Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrating earth day April 22nd we face the dire reality of our situation!

Besides the normal suspects of our pollution problem which will follow I want to remind you of this: Global nuclear cover-up, Depleted uranium, Gulf war Syndrome,increased Autism Diabetes Cancer, they won't admit it but Now you know why! Leuren Moret is a whistle blower from the Livermore Lab. In her presentations she exposes shocking and highly suppressed facts about our Government poisoning is with radiation right at this very moment.

Leuren documents every statement she makes with research documents many of which are actual Government Data to draw their conclusions. Did you know that diabetes, Autism, and other forms of mental illness are caused by exposure on nuclear radiation. No wonder Diabetes and Autism are on the upswing and supposedly no one knows why. You have to believe they do not want you to know the truth here too. watch the video of Lauren speaking the truth about the nuclear coverup

From nuclear testing we have switched to nuclear power plants that are causing increasingly high rates of cancer, birth defects, and literally an epidemic of diabetes. I have heard it mentioned here before that we have used weapons containing depleted Uranium and didn't really think too much about it because I really wasn't sure.

However watching this video totally documented that depleted uranium has not only turned Iraq and Afghanistan into uninhabitable nuclear holocaust for millions of years. Remember the Gulf war Syndrome? Depleted uranium was also used at Tora Bora. I was not aware of that! Cancer among soldiers is rampant!

We are giving our soldiers a death sentence. Why are we not testing our soldiers? You know why!Anyway it is also blowing over the rest of the planet causing Americans, Europeans, and others to die from radiation diseases. Global nuclear cover up

Now the standard problems: 880 mn people lack access to clean water: Red Cross

After happening onto Fabien Cousteau discussing the fact that it has now doubled in size in just 2 years and is now twice the size of Texas I was stunned and wanted to point this out. Fabien Cousteau on the dire condition of our ocean

Ocean Pollution Grows Larger From 100 Million Tons of Garbage .

there are huge islands of garbage swirling together into ever-growing "cyclones" of debris

Continent-sized swirl of rubbish raises alarm , it is a horrible new Habitat

* Wake up we are killing our Mother and not with kindness. We throw away 43,000 tons of food away every day in America. That is sick in itself! The world is starving hell even Americans are starving and we just throw away 43,000 tons of food a year. Makes me want to scream.
* We are drowning in trash. A family of 5 generates 25 pounds of trash a day. What is our Population? Figure it out!
* We use 100 million plastic bags per year. Enough is enough!

* In closing we are running out of potable water and at the same time much of our chemicals we use to grow our food ends up in the ocean along with all our other debris. As a result the monstrous garbage swirl in the pacific described above is only one. There are many and they are in every ocean. The debris field in the pacific is 90 feet deep. We have to do something. We are drowning in our Garbage. It is taking over the world. The world as we knew it is already gone. The world as we know it is right behind unless we wake up and yesterday not next year!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Tim said...

Jesus Jim,
I didn't know all that. Really I'm kind of speechless. One thing I do know, If a leader Country emerges it won't be us. Briton either. Actually I guess it's to late. We did a Fine job as keepers of the planet eh!

an average patriot said...

Tim you can only laugh because it gets worse. It bothers me that my critics accuse me of fear mongering. You see the links. If speaking the truth is fear mongering, the world better wake TFU and react!

Jolly Roger said...

I know a GW1 vet. He periosically breaks out in rashes that are so debilitating that he's bedridden until they subside.

Just last year, the Government admitted it maybe, just might, have something to do with the ordnance where he was fighting. In the meantime, the guy has been in and out of homeless shelters because nobody wants to hire someone who winds up flat on his back for a week or more at a time without warning.

I wonder about the children yet to be born in Iraq, as well as the children vets of the 2 Iraq wars father right here in this country. I suspect it isn't going to be pleasant.

Dave Dubya said...

Mother Earth will have the last word. She can wait us out. Too bad she got stuck with such an ungrateful foolish species.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Have to admit: you haven't made this up! But it's not so nice to think of it every day, is it?

Well to tell you the truth, the US have always been a little sloppy when it came to radiation.

There would be a million things to say to that, but guess what, Greenland also got a dose of that!
(Heard about Thule?)

Are you still on ALLVOICES at all?
got 2 earth-articles up today and they're rather weird, well at least one of them...

an average patriot said...

Hi JR! We have made a mess of the Middle East and Afghanistan as far as the environment goes. You really have to wonder about life in the future there and I expect we may have done something in Pakistan too.

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave , I was just wondering what you were up to. Yeah she will have the last word and it will not be good. As you may know, I sometimes think maybe man's role on earth was not to care for it but to bring its life full circle.

Demeur said...

I think the greatest issue with the environment is population control. We have a choice. Either we can do the job or Mother nature will do it for us.

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah! Yes we have made a total mess of the world and worse than we know I am sure but we can not let it weigh us down.

No I have not been on AV for a while. I was asked to go back and write because things were fixed but they unequivocally were not. My site is going well and Danny will be helping me set some things up to make money soon.

I am better off here but I may do an ED story I don't know. I can't let AV get in my way though. I wish you luck though and hope you are doing well there. I will check if I can. Take care!

an average patriot said...

Demeur I agree! When I was in College I forget what it was in regard to but I said anything that is dependent on man's management to survive it is dead because man can not even manage himself. I will shut up!