Monday, April 26, 2010

Supreme Court strikes down law banning dogfight videos: Wonder what Michael Vick thinks about that?

Remember Justice Alito's you lie moment during the SOTU address?

Supreme Court strikes down law banning dogfight videos

This is quite a supreme court we have on tap here. They gave our country to corporations saying donating as much as they want to a cause or a politician is covered under freedom of speech. Every time Obama has to look for a new Justice we hear Republicans cry that they do not want outlaw Justices. What the heck do they call this!

As you know, President Obama lambasted the Supreme court injustices for handing a huge victory to special interests and their lobbyists as the so called conservative led Supreme court lifted restrictions on campaign funding by corporations and unions. No kidding! What a coincidence huh? With mid terms approaching the corporations and unions can now lead the way in bringing down the Democrats and their agenda.

Blatant lying and fear mongering using radio and TV advertisements is what those scum are getting away with calling freedom of speech? Now we will just see the asinine lies used in the Health care debates used to bring down the Democrats only now the lying ads will be on steroids as they take the lead in defeating Obama's agenda and the Democrats.

Alito blatantly defending that move to subvert our Democracy mouthing "Not true, not true" while sitting in the front row during President Obama first state of the union address which was in fact a State of Disunion address" was dead wrong, shows there will be no coming together to solve we the people's growing problems, and led me to look at why Alito is so anti Obama!

However it was true! If then Senator Obama had been listened to Alito would not even have been in the chambers. As a senator, he voted against Alito's confirmation. He said President George W. Bush's second nominee to the court was a man of "great character" which is definitely now in question and that he was an accomplished jurist which I now doubt 100%.

"But it is too bad he was ignored because he was dead on when he said "when you look at his record when it comes to his understanding of the Constitution I have found that in almost every case he consistently sides on behalf of the powerful against the powerless; on behalf of a strong government or corporation against upholding American's individual rights. Man what else is there to say. As they say it is too late and the proof is in the pudding. History plays a role in Obama-Alito flap

I am sick of the idiocy coming from Republicans while consistently since Bush they loudly and ignorantly accuse the Democrats of doing what they are in fact doing so they can follow their hidden agenda. Everything has backfired on them and it will continue. I wonder what Michael Vick thinks of them striking down the ban on dog fighting videos after what he has gone through? Aren't these idiots radical Justices "whether they abstain or not" legislating from the bench? Conservatives, yeah!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Their agenda is quite obvious Jim it's to defeat Obama and they don't care what they do to get it. Listen closely as they back peddle on everything they've done over the last ten years. Everything was okay for them but now it's suddenly wrong under Obama.
I think the democrats are waking up to this by holding press conferences right after the rethugs open their yaps.

Snave said...

As long as the Republicans can legislate from the bench, they view it as being for the good of the country.

If Democrats do it, they are labeled "activist judges".

Why don't the Democrats start calling it like it is? They seem so afraid of the Republicans...

Dave Dubya said...

I wonder if it would be ok to film five conservative Supreme Court Justices being mauled in a pit of starving wolves?

Tim said...

People bitch and moan about the Senate, Congress which of course is the legislative Branch, They Hate the Executive Branch, But the one to fear most is the Judicial Branch.
You see what the clowns have made decisions on. Of course Left leaning judges are in the minority on the bench. These Judges don't know a cell phone from a pager. Email on them fancy computer thangy thing. Lordy when will it all stop.
What kind of mentally ill person condones dog fighting being filmed.
I'll tell you what kind a red neck,cracker ass that has more dogs than teeth. Just like the Supreme Court. Ahhhhh I feel better!

an average patriot said...

demeur I am increasingly confident that if Obama succeeds in Afghanistan abnd our economy he will be a 2 termer despite the Republicans efforts.

an average patriot said...

snave how are you? I agree with you! Dems at least Obama is calling them out. They all better do it countering Repubs as loud and frequently as they come out with the lies.

an average patriot said...

I am not a sadist but I wouldn't mind watching that!

an average patriot said...

You are entirely right Tim! Since they gave the election to Bush they have been screwing us since.

Anonymous said...