Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of acting as a "parasite" on the world economy; Imagine a world without the US economy!

RUSSIAN Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of acting as a "parasite" on the world economy by accumulating massive debts that threaten the global financial system. "The country is living in debt. It is not living within its means, shifting the weight of responsibility on other countries and in a way acting as a parasite," With everything said just think about a world without the US economy!

A parasite! Cut the crap. I have discussed this in the past but could not find it. First I must admit I do not like Vladimir Putin. When the idiot Bush looked into his eyes and saw a compassionate man and a man you could work with I saw vile, hate, and a great danger to our unification.His desire is to make Russia great again of which I can not blame him but I see Dmitry Medvedev as much more level headed and common sensed.

That said, sometimes deserved and sometimes not but I see the United States as a Definition of a pariah If the US is a "parasite" on the worlds economy it is the fault of the world no not for trusting the US but for leaning on the US instead of taking care of itself and taking responsibility and accountability for themselves.

Personally I was offended, embarrassed, and disgusted, the way our S.O.B. Political children acted during the Debt debate but I do not believe our problems should have been affecting the world. Whatever you say about the US just imagine not a world without the US which I am afraid in many instances that would be a good thing but a world without the US economy. It is good and bad for the planet and all countries!

In our efforts to grow our country and economy we have raped much of the world of its resources and with the help of our allies reset Boundaries that will have a negative effect till the end of time. Again with that said Putin would be wise to apologize to the US and rethink what he ignorantly said. How much does Russia donate to the poor and famine and disease stricken countries of Africa and the rest of the world?

I am often bothered by the fact that our misleaders are ignoring our own poor and hungry while we help those around the world but we and our economy are the main drivers behind a mounting an exhausting number of natural or unnatural disasters striking countries around the world. Many of them I am afraid are due to mans negative impact on our environment but our economy allows us to be there.

Our success in growing our economy has had many negative and positive affects on the world and its countries. Countries of which China is the best example have grown and prospered because of the US economy. Our success has allowed China and the world to overpopulate the planet which seems to be turning on us now.

Due to our so called "success" we are destroying the planet because of over population but again with that said our economy is not a parasite on the worlds countries but a necessary evil to help the needy and to keep the worlds economies status quo. If not, most so called civilized countries around the world are going to regress "shrink" and it will be painful but I am afraid necessary. I am afraid at any rate it has to happen if someone in this world is to survive and prosper somewhere on this planet.

What a mess and what a future just hold on. Regardless of whose fault it is we are in for a rough ride.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Oh please. They're out for the same things that the U.S. top elite are out for and that's to amass as much wealth and power as they can.
Poor countries would be better off without 'our help' because they land up saddled with debt they can't pay.
China was overpopulating the planet long before ping pong diplomacy.
You need to talk to some of these people from third world countries. You'll get a different perspective of how they view America.

an average patriot said...

Demeur we all know all leading Governments are guilty of misuse and abuse, being a leech works too, that is haw they get where they are and it stinks.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Afternoon Jim! I didnt hear anything about this before here. I see alot of countries actually that are going to turn their back's to us as I have posted about, and this debt freak show that our political parties pulled isnt going to help. When I hear anyone, from Putin to a terror group talk about America, I see them as talking about America's puppetry more than anything else, not our people, and that is why I focused so much on that in so many of my past posting as far as how much charity or handout's we give to folk's abroad, and because we have much representation that actually represent's the American people ... people will identify their raped resource's, poverty, corrupt gvmnt's on down the line, with the power who has been identified as the "world leader" the country that has been nosing into everyone's affair's or at least sponsoring the entities that do the most ... America is a popular country, but there is also a flip side to every coin as well. Rest assured, what Putin said is mild considering what those think of us and will do to us in other countries, many of those countries that we even shower with our own "borrowed" dollar's ... I wouldnt say America is a parasite either, but not because I am from here ... but a country of folk's that have had no idea what those who run this country do. We are mesmerized with small talk topic's and easily entertained, and refuse to look at the reality of the condition ... which will change, in time.

Ranch Chimp said...

Where I said we have "much" representation that represent's the American people, I meant we "dont have much", my mistake for not proofreading.

an average patriot said...

I got you RC! We have no representation period. Today we are a Government of the Politicians for the affluent by the legal system all facilitated by the media, We the people are no longer in the equation.

That said, when they go down they Are taking us with them.

You know RC, we are the most giving people, the Government because they have to keep up the facade but we the people genuinely care.