Monday, April 05, 2010

How Growth Could Change The MidTerm Elections?

Obama learned from the great Depression Republicans did not and will go down again!
If the economy recovers the Republican's fate is sealed: It remains to be seen but I have been hearing that the recession is over and jobs are starting to be added. I heard it may be as much as 190000 jobs added though consensus is 180,000. Any way you look at it hiring in many Dtates is up. Non-Farm Payrolls Preview - April 2nd

All along many of us have been saying the extreme hateful vitriol will continue to burn them and they insist on running on it. Good for them good for us. If the economy recovers their fate will be sealed as they have been nothing but defeatist for Obama and the plight of average Americans and our America. How Growth Could Change The MidTerm Elections

You know I and I am sure others have been saying from the beginning of Bush's economic disaster that under GW Bush America was turned into a country with two obvious economies. Bush started the bailouts and President Obama continued the program. Wall Street was bailed out along with the rest of the system that sustained our system of Capitalism. The stock market recovered.

It was widely reported that total collapse and disaster was averted. The economy of the affluent was rescued "supposedly" I and others kept asserting that the average Americans economy now had to be rescued. With millions of lost Jobs, millions of lost homes, millions of homeless, and millions with no insurance, we knew a jobless recovery was a fallacy unless.

I am not the only one that cringed when I kept hearing of this thing called a jobless recovery. What is a jobless recovery? That is no recovery at all. We kept saying the first step to a recovery especially jobless would have to begin with the passage of a health care Bill. We kept hearing this one was no good but it is, that is why Republicans were against it.

32 million picked up immediately, no more shutting you off if you get sick, no more caps on coverage, your kids will be covered till age 26, I think this is a heck of a start. Now we have to be vigilant that everything is going according to plan and the abuse by insurance companies and all interests gaming the system are stopped.

Now we can begin to rebuild our economy and are! Time to rebuild average Americans economy and against the wishes of Republicans restore our America and narrow the gap between the haves and the have not's  the last President purposely widened and turned into a chasm. Health care reform is passed is great for many average Americans and Obama is selling it. The economy is looking up. Let's get on with the recovery of our economy.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Kevin Kelley said...

I like the spin conservatives have been putting on the newest figures. Either they are inflated because of the Census, or that unemployment remains the same, but at the same time, excluding Census workers, there was still a large gain, and as for unemployment, it tends to lag behind the GDP (from what I've read), and so while the economy is rebounding, with the DOW close to 11,000, and jobs on the rise, unemployment will follow, and come November, the Republicans are going to have a hard time fighting Democrats...

They will have to focus on health care and hypotheticals, and it appears they are already prepping, claiming Obama's stimulus didn't do enough, which is easy to state when you don't need to show proof, but as I wrote in my blog, the first nation to emerge from the Great Depression was Sweden, through Keynsian spending... where is the proof that doing nothing is better then doing something?

This seems to be the conservative argument for health care reform, economy, environmentalism, etc., and as we will see, when their predictions are wrong, they will stick to their "It would have been better" story...

Demeur said...

In looking at history we see that FDR spent 40% of GDP to get things going again. What Obama spent even if you add in what Bush spent bailing out the banks is chump change. It's been the republican position to cut spending and taxes but that we know doesn't get an economy going again.
My own personnel take on this having read the stimulus bill is that things will get better by summer only if state governments release the money and get their own house in order. I'm just now starting to see some green shoots of the bill but much more needs to be done. And I'd expect some other bills coming between now and the election to get things moving.
Should the republicans win big in November then we might as well move to Canada and watch this country collapse.

I think Kevin nailed it.

Holte Ender said...

Doing nothing doesn't work when it comes to reviving the economy, this is what GOOD government is for, don't just tell the population to go shopping like W. did, that was nothing, spend some money, let's drive this train.