Friday, August 19, 2011

With Tripoli crumbling around him Gaddafi all of a sudden is violently ill and ready to leave

First Libya’s Security Chief Arrived in Cairo: Interior Minister Nassr al-Mabrouk arrived unexpectedly with his family on Monday, in an apparent high-level defection.

Gaddafi's rule is in last weeks, say rebels Things seem to be going their way but we shall see what happens next.

As rebels close in on Tripoli, Libya's interior minister Nasser al-Mabruk Abdullah has surfaced in Cairo with nine members of his family in a new blow to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Refugees Flee Libya Oil City as Qaddafi Forces Dig In: People fleeing Tripoli said there was no electricity there on Wednesday, a further sign of the toll the rebellion has taken in Colonel Qaddafi’s stronghold, where prices of basic goods have soared amid shortages and sniping and bombing by Gaddafi forces

Not only are the defections hitting closer to home they are getting more increased as the rebels succeed with NATO help and the world increasingly recognizes the Rebels as Libya's only legitimate Government

I just want to end our commitment and head home where we should be. We have enough to do and Yemen and the Gulf of Aden the next front in the so called war on terror are heating up as we speak and getting ready to explode.

We can not get any deeper than we are so I am happy to see the rebels making gains , closing in on Tripoli, and Gaddafi for whatever reason now ready to take some family members and go to live in Venezuela. I have to wonder if Gaddafi's son Saif is going to leave too.

Gaddafi is said to be handing the country to his interior minister and not his murderous son Saif so it seems he is bending to all the rebels demands. That said I am very concerned that Libya like every other Muslim country we have attacked in the last ten years will devolve into civil war at the very least.

We must get out now and let the Rebel's show how much they want to get out from underneath Gaddafi and have a Democracy not a worse chaos. Anyway you look at it I see Libya and the surrounding region being a battleground for years to come that will dwarf Afghanistan and Iraq. Once again I am afraid we are to blame.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Jim ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... afraid that we are to blame? say brother ... you know damn well we are, eh? : )

But thanx for the mornin read, all I been seeing in the MSM's has been about this Paul McCartney lookin MF that run's shit in Syria : )

So ole Mudflap (Qaddafi) is ill, eh? ... maybe he got some of that west of the Nile virus, ya reckon? ... or maybe it's that "new crack" in the NY Times piece that is supposedly in the Qaddafi Gvmnt ... smokin that shit will put you for sure in a state of paranoia (just jokin Jim) ... I know this is serious stuff here, just tryin to spice it a up a tad I reckon.

Anywayz, just reading up on whatcha got goin here ... my hermano (brother/ buddy) Joe Davila just stopped by and brought me some homemade guacomole his wife Elida made and salsa that she know's I love (I been eating her salsa for over 30 year's actually) ... it's the lil green chile's mix, which I must say, if a person is not used to this, it is like "hot" extreme, but that's just me, I been eating Mexicano most of my life, and if my asshole isnt on fire in the morning, it just didnt cut the mustard. Picked up some fresh flour tortilla's from down the street cause I'm too lazy to make my own (yes, I know how to make tortilla's from scratch without using Masa Trigo ... that's what you learn from dating senorita's for year's : ) and fixin to fry up some ground beef spiced with some chile, Mexicano queso (cheese) ... and man ... were gonna stuff it!

later Guy ....

an average patriot said...

Lucky you! I made my favorite treat "fire water" Wish you could try it. It is pepperincini's(spelling?) marinated in tequila. Anyway as you know we are responsible for most of the debacle occurring today and it will all get much worse. Do you think they will turn the military on us if and when we go the route of the Arab spring?

Ranch Chimp said...

First of all Jim, that damn tequila drink sound's good! I dont even hardly drink these dayz, but I do like to try thing's that are more exotic when I indulge too.

If and when we take an "Arab Spring" route, eh? Well you know damn well Jim that any kind of uprise from folk's domestically will have to be addressed by gvmnt, and we should expect that, for various reason's. But Jim ... I think America is also unique ... and when push come's to shove, most of our troop's/ defense are going to side with the people over just corporate dictation, their not dumb ... as a matter of fact, interesting that you bring this up, because it is something I have not talked about in an open forum at all. I am actually banking that our trained defense also get involved with the saving and concern's of our nation and joining in on taking this country back, and many of those who are in our military to use their skill's as well in helping keep order in our nation as well as taking part in governing as well. A long story brother, though.

Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing Jim ... these folk's that are our defender's are our cream of the crop as you know. These folk's like in Washington that we support in mass number's are worthless to this nation and nothing but sock puppet's for corporate manipulation with law degree's and side businesses, seat warmer's, etc ... they dont even have any discipline on a goddamn thing, cant lead, cant negotiate and fail at almost everything across the board, the only thing they do is feed off of other's/ us, and their not even creative at that, and lack true order, integrity, etc, etc ... we have many folk's from civilian to miltary, to scientist's, etc, who are way more competent and deserving of the title "elite", and are much stonger on every level, those are who we need to govern and represent. And also these war's that you write about and our devotion to them is a waste of our time, I understand being a former military career man that you may feel a need at some point to have to engage just to stay in exercise or whatever, which is fine, but we have other wayz to stay active beside's being in these rat trap flea infested countries who contribute NOTHING to modern civilised humanity, and frankly despise our culture at that, trash our flag 10 year's down the road and spit and piss publicly on effigies of our country's leadership ... Why Jim ... should we show any of these inbred ingrate's any respect? Give them a dime or frankly do anything with them? I'm not against them, but frankly dont have much in common with them. No, I wouldnt be over there fighting for them in their religious cultural battle's. I'll sit down with anyone too ... put it like this ... show me you have your shit together, and are productive, have integrity, and we have something in common we can share ... and I will open my arm's to do business and trade with you. It's simple ... as far as the worry that countries like Pakistan has defense missile's that are strong and competitive? ... that's fine, I dont want them to disaarm, I dont care ... but make it clear that "IF" they even attempt to use it against me/ us or an allie to simply provoke a response or try to muscle us ... we will use 10X times the force back against them as retaliation, but actually do it too! I am very careful about what I say I will do, because I feel committed to do what I say as a personal committment to be true to myslf is why. And most importantly ... stop trying to be number one and big daddy over everything ... being number one is nothing and meaningless if you are NOT strong. We disrespect these countries and have shown to be dishonest and too much ass kissing as well ... leave them alone, if they starve, die in fighting, or whatever else they do, whether it's ill or for their good, it's not our business, and not our concern, nor our animal nature ... wolves dont do it ... why should we? Again, our issue is who we let rule us and obey. All we have is intl corporate interest's basically using us, and when we have nothing left and they took all we had, their gonna walk away from us anywayz, so just dump them ow.