Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arizona's immigration law is leading us down the path of what the Nazi's did to the Jews!

Ariz. Immigration Law Backlash

New York politicians rip into Arizona immigration law, call it 'un-American' It is and I have not heard why this is very scary unless monitored daily and controlled.

I am very concerned that this new law will be abused and get out of control the way everything does. Remember the brown shirts prior to the Nazi's! I have not once heard what should instantly come to mind and that is the fact that the Jews were forced to show the star of David. They had to show who they were when they walked the streets. Just as Arizona's new law requires one to carry their passport to prove who they are. This is really disconcerting.

Arizona Legislature passes police State Bill‎

Mexican drug traffickers increasingly smuggle money back into Mexico in cars and .... The battle also causes concern about the violence spilling into the ... The governors of Arizona and Texas have asked the federal government to send ...

Juarez, Mexico is more dangerous than Baghdad or Kabul two other problems we created. Juarez and much of Mexico is a war zone and Mexico's drug war and violence is moving back into the US where it started over 100 years ago as our drug war. I use to think legalization was the answer but no longer. This has gone too far and drastic measures must be taken. I just hope the power is not abused!

Arizona is on the front lines. Mexican drug cartels have turned Phoenix, Arizona into the kidnapping Capital of the United States. I keep hearing that the new immigration laws in Arizona go too far and have created Arizona the police State. To a degree that appears to be true but I am afraid necessary at this point. The drug war and the cartels are in every State in the country.

It is wishful thinking to think what is happening in Arizona will stay in Arizona. I would like to see this crackdown stopped right there but I am convinced it is a snapshot of what is coming to the entire country. Count on it! Many do not agree with me but like it or not they better smarten up and realize racial profiling has become a necessary evil.

Running red lights, speeding, erratic driving, suspicious behavior, drunken driving, domestic abuse, work place violence, ID's better be checked all the time every time to insure that ? are kept out whenever possible. Everyone of course will not be caught but a lot will. As I said under Bush with the Patriot Act it is not the law it is the person in charge of it. We knew he would abuse the power and he did.

We have to hope that Arizona law enforcement does not abuse their new power and wields it wisely and with constraint. Arizona can be a model for the rest of the country. It will be a model but I hope it is positive not negative. I keep hearing that the new immigration law will not stand up and that it is unconstitutional. No way!

Arizona is on the front lines of the US Mexico drug war. The Constitution gives us the power to protect ourselves. It will allow Arizona to protect her citizens. I am very concerned as to where this could head. Remember this Republican inflammatory environment we live in today. I do not at all like where this looks to be headed!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Tim said...

A quick note (another Doctor appointment)
This show me your papers I feel is just the start. Our rights were taken away with the freedom act. And we we so willing to give them up. Now this!
Why would brown skin people ever vote for a Republican again...

Weaseldog said...

We call it a drug war because each side fight in it, by killing people. In wars, lots of people die.

And of course, when people are dying, war profiteers on both sides, make huge profits.

We likely will crack down. When we do, a lot more people will die every day. Both sides have tons of money and ready suppliers of arms and personnel. When the National Guard goes in, the cartels will upgrade their arms and ammunition to match.

In the next level up, the cartels will start kidnapping the families of police officers and politicians. They'll torture them to death and then leave their naked bodies in the streets. This is what they do in Mexico every time the government tries to crack down on them.

Nixon and Reagan knew what they were doing when they dubbed this the Drug War. It was intended to bring back the days of Al Capone and Elliot Ness. Of course, they couldn't call it Drug Prohibition as that would be to obvious.

The only way to end this is to take the profit out of it. A lot more people will have to die first, as that option remains off the table.

You can bet that the Tea Party, run by Dick (get rid of American jobs) Armey is their leader. He's a staunch supporter of the Drug War.

an average patriot said...

Tim I am afraid I agree. It is very concerning. I am long convinced it will get much worse. It peeves me we complained about Bush ignoring the border and McCain is now blaming this on Obama. That scum has been an Arizona Senator for 30 years and done nothing.

an average patriot said...

Wease I am convinced it is to late to stop this now legalization or not. I am afraid we are heading toward a total fascist police state and it is being blamed on Obama. Remember Bush kept saying we cannot become isolationist? AAARRRGGGHHH!

Demeur said...

What Weasel has described is already happening on the Mexican side. Some 5000 have been murdered over there to date. But making everyone suspect will not solve the problem only make it worse. Who'd want to cooperate with police if they thought they'd be held guilty or not.
Maybe we should have invaded Mexico instead of Iraq. There's too much corruption coming out of Mexico city to ever end this. We saw that with their former president Fox.

an average patriot said...

El Universal newspaper reported Monday that 69 people had died violently in the previous 24-hour period, the biggest daily death toll yet. The paper said that 283 people had died in 2010 so far, against 46 from the same period last year.

According to El Universal, more than a third of the 69 Mexicans killed between Friday and Saturday died in Ciudad Juarez just over the border from the Texas city of El Paso. Four people were beheaded, and a victim discovered early Friday whose face had been stitched on to a football. Five people were kidnapped, including two security guards and a prominent businessman.

Last year drug violence claimed more than 2,500 victims in this city.

Among those at risk are journalists covering the police beat for local papers. The body of the latest reporter to fall victim was found on Friday alongside a note warning: “This is going to happen to those who don’t understand that the message is for everyone.”

Narco-violence has flared regularly since early 2008, when war broke out between rival factions of the Arellano Felix drug cartel. That year, the city’s homicide toll peaked at 844.

More than 15,000 people have been killed in the drug war, many of them in the border cities of Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana.

Demeur this new law is going to have a negative effect on Arizona's already hurting economy. Mexican tourists bring millions and they have been warned not to come or they may be harassed. This is just one more mess that has been allowed to grow out of control.

Demeur said...

I look at it this way. If it takes a little economic pain to get the problem worked out then it would be worth it. I was disappointed to know that congress will be working on an energy bill first. We need to get immigration and a real jobs bill going first.