Saturday, April 03, 2010

Palin an avowed tea partier should be one of the first in the FEMA Concentration Camps!

Sarah Palin who says John McCain is also a tea partier wants a revolution supposedly peaceful to take back the country. Just how do you do that peacefully while you are only 20% of the population? She refuses to take the targets from her web site that is on those who voted for health care reform. Sarah Palin is right there with Michelle Bachmann, the oath keepers, armed militia, Birther, Obama is a Nazi nutcases and should be one of the first in the FEMA concentration camps if this goes the way it looks.

Oathkeepers: I saw this being discussed on hardball with the Founder Stewart Rhodes. I found an interview on him and what this"anarchist" group is up to! They are flat out instigating anarchy against Obama and are recruiting thousands of military and law enforcement to stand down if the Government calls on them for help and to help the people against the Government instead! I was stunned at how out front and in your face this is! Watch the video it is down right scary!READY TO REVOLT: Oath Keepers pledges to prevent dictatorship in ...

The Group was founded shortly after Obama was elected but since they are supposed to be protecting the constitution and protecting the people’s rights they should have been after Bush! Anyway they are openly recruiting current and retired military and law enforcement officers to go against the Government "Obama" because they are the ones with the weapons!

They say Obama destroyed the constitution and the Oath keepers are asking the military and law enforcement to stand down if they are asked to oppress the people. This continues to grow and is not good. I hope to God something is being done behind the scenes! How can they with a straight face accuse President Obama a Constitutional Lawyer of destroying the Constitution? Get real!

They are recruiting these current and prior ex military and law enforcement officers to to promise to keep our cities from becoming prison camps at the same time thousands and thousands of armed militia are forming and may necessitate just that. They want the military and police to help their cause of anarchy and not to help the Government contain them and enforce order. They are openly instigating and advocating armed Revolution. This can not be legal!

Their call is to not aid in martial law but to me they are necessitating it! Many of those recruited are active duty military and law enforcement and say they will not subjugate any states sovereignty! If that was the case during the civil war I guess we just would have let the South secede as they want all States to have the right to do today. That means they will not help if called on if there is a law enforcement problem in any State and the Feds. have to get involved!

They expect concentration camps like for the Japs in WW2! I will say again that we do have the supposed FEMA concentration camps that were supposedly set up during the Bush years and many of us figured they were for us if martial law was enforced and we rebelled. The oath keepers, armed militia, Birther, Obama is a Nazi nutcases are determined that they will be used on them. They are trying to bring Armageddon to our America!

The "Oath keepers" feel there will be a crack down of right wing militia's, there better be and soon! Martial law, concentration camps, from my cold dead hands. They want a fight with the Obama Government and are doing their damnedest to instigate it! The anarchists are openly instigating the angry whites who want to take back their America they feel they lost to a Black President! They are many thousands strong and growing in numbers.

They are openly saying if you revolt we are behind you! Why is this condoned? They call themselves defenders of liberty but in reality are defenders of Anarchy! We are getting closer to the second armed Revolution many Republicans have long been instigating. They are appealing to the growing angry fringe! The growing number of nut cases, Birthers, tea partiers, town hallers, gun toters, angry whites who call Obama a Nazi a fascist a nigga and who knows what else! This just gets worse and worse daily. We have to quell this before it erupts. I hope someone is paying attention. This is more dangerous than they realize!

I read a superb essay yesterday from a US marine. In the end what he said is those looking for a revolution who are untrained civilians better come to their senses because they will be facing marines and other forces who are seasoned and trained for war, I want you to read this as it is really good. Here it is

James Joiner
Gardner' Ma


One Fly said...

We are paying attention and what you are saying is right on. This is gaining momentum and nothing will change their opinions.

We we saying last night again that where we are headed is civil war.

Tim said...


I think were closer to civil war than most people think. All the signs are there. This time around I would suspect a lot of outside influence in the way of money,supplies and Boots on the ground. Some say this like the sixties and that unrest. Having lived through that time I must say the signs here are much more dangerous.
We have People in Congress who support the vitriol that the wing-nuts spew. The first thing we need to do is insist fairness in Broadcasting be brought back.

Holte Ender said...

The most tragic of all wars is a civil war involving millions of people. I don't see anything that tragic here, not that there won't violence inspired by the crazy rhetoric coming from the Republican Tea Partiers. There will be trouble, which is disturbing, but I trust the US military to stay loyal.

Jolly Roger said...

One small bone to pick here :) The Oath Keepers have existed in one form or another since the early years of the Clinton Presidency, and in fact not a few of them knew Tim McVeigh. Personally.

I have written a couple of love notes to them and those like them ("Minutemen.") If you have a bit of free time on your hands, do a search for "Elohim City" on Reconstitution. You will be (un)surprised at what you'll see.

Jolly Roger said...
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Jolly Roger said...

I think Tim is right, but I also think that the Rushpubliscums are completely aware of this and fully INTEND to take Dixie and the mountain west out of the US, so that they can set up their own totalitarian theocracy.

As far as I am concerned, they are more than welcome to. If a year or so was allowed for free movement between the two places, we'd get rid of our Rushpubliscums for good, and they'd finally be able to set up that third-world hellhole they all want so much. One thing is for certain though; we'd have to have tight border controls, because after a few years these "Klanbaggers" would be doing whatever they could to get the hell out of the racist, theocratic Utopia they created for themselves.

an average patriot said...

Tom they will get something going I just hope it peters out quickly under a withering response.

an average patriot said...

Tim I am convinced you are right. It started forming on day one and it gets closer every day. They are bound and determined to end up in those camps and blame it on Obama.

an average patriot said...

Holte I do not expect anything as tragic as the first one with 600000 dead but something will happen and they will take on the attitude of the south.

an average patriot said...

Hi jolly, will do! I was listening to Bachmann preaching the other day and she mentioned that mcveigh was a tea partier and cheers broke out. I don't like this at all.

an average patriot said...

You know JR, when Texas was talking secession I jokingly said we should give them their freedom and attack them for their oil but this just keeps growing. It started day one and I hope to hell they have been on this. They infiltrated that Christian group, let's hope they are on everything.

Demeur said...

Good grief I can't believe how stupid these people are. The idea of a "camp" came about because of the Katrina debocle. Seeing how screw up things got after that storm they wanted to try and figure out an organized plan of what to do with an entire city population. The idea was to house them in a local armory in the event of disaster.
Maybe we should have reeducation camps and force these idiots to actually read the bills coming out of congress.

an average patriot said...

Demeur the first time I heard about them they were discussed as FEMA concentration camps.

I have an official link but you can also Google it. This was mid Bush and they were supposedly in case we were overrun by illegal immigrants.

They are all over the country and brother I and others discussed them often along with Marshal Law, the NAU and the super highway from Mexico to Canada.