Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Helmond province mullah's in London to bridge gap and learn, it's about time!

I love it; it is about time the right thing is finally being done. This just keeps looking better and better. The US and ground zero should be next. Seeing why we are what we are and why we are doing what we are doing is vey important to get them to realize we are not their enemy. We want to get rid of the threat of militant anti western Islam and go home. The sooner they realize that the better for all involved.

I know in the last misadministration we had the war mongers and complicit Tony Blaire but if they were ever serious about getting rid of the threat in Afghanistan and then going home they would have done this long ago. These are the most powerful and influential Mullah's in Helmond province and they are actually on our side wanting to see us succeed.

They were adamant they do not see Britain and its allies as occupiers. Haji Mulla Meherdell Kajar, chief imam of the Central Mosque in Lashkar Gah, says the foreign forces are doing what they can to help Afghanistan and are making huge sacrifices in the process. I am so psyched!

"They understand local propaganda says that the invaders want to destroy them and that illiterate people listen to the propaganda. However they know our forces were invited in to help overcome their problems coming from those that truly do want to control them. I am so psyched and stupefied that this was not done long ago.

Haji Mulla Meherdell Kajar and the other three Mullah's were amazed to hear from the BBC that some British Muslims want the international forces to pull out. Hajji Meherdell was emphatically against a premature withdrawal. Did I say I was psyched? This should be trumpeted top to bottom throughout Afghanistan.

"They understand that the Muslim brothers who say Britain should leave Afghanistan do not know Islam. Don't they know our whole country is at war? Furthermore they realize those that want perverted Sharia law are feeding the people lies.They should advise the British not to withdraw their forces until they bring stability, security and development to Afghanistan and then they can go." I love it spread the word!

What surprised the scholars most, though, was to find Muslims in every walk of life in Britain. Whether meeting them in the Foreign Office, or as security guards they had not known before that Muslims had jobs. They believed that Muslims were treated badly and not allowed to practice their religion. I am stupefied, no wonder they fear us.

They were particularly taken aback by the Afghan mosque London and watched as several hundred turned up to pray. Haji Mokhtar Aqqani the most senior religious figure in Helmand even addressed the congregation. That must have been a wake up and an honor for those attending, all of which often listen to extremists trying to get them to go to Afghanistan to fight. This is great!

In Afghanistan Haji Mokhtar Aqqani has spoken out against the Taliban, delivering radio messages condemning suicide bombings, and issued a fatwa against the growing of poppies. However even he still thought that Muslims in the UK could not go to the mosque. I just absolutely love this as it keeps getting better and better.

After prayers Mullah Aqqani told the BBC that People in Helmand say that in Britain there are no mosques and no freedom to worship because that is the crap they are fed. He was really surprised to see so many people come and pray here freely and will take that message back home." The scholars went to other mosques in Birmingham and London. It is called religious freedom, go home and spread the word so we can go home.

By the end of the trip, Haji Meherdell concluded: "We have found true Islam in this country, a peaceful tolerant society where Muslims are not harmed, the opposite of what the Taliban and insurgents tell us." Time to go hack to Afghanistan and tell the people the truth. This should just be a beginning and the US should be next so they can see the same in the US and realize we have nothing against them and want to go home and have a peaceful fruitful relationship with them now and in the future. Helmond province mullah's in London to bridge gap and learn

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I don't see much changing in the near future. There may be a period of peace after we leave but it won't address the underlying factors. With a lack of resources and education the country will slip back to it's old ways. We by ourselves can not rebuild or build an entire country especially when you have the corruption. We see that in Haiti now. We could have used this approach in Iran in the 1970s and it might have worked but not here.

an average patriot said...

You're right Demeur, they have never had a central Government and want to be tribal and in the dark ages so let them I say.