Monday, April 12, 2010

Mission accomplished at last? Katyn why the Smolensk crash is horrific on horrific!

Katyn forest massacre

Poland mourns dead president

I know he was a Polish pilot but how trustworthy was he   what was the politics and attitude towards Russia of the pilot of that old Russian aircraft? This is too much of an insult, too much pain on pain, too opportunistic, too convenient, too much "mission accomplished" to what Russia tried to do starting in 1940. To those of us who are WW2 history sleuths the plane crash into the forest near Smolensk killing Poland's President along with many of her leaders is beyond irony and tragedy.

As well as President Lech Kaczynski and his wife the heads of Poland's armed forces, the central bank governor, deputy ministers and 15 MPs were also among those killed when the jet tried to land in heavy fog and crashed in a forest. As you know, they were on there way to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the slaughter of some 25,000 Polish military and political leaders, and elite slaughtered by the Russian secret police during WW2. Katyn Forest Massacre

It was the 2000 polish army officers led into the Katyn forest and shot in the head that has been my focus over the years. The Russian's tried to blame it on the Nazi's who exhumed the bodies in 1943 to prove the officers were slaughtered by Russia who was trying to eradicate Poland's leaders to make it easier to control Poland after the war.

The Russian's in turn being the trustworthy people we know they are in turn exhumed the bodies to prove it was the Nazi's. I always believed it was Russia who finally admitted to it after the USSR fell apart. Nazi photos of the 1943 exhumations in Katyn Forest

Well they finally did it! Accident? This is too coincidental and opportunistic for me not to look at. I have not heard a word yet but I would be looking at the trustworthiness and politics of the pilot.He refused to listen to the towers warning and land elsewhere. Instead he crashed into the forest and finished the job started in 1940. What say you?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Tim said...

The thought crossed my mind of Assassination. It's so spider like.
I wonder how long it will be before the truth comes out,sixty years?
I'm sure a thorough investigation will be done.(Not)
Jim what do you think the long term impact will be on Poland?

jmsjoin said...

Tim you really have to wonder! Russia despite Putin playing nice has been trying to stop Poland's Democracy for years as you saw during WW2 this was just too convenient for me.

In the long term though Poland is pretty Democratic minded, independent, and resilient and I do not think it will have much of a long term effect beyond memory like Katyn, WW2, and everything else.

Demeur said...

I think it will be a bit easier to prove what happened to the president's plane as there are the black box, tower communications etc. but I do hope the Pols hold their own independent investigation as everything is being done by the Russians right now.

jmsjoin said...

I know Demeur! They are saying Pilot error and I agree with that but what connection if any did he have with Russian secret police and what was his politics.

I know everything is a coincidence today but everything is dismissed as coincidence and I do not believe it.

Holte Ender said...

When I first heard of the plane crash and all the reasons why they were taking the flight, my first thought, very first thought was sabotage. Like you I know the history of Poland/Russia which goes back years before the Katyn massacre. I still don't know what to think about it all.

jmsjoin said...

Holte I know, I hear Putin talk and Russia having a day of mourning but I have a problem trusting anything coming from Russia and Putin. The more I hear the less I trust this.