Monday, August 22, 2011

Live: Battle for tripoli plus Saif is free and vows Rebels led into a trap and will be destroyed

Live: Battle for Tripoli Gaddafi compound under attack right now!

To see Seif, who has become as hated as his father during the six-month conflict back on the streets a free men, was a great shock for the rebels. To see him on TV footage on the international media boasting to foreign journalists there that his father’s government was still “in control” was something nobody could have envisaged. He was full of himself as he said the regime had lured the rebels into a trap. It raised significant questions about the credibility of rebel leaders. It was not clear whether Seif had been in rebel custody and escaped, or was never held at all. His brother, Mohammed, who reportedly was on house arrest was also free, having escaped on Monday. Seif al-Islam showed up at the Hotel, in a convoy of armoured Land Cruisers. In brief comments he said his father and several of his sisters were safe in Tripoli, and that loyal troops had "broken the back" of the rebels who moved into the capital over the weekend.

Gaddafi had me for one convinced of a blood bath and he still make make sure there is one. Some 200 rebels rode into Tripoli's port and marched through the suburbs with Tripoli rebels to give them support. Gaddafi had earlier opened up the armories and issued AK47's to all the residents and anyone who wanted a weapon.

With no resistance rebels advanced quickly and I just heard on the news they have now made it to the center of Tripoli, Green Square where all the pro Gaddafi supporters were rallying to support him. It seems like Rebel efforts to reach the tribes loyal to Gaddafi and encourage them to rebel against Gaddafi or at least not to take up arms in his defense.

It seems to have worked at least up to now. It seems all the citizens have taken their arms and stayed home, the tribes that supported Gaddafi seem to have melted away for now. Rebels were able to rive right into Tripoli and arrest Seif Al-Islam without a fight.Seif who vowed to fight to the death and die on Libyan soil. Hm!

I was just listening to Gaddafi while writing this and he was laughing saying don't worry this is not over. The guy is a madman and has always made me nervous. I would put nothing past him. Months ago he warned of a blood bath with hundreds of thousands being killed. Libyan rebels enter Tripoli and arrest Gaddafi's son

Ghaddafi is not gone yet. His son Khamis is on his way with a Brigade of killers to protect his father and take back Tripoli. It is his threat to kill hundreds of thousands with his plentiful WMD that concerns me.

I remember a couple months back hearing that Gaddafi had issued gas masks to the murderous soldiers that supported hm. Remembering his original statement many thousands will be killed I am afraid he is getting closer to using his cyanide, mustard gas and vast reserves of chemical weapons. I have not heard anything about those weapons nor have I heard anything from the supposed 200,000 soldiers still supporting Gaddafi.

I have to wonder what horrible trick Gaddafi has up his sleeve. His demise seems to be near but you have to be very concerned as to what will come next in Libya. It is not just Libya we have to be concerned with as you know.

It would be nice to see this end with a Democracy but with Libya's many tribes many which supported Gaddafi including his own tribe plus the Islamists some of which have been fighting for the rebels I see a long hell here and combined with what we have done in Iraq and Afghanistan along with the still growing Arab spring and Syria and Iran...

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Seeing as how many of his top people have defected I don't see a blood bath in the making. Many of his supporters were either paid or intimidated into backing him.

an average patriot said...

His son Khamis is right now in Gaddafi's main compound with tanks and his Brigade of murderers it seems for a last stand. We will be watching this!