Saturday, April 17, 2010

Remember Khomeini's ghost!

The Price of Iranian Sanctions

Iran's "allies around the globe" would retaliate against any strike by the United States, an influential cleric said Friday ahead of a speech by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the progress of Iran's nuclear project

A reminder: As you know, when asked by a journalist how he felt upon returning to Iran in 1979 after 15 years in exile. Khomeini’s curt, one-word reply was “nothing” Whoa! From day one of his return to Iran Khomeini expressed no love for Iran only a love of the atom bomb. The drive even then was to possess a nuclear weapon though that desire is still denied until Iran can get their hands on one.

I have tried to give Iran the benefit of the doubt when they say their nuclear desires are peaceful knowing they could use nuclear power as an energy source for their growing population. I have always asserted that perceived need could be cover for the real goal of developing a nuclear weapon.

The nuclear program of Iran was launched in the 1950s with the help of the United States as part of the Atoms for Peace program.[1] The support, encouragement and participation of the United States and Western European governments in Iran's nuclear program continued until the 1979 Islamic revolution that toppled the Shah of Iran. We are so concerned about Pakistan and Iran today in regard to nuclear abilities and nuclear weapons and security. I was blown away to find out that we built the first nuclear Reactors in both Iran and Pakistan. Nuclear program of Iran - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I would have to assume this was after we overthrew the democratically elected President of Iran Mohammad Mosaddeq to install our ruthless puppet the Shah of Iran. We built and supplied Iran's first reactor because we thought we were in control. What the hell is wrong with us? That makes us personally responsible for the 1979 Revolution in Iran, the capture of our hostages, the disaster in the desert after a failed attempt to rescue them, the rise of the Revolutionary Guard, the protesters dilemma, the nuclear issue in Iran today, everything!

You know, I have long said that Iran’s civilian nuclear program is a cover for their nuclear weapons program. Now I see that Arab leaders feel the same way. They fear a nuclear arms race and I can only conclude that knowing how far along Iran is and how they feel that they are hedging their bets and it is already under way clandestinely.

The Gulf Corporation Council “Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman. And the United Arab Emirates, who are all incidentally armed by us with advanced conventional weapons and technology and missile defense batteries all want the Middle East to be declared a nuclear safe zone. That as you know is DOA as neither Israel or the US will never agree to that. The centuries of acrimony and convoluted Relationships throughout the Middle East though I knew of it is mind boggling and worse than I thought so I invite you to read the report it is eye opening. ! Why Arab leaders worry about Iran's nuclear program | Bulletin of ...

You know from numerous discussions here that Iran is involved in every Middle Eastern country not just Yemen, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia where they have corrupted elections for Shiite interests in Iraq, backing rebels in Yemen, and instigating attacks on Saudi oil fields. Bush freed Iran to instigate far and wide and are even training Taliban on their border. Any new sanctions will only serve to worsen their instigation and cause them to cause chaos everywhere they can and further Bush's total Middle East breakdown.As powerful in death as life; remember Khomeini's Ghost

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Tim said...

A quote comes to mind,"Another Fine Mess you've Gotten Us Into"
Laural and Hardy.
In our profound interest to control the world,it's wealth,it's resources,we've become the new Rome.
Just like Rome, we too are destined for failure.
I look at our History as a country and shake my head at all the injustice perpetrated by greed.

an average patriot said...

Tim isn't that funny? Everything we touch turns against us. Funny but with Bush I always quoted Moe of thee 3 stooges "every time you think you weaken the Nation"

We were headed the route of the Roman Empire Bush just sped it up and the greed is increasing as those who can take what they can while they can.

Jolly Roger said...

I doubt Iran is training the Taliban; they'll work with people who they dislike, but almost no one works with people who want to kill them. The Taliban thing sounds too much like the one about Saddam and al Qaeda.

Having said that..... the US sent a powerful lesson to the world with Chimpy's Glorious Oedipal Crusade on Iraq: if you don't have WMD, ACQUIRE THEM NOW. That lesson was heard loud and clear, from Tehran to Pyongyang. We have no one but ourselves to blame if Iran does become a nuclear power.

Naj said...

"Bush freed Iran to instigate far and wide and are even training Taliban on their border."

Jim, i don't expect such nonesense disinformation from you. Taliban is/was the SWORN enemy of the IRI--cut the crap please.

an average patriot said...

Hi JR! Yes Iran is on the Taliban's menu too and they are enemies but it is normal to side with your enemies as we have all done in the past until a bigger enemy is vanquished then get back to them later.

I believe Iran will get nukes it is only a matter of time. Serves us right! We were the ones that started their and Pakistan's nuclear programs in the 50's in a program called atom's for peace

an average patriot said...

Hi Naj! Yes they are sworn enemies but you work with an enemy to get rid of a bigger enemy then turn back to them later. We have all done it!

Here, who do you believe? There are many stories. Taliban claims of Iran training dismissed by diplomats - Telegraph

Border Explorer said...

Oh, Duh! Thanks for your response. I'll have to brush up on my reading skills!!

I'm afraid this violence situation is not going to correct quickly; it was too long in the making to turn around in a hurry.

Here's my mantra again: we need comprehensive immigration reform. That would be a tremendous step toward a better America. This Arizona fiasco is racial profiling, and I won't endorse that.

AV--you called that right, Jim. So sad. What an abrupt downturn!

Border Explorer said...

I am having a bad day (I guess). This was supposed to be on your Arizona police state post!! Sorry!!

BTW, did you see the Creel massacre video? I posted it on AV this morning. It will curl your hair. Everyone will be wanting to double the border wall height!

Take care!