Monday, August 01, 2011

Texas Governor and murderer Perry for President?

Texas Schedules Execution, Despite Victim's Plea: A Texas man who said he wanted to kill Arabs to avenge the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks is scheduled to be executed on Wednesday evening, even as one of his victims filed a last-minute appeal to save his life.

Texas just has a penchant to kill! And Perry wants to run for President? Hell Perry already hung a known innocent man! The Texas sanctioned Willingham murder and cover up gets deeper and deeper! Please sign the petition!

Texas Executes 9/11 'Revenge Killer'

Texas Governor Perry May Join US Presidential Race

I was also going to discuss Bush who as Governor of Texas killed legally more Americans than anyone in history. I implore you to read the story at the link of who he killed and the fact that he was known as The Texacutioner It just absolutely amazed me that Bush is known as the biggest serial killer in history with the okaying of killing 154 prisoners as Governor of Texas. Cause of Death listed on their Death Certificates "Homicide" It absolutely stuns me that Bush can do this and still get an invite to speak at Notre Dame.

* Thinking about the fact that Bush killed all those people many veterans and retarded and was still the Popes friend and spoke at Notre Dame I found out why! The catechism use to teach that God had entrusted civil authorities with the power over life and death. Also the Vatican had the Death Penalty on their books until 1969! Religion and capital punishment

Those little tidbits pointed out, what is it about Texas penchant with the death penalty? Bush killed even more people than Perry and he was elected President and we are still suffering from that turn out with much suffering to come. I refuse to believe Governor Perry who purposely put to death an innocent man thinks God and the people are calling him to run for President. He is also the fool who wanted Texas to secede from the union. What the hell is wrong with us?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I tend to side with Bernie Sanders. We need a third party to run for president. The ones we have are just the same thing siding with corporate America. The republicans got everything they wanted in the latest budget bill and more. The debt ceiling was raised with no new taxes on the rich but cuts to the poor.

I say we fire the lot of them and now my republican friends agree. So I guess Obama did bring America together. Now all of congress is hated.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I agree with you 100% Maybe I am cynical but I am afraid that this low lie my way or the highway Politics ushered in by Rove, Cheney, and their dupe Bush is the new debilitating norm.

One Fly said...

I'm ready to take a ride down a new road that is for damn sure.

an average patriot said...

Me too Tom! I am not a pessimist but I am convinced we will get worse in every respect here and around the world. Not a good future.

One Fly said...

I would like the chance of voting for someone who is not owned. I don't give a shit what it does in the end. The right person could become prez if they didn't kill him.

Who that would be I'm wouldn't have a clue but if he or she came along I know it immediately. At one time whether one agrees or not Jessie Ventura could have been prez on a third party ticket. That man had the immense power of being able to galvanize people.

If I was granted a wish it would be to have someone come out of the wood work and try such a thing with a message lefty bloggers write about. The right message and the correct direction this country needs to go before it's gone. It's almost there now along with the planet.

an average patriot said...

Tom is sucks but they are all bought and paid for. Obama is fucking tits on a bull!

I felt the same way about Ventura. I still think he is a good man but the right man for us is the wrong man for politicians and their Corporatocracy.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Mornin Jim ... I actually read this posting yesterday, but had to make a quick run before I could comment, but thanx for the update posting. No ... I havent heard about this that I recall ... but like I explained in the last posting on Texas execution's ... it doesnt alwayz get too much atencion here, especially in big cities like Dallas or Houston as far as news. I mean ... a blogger a week or so ago told me of a shooting here (sent an article) in the Dallas area, where some dude shot his wife and buddies I think, anywayz, 5 dead ... it hardly even got any news here, and the dude who sent me this was out on the west coast, I briefly heard a 10/ 15 second clip of it on news radio on the freeway, and just thought of it as another gang shooting is all. As far as the execution thing, well ... that's just how it is here. But of course as I posted in my posting on death row in Texas as well as commenting on your blog ... I feel all execution's in this state should be indefintitely suspended, because I know that innocent people have been executed here, and the mindset of many Texan's (more of the rural mindset) is ... if they get 9 out of 10 right their doing good, and .... even if the person didnt commit that crime/ murder, they probably commited other's. I understand your thinking, remember Jim ... I lived in other place's beside's Texas, so I actually know the difference and able to see thing's that many native Texan's dont see perhap's. When I first arrived here as a teen I was somewhat in shock for instance, only having lived in town's like NYC, LA, Montreal, etc ... where when cop's surrounded you, asking you to surrender, they would call in negotiator's and spend a couple hour's trying to get you to surrender ... here (Texas) I noticed they surround you (early 1970's, today they are more liberated) then ask you to drop your piece(gun)(and cop's in NY & LA carried .38 as a max cal. ... cop's in Texas didnt usually carry anything less than a .45) ... they would give you about 10 minute's maybe top's ... then just all simutaneously open fire on you ... hitting you probably with at least 60/ 70 round's too. So coming from town's like up north, it was kind of a trip experience of what I witnessed here, I could write enough stories about this shit to make a bloody book actually.

Later Jim ....

an average patriot said...

RC I do not understand the mentality of the "mis"leader in Texas but they have a penchant to kill innocence be damned. I know they do it for the lie they call Christianity but I am sick that Perry got away with what he did and is now claiming holier than thou and wanting to run for President.

mikeb302000 said...

I called it "Texas-sanctioned pre-meditated murder."

The disappointment in Obama is growing, especially since yesterday's debt ceiling "compormise." This might be a good time for a viable 3rd Party candidate. No thinking person would want any of those Republicans.

an average patriot said...

You got it Mike and I don't frigging get it. I just got this: Dear James,

Nothing could be more dangerous to a democracy than suppressing the vote. Tell Eric Holder to stop cynical voter suppression tactics .

Do not forward: This link will open a page with your information already filled in.
It is a truly malicious scheme. All across the country, a wave of anti-democratic voter suppression laws are being passed — designed to keep huge numbers of voters who are African-American, elderly, students, or voters with disabilities away from the polls in 2012.

Discouraging people from voting — by passing laws designed to keep certain voters away — is as cynical and underhanded as it gets. But that is exactly what's happening in the 18 states that either passed or threatened to pass restrictive voter ID bills this session. This targeted wave of legislation could block the votes of more than 21 million Americans.

But in some states, if Attorney General Holder determines that these laws violate the Voting Rights Act, he can deny the approval needed before they can take effect.

Obama is being underhanded in every instance to defeat him but they do not care knowing they are killing us too. If they get back in we are screwed. Welcome by the way!