Saturday, August 13, 2011

The "Arab spring" fosters Islamist uprising

Top Libya rebel 'shot by Islamist militia': An Islamist militia was behind the killing of Libyan rebel commander Gen Abdel Fattah Younes, who was shot dead on Thursday, a rebel minister has said. Ali Tarhouni said Gen Younes was killed by members of the Obaida Ibn Jarrah Brigade, a group linked to the rebels.

Egypt Islamists lead Cairo rally: Many protesters - dominated by Muslim Brotherhood supporters - are calling for an Islamic state and Sharia law. Correspondents say the rallies will be a worrying development for secularists.The Brotherhood is the most organized political force in Egypt, although it was not prominent in the revolution.Tensions have been running high between Egypt's Islamist and secular groups, who are at odds over the transition to democracy in the Arab world's most populated country.

Nigeria: Fears grow of Islamist uprising: The recent breakout by scores of Islamist militants from a prison in northern Nigeria has raised fears the extremist Boko Haram sect plans a new uprising in retaliation for a ruthless government crackdown and that the United States could be a target.

Tension between Islamists, secularists rising in Tunisia: Six months after Tunisia's uprising, religious tension is rising over the limits of freedom of expression, as Islamists challenge the dominance of liberals in what was once a citadel of Arab secularism. Last week several dozen men attacked a cinema in Tunis that had advertised a film publicly titled in French 'Ni Dieu, Ni Maitre' (No God, No Master) by Tunisian-French director Nadia El-Fani, an outspoken critic of political Islam. Police later arrested 26 men, but Salafists — a purist trend within political Islam advocating a return to the ways of early Muslims — gathered outside the justice ministry two days later to demand their release,

We know what is happening in Yemen and Somalia as Islamists there fight to take over and implement Sharia law in what they want to be strict Islamist countries as the Taliban and Al Qaeda are doing in Pakistan and Afghanistan. 'There Will Be Another War': An Islamist Uprising in Tajikistan: International observers consider Tajikistan to be a failed state in the midst of a national crisis. A growing mood of protest there is benefiting the Islamic opposition. Hundreds of new mosques have opened since the beginning of the year, and more women are seen wearing veils on the streets of Dushanbe.

Knowing that like it or not, admit it or not, while we let our Political children screw around here this entire mess we call Muslim extremism i.e.. terrorism is barely beginning. If we continue with the frame of mind our so called leaders have like it or not this is going to be a war against Islam. It is beginning to appear to me that the extremists, those that want strict religious law are going to prevail as they are the crazies with the guns and will inflict their will on the people.

There are some as in every country that want to rule themselves and in a Democracy but they are not the rule. You hear many that just wish we would stay in our own country and out of theirs. They will learn again to live under Sharia law or one form of extremism or another. We have to stop trying to push Democracy on every Muslim country with a small sector that wants "Democracy" as we are merely creating more enemies or is that the goal.

We are not smart enough to do it but we should leave Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and all the rest of them to their own demise. We should merely go home regroup and watch. Only concern ourselves with those coming after us of which right now there are not many and our biggest problems are our "mis"leaders and home grown terrorists. Those are our biggest concerns and straightening out our messes at home should be our main concern.

We can not continue this way we are on the wrong track!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Unfortunately what you've been reading there is a western right wing view of the situation. The Brotherhood is a very small part of the protests from what I've read in Egyptian blogs. The source of my information was from former and current reporters who have their own blobs and do reporting in english.

May I suggest "The Arabist" for more accurate reporting.

The right would love nothing more than to keep this world theft going with the fear of a terrorist under every bed. The people over there are a bit more secular than you give them credit for. If they weren't then you would have seen countries looking like Afghanistan when the Taliban were in charge. So don't confuse power greed and theft by the higher ups with religious ideology. They'll use that just like the right over here is using Christian values as a political tool to gain power.

an average patriot said...

Sure but the simple fact is that yes the brotherhood is a minority and they say they do not have an interest in forming an Islamist nation but they did in fact hijack the event for whatever reason.