why I was offended when Bush gave Tenet his Presidential reward knowing it was a reward for keeping quiet. I have to wonder why George chose this time to speak the truth and ignore his little atta Boy!
Listening to the Democratic Presidential hopefuls and George Tenet you would think it would shake the core of Bush and his misguided goals in Iraq and the middle east. Forget it! He will ignore this as he has ignored everything else! That said the White House is firing back at Tenet as you would expect.
Bush lied to get into Iraq and the middle east and you can see nothing is going to get him out of there until he attacks Iran and fully prosecutes what he wrongly thinks will be his new middle east order. He must stay the course in Iraq's civil war that he created and ignore Tenet, The Joint Chiefs, all dissenting officers and politicians, the American people, everyone, and stay his miscourse until he finds the excuse to further his goals in the whole of the middle east. We seem powerless to stop Bush but we all cannot stop trying.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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