Monday, October 31, 2011

Compliments of Russia and China, Syria's uprising creeps across Lebanese border:

With Rare Double U.N. Veto on Syria, Russia and China Try to Shield Syria: UNITED NATIONS — By vetoing a Security Council resolution condemning Syria for its oppression of anti government forces, Russia and China effectively tossed a life preserver to President Bashar al-Assad, seemingly unwilling to see a pivotal ally and once stalwart member of the socialist bloc sink beneath the waves of the Arab Spring. A double veto at the United Nations is rare, in this case driven by similar if not exactly parallel concerns in Moscow and Beijing about losing influence in the Arab world as one authoritarian government after another built on the now-faded Soviet model collapses.

Syria's uprising creeps across Lebanese border: A growing number of cross-border incursions by Syrian troops into Lebanese territory has aggravated political rivalries in Lebanon between those who oppose the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and those who support it. Since the beginning of October, Syrian soldiers have penetrated Sunni-populated areas along Lebanon’s remote and poorly marked eastern border on a number of occasions, reportedly killing and abducting several people.

Syria has been going into Lebanon with tanks at will to kill Sunni and commit abductions but so far have shied away from Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and Israel. Lebanon has long lived under Syria’s shadow and is more vulnerable to interference as the Assad regime pursues its crackdown on the Syrian opposition, elements of which have begun to arm themselves and fight back.

This is going to be a long tough fight because Iran will not allow a possible anti Iran regime change in Syria nor it seems will Russia and China. You would think that after Gaddafi's brutal death Bashar Al-Assad would take heed but he does not have to as China and Russia support his brutality to protect their interests and the old order.

Again: You know, I am thinking about all that is happening today in the United States and more pointedly around the entire world not just in North Africa and the Middle East and I am reminded of something we were told right after 9/11 and that was that this is a new volatile world we live in today and we must act accordingly. When I was a kid I learned "adapt, overcome, and move ahead successfully" We are not doing that, once again we have failed to take our own good advice.

This is not the 20th century. The times they are a changing and we must be smart enough to change with them or be trampled. WW 3 we do not want, it is not survivable for us or the planet with the awesome destruction of today's weapons. Just looking at the two telling links above I realized Russia and the United States are playing the same old power and control games instead of realizing this is a new world and like it or not we must adapt with it or destroy it.

Now China feels emboldened to play a role in pushing her desires on the "Arab Spring" too and this is all a recipe for disaster. The US can no longer stand by Israel blindly. Unless Israel realizes like it or not it is time for a 2 state solution to allow us to progress through the 21 century in this new world not the old one those in control are trying to hold on to.

Likewise it is wrong for Russia and China to embolden Syria and defend their Brutality in order to protect their selfish old interests. Like it or not we must let go. We the current powers are creating more problems not solving them. We must step back and let the baby be born. We can not have things the way we want. We must realize that instead of using weapons to try and have our way.

We must let the chips fall where they may then pick up what we can, adapt, overcome, and move forward successfully hopefully. The US is in trouble, Europe is in trouble, the Middle East is in trouble, the entire world is in trouble unless we wake up, stop trying to interfere with it, and help put together whatever is left.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

It always has and always will be about wealth and power. One only needs to focus on who has gained power once tyrants are gone to see that nothing (about the game) really has changed only the players.

an average patriot said...

The thing that stinks Demeur is that regardless of what happens at least in this country the haves know now they can ignore the have nots and get even more and I do not see that changing even with a fight.