Saturday, April 24, 2010

US confident it could defeat Iranian missile capable of reaching US!

US confident it could defeat Iranian missile

Iran to hold war games in Strait of Hormuz With the Gulf packed already with aircraft carrier battle groups and the busy oil lanes Iran having naval exercises to show her strength for peace is very disconcerting.

I am sorry, I do not think I am any different than the rest of you but knowing Iran wants to wipe at least Israel off the map and says they are not developing a nuclear weapon but if they had one would use it on Israel I have to believe while they may have a valid need for nuclear power their program is a cover for their real goal of developing or getting their hands on a nuclear weapon to use on Israel!

Likewise Iran has been upgrading its missile systems and has showed off its Sejil 2 two stage solid fuel missile capable of reaching targets 1,200 miles away. They had that ability with the Shahab 3 but are now prepared to produce these en masse. They now have capable short and medium range capabilities but no way to deliver nuclear warheads. Supposedly these are not to be used offensively but only to prove Iran can defend herself. Once again you have to believe the weapons are to prove they are a threat offensively.

Iran was already a threat to her immediate neighbors with a 600 mile range now they have paraded the ability to produce missiles capable of reaching parts of Europe and certainly most of the middle east.

President Obama based his decision to scrap Bush's worthless MDS Boondoggle as it was only designed to provoke Russia and was never even tested under realistic conditions despite its 4 Billion dollar cost. As you know after much expert advice and thought he scrapped it for the much tested land and water based mobile Aegis system. This great decision which Europe and Russia welcome was based on a reassessment of the developing and changing threat coming from Iran! defending Europe because of Iran is the priority Decisions based on intelligent reasoning what a novel idea!

The water based mobile Aegis system can even be moved to the Gulf and other area's of concern that may and will crop up to counter immediate short and medium range missile threats. It may already be there! Meanwhile by 2017 (now i hear 2015) when Iran is expected to have long range capabilities the Aegis is also scheduled to have long range and ICBM defense capabilities. If Russia and NATO join the effort as proposed I am confident we will be prepared for any future threats!

To top it all off a recent Defense Department report to Congress concludes that Iran could develop a missile capable of striking the United States by 2015. Besides the mobile aegis the U.S. has 25 long-range interceptor missiles based in Alaska and California, as part of a system designed to defend the nation against an attack from North Korea or Iran. Eight of 14 tests of the interceptors have been successful, that gives me pause but I feel we are smart enough to have overkill as far as Iran goes.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Tim said...

Hey Jim
You know a lot more about this stuff than I do. So I'll ask,Is the USA trying to come up with Smart weaponry.
You know we have these fake depts. with regular names doing things like
sophisticated worms for computers. Supposedly we can disrupt anything done electronically. If that's real,possibly who were ever to try and fire off a missile, we could disable it before it goes anywhere.
I don't know if it works on radio waves or what. I have enough trouble figuring out my computer. All this missile stuff,we have to be smarter, I think... Why am I thinking James Bond...

Middle Ditch said...

Hi Jim, political nincompoop here just passing by to say hi

Demeur said...

I'm beginning to think it's all a big show. Bush had been threatening Iran for many years. What would you expect the actions of a nation be with constant threats? We invade Iraq and give the indication that Iran is next. So what's the best defense? A good offense right? So this is why we have Iranian sabre rattling.

an average patriot said...

You know it Tim as well as the Russian's and Chinese. The scariest weapon in the world is ours already. I just remembered the name of it so let me try to find a past story. Scary as hell!

an average patriot said...

Hi Monique! Always a pleasure, you know that.

an average patriot said...

I know Demeur, It could be another Iraq shell game. Most do not realize it and I have said it a zillion times but we attached Iraq to get in the Middle East to amongst other things attack Iran.
This was 1996 but they needed a fool to push it through and got one when Bush happened. This is Cheney's baby but did you ever read a clean break

Demeur said...

Great article Jim. I knew much of their "little plan" wouldn't work having read many Iraqi blogs over the last few years.It surprises me that our own CIA didn't clue these guys into an accurate assessment of the situation but then I shouldn't be surprised seeing as the middle east station chief didn't even speak Arabic. I'm sure Bush and Co. didn't bother with or ignored the intell once again.

an average patriot said...

Tim I am working on something after this question yesterday. I sent you metal storm on your site but reading this again, you are talking about HAARP,you have seen it used but no one knows.

I have written about it extensively but remember whoever rules space rules the future as everything in the military is controlled by satellites.

China has a nasty surprise for us called the assassins mace. I can send you links or you can Google all this too. I have to laugh, you will probably get me.

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
Hope you are OK...
Just my appraisal, but I`d have to say that the production of missiles is more to do with the profits of the corporations, than actually defending the U.S.
Earlier this month the Taliban took down a $100 million Osprey helicopter, with a few dollars worth of machine gun rounds.
The story of how the Irish defeated the British is worth consideration.
Without the money to build missiles, they delivered their semtex and home-made fertilizer bombs by hand.
Inside military bases, outside politicians` bedrooms, and finally they used truck bombs outside London banks.... and then the British withdrew their troops.
Technology has limits, and as the budget defecit grows to the largest per capita ever known, it`s not going to take much to shatter the illusions of "defence spending".
If the Taliban get their hands on a few dozen Surface to Air type missiles, then who knows what outcome.
Once again, weapons that cost just a few dollars destroying assets worth victories instead of territorial ones, but equally important.