Friday, August 26, 2011

Another successful Taliban attack as they kill 24 more of their enemy, women and children in their intimidation program

Roadside bombs kill 24 in western Afghanistan: "Two landmines placed by the enemies of the Afghan people on the road in the Kotali Tark Abad district of Herat struck two minibuses at 8:30 today. As a result, 24 innocent civilians — including women and children — were killed and 11 others injured,” President Karzai said.

Remember a year ago when Mullah Omar ordered the Taliban to attack civilians, Afghan women

Not long ago 10 civilians and all 6 gunmen killed in terrorist attack on the intercontinental hotel attack in Kabul Most of those killed as you may know were civilian workers so the Taliban must be pretty proud of themselves.

Taliban's offensive to destabilize region: In six weeks, more than 200 Afghan civilians have been killed and hundreds more wounded in a series of brutal suicide bombings, gun battles and improvised explosive device (IED) attacks across the country When are those people going to get the message and wake up? The bloody winter offensive targeting them is over but fighting season has begun.

August 18 Bombs Kill at Least 21 in Afghanistan

When are they going to get it? The Taliban are killing more civilians than ever hoping to get in control of them to kill and maim even more as they were before we attacked. Those civilians better realize that and take it upon themselves to start betraying and fighting the Taliban

Sixteen members from one family die in Taliban bomb

Taliban behind most Afghan civilian casualties: Insurgents are now responsible for about 85% of civilian casualties in the Afghanistan War, an increase from last year and a sign that efforts by the United States and its allies to limit their firepower are succeeding

When are the people going to realize the Taliban are there enemies. The civilians are the Taliban's low hanging fruit. They must come together and turn against the Taliban as many tribes in Pakistan have done and some in Afghanistan are now doing.
Despite occasional spineless blows in both Pakistan and Afghanistan on mainly innocent men women and children they are supposedly fighting for but are killing so as to cower and gain control of, we are making headway and it is time to quietly fade away.Our men and women have done their job.Let them come home with their heads held high. Despite expected occasional setbacks and victories for the Taliban this just keeps getting better and better:

Our soldiers did their jobs there meritoriously! Get them out now with their heads held high instead of hung low for joining unnecessarily Afghanistan's graveyard of nations. We are kind of stuck but we should give Karzai supplies to feed and arm his fighting forces otherwise let him use his families drug money, we should make a quicker exit by leaving most of our trucks and supplies behind but hell the Taliban will get them as well as the country anyway.

We could have used drones exclusively and stayed out of Afghanistan in the first place. Afghan civilians are going to get killed whether we are there or not once Sharia law is clamped down on them unless en-masse they wake up and take on the Taliban right now. There future they should know is in their hands not ours!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Buenos Dias Amigo! ... ... Thanx for the update on the Afghan condition, since I have a neice there on vacation (education vacation US Army), I dont talk about it much, but it concern's me, but I dont NEVER tell her mother or her that (I havent talked to her recently though), it would only intensify the worry. Jim ... I dont even want to "guess" how long we will be in this beautiful country turned rat trap by human's (Afghanistan really has some awesome beautiful mountain's and countryside it appear's), just the thought raises too many speculative idea's, because frankly as deep as we are into this shit, I cant see any goddamn way out! What you said as far as Drone's doing the job, and Afghan citizen's getting killed anywayz ... may be "unpopular" thought, but at least your thinking realistically, something that many in our country dont do, they live in a fantasy world (then if we pulled out, would it be more expensive to American taxpayer's having to have rent- a - mercenaries like Black Water and other's do the job?, you know their NOT cheap!). One of the thing's I had posted about that really hit a goddamn nerve on me, was after looking up how much bloody infrastruture we built and are currently building (yep ... at our expense, perhap's since were broke or whatever, China loaned us the money, eh? : ) ... and because from what I gather Jim ... they dont even have the people it would take to maintain some of the infrastructure we put up! I was talking with an ole boy who's a neighbor the other day about this crap (he's former US Marine) and asking where is the bloody Chinese military in this? (being sarcastic) and he told me the usual (that I heard before) that the Chinese military are not as equipped and professional as we are, etc ... personally I dont give a shit, if they had to fight with sword's and hunting slingshot's, my point is, this is all for their (China's) interest and mining corporation's, but of course that's my opinion and I'm sure there are folk's who will tell me I'm wrong, it's to save women and homosexual's or some other politipop blinding neo liberal crap!. No ... I dont dislike the Chinese at all, and actually like them, hoping that communisn will fall as it did in the USSR and we will be even bigger partner's in the future, but fair is fair Jim ... I'll shut the Hell up now.

BTW ... the comment I left on your previous posting concerning the "Haqqani Network" wasnt to insult their clothing culture, it was just a tad humor, perhap's not politically correct, but just in fun.

Demeur said...

When are we going to realize that the Taliban aren't going away. We can't kill them all and we can't pay them off. You're right let's get out.

an average patriot said...

RC Afghanistan is a hell of a place to vacation these days. They seem to be killing everyone these days especially those feeding, caring for, or educating the natives.

You hit a sore spot with the Chinese. They just built a railroad to move the copper to China and it goes right through Taliban country.

I always wondered why they were not bothered and why they at the very least are not made to supply military to defend their interests there. China has enormous manpower and should be helping there, the do share a border.

Preferably I would like to see us get the hell out of there but until we do Russia should be helping more too.

an average patriot said...

They are never going to learn Demeur and the Taliban have us right where they want u. Did you ever read Taliban get their first wish