Thursday, October 02, 2008

First have a laugh listening to this Hilarious, Phone-a-tone, Animated between McCain, Obama, Palin, and Biden! Now reality: Martial law is a given!

This is Hilarious, Phone-a-tone, Animated between McCain, Obama, Palin, and Biden!

Now for the serious stuff our future is made of thanks to Bush's fear mongering agenda designed to steal total control of us as new world order is pursued. As I was going through the news to see what had to be discussed once again the devolving situation in the bankrupting of America is moving right along and much more is soon to come as all the bail outs are worthless beyond bankrupting America and it is only one facet of the Crises Bush has purposely created in order to allow either through a third stolen election getting the Dictator McCain in or keeping the Dictator Bush in power. I decided to reiterate yesterday's conversation along with an article I stole from our friend Betmo

First valid concern voiced from Snave in response to yesterday's post: Lately I have also been wondering about where this is all headed. The Wall Street "crisis" seems an awful lot like "9-11" and the Iraq run-up to me, in that we once again have Bush saying "pass this legislation NOW, or everything will collapse". Back then it was with the Patriot Act and with the Iraq invasion, now it is with this "bailout". The first couple of times, people fell for it left and right. We got stuck with the Patriot Act, and we know how civil liberties have suffered with that one... and how we got stuck with the creation of DHS, the biggest expansion of government in our history, which has cost billions, with arguable worth. The Iraq invasion was authorized, and it has cost our country billions more dollars and has lost us many allies around the world. Both the Patriot Act and the Iraq War have not only cost billions, they have also been used to concentrate more power in the Executive Branch...

So now Bush comes at us with a proposal which would put Paulson in charge of all the money, with no chance of anyone asking him questions or getting him into court for any reason? Sounds like a "money czar" to me. Sounds like even more concentration of power, and all this concentration of power in the executive branch is unconstitutional, and therefore is impeachable. People are now used to the invasiveness of the pernicious Patriot Act, and people are used to us being at war... gee, now that our short-attention-spanned nation is comfortably numb again, is it time to introduce some new noxious garbage to further cement the administration's control over us all? Looks like it to me. If this "bailout" crap doesn't get the job done for the neocons, I think you're right Jim. I'm thinking these people are going to do just about whatever they can to stay in office, or at the very least, to see that their protégé gets elected.

If it looks like McCain is going to lose the election, I would consider the odds to be even that we will see the elections suspended. If they let the elections go on and Obama wins, look for some kind of international catastrophe between November 4 and January 20 that will provide the administration with reason to enact Order 51. Then nobody would know what was really going on, because there would undoubtedly be a crackdown on the media to the point that it became something akin to what the USSR had for decades. America sort-of elected Bush the first time, and then I think actually DID elect him the second time... how did that happen? Were we as a nation still too numb after "9-11", too susceptible to the Republican fear mongering? I think McCain is a power-crazy loon... and don't get me started on Sarah Palin.

My standard response: you remember and know the statement All we have to fear is fear itself as Rove Cheney and Bush does "the real axis of evil"
Whenever the right wants to steal more control and power they create as much fear as they want to follow their Fascist new order agenda. You are right they have done it since day one and it will work again this time. This bailout will do nothing beyond quickening the Bankrupting of America.
You are right McCain is a crazy loon and getting him in office is the rights only concern. I don't know if you know Betmo but this morning she backed up what I have said 100 times now:

America's nightmare by Timothy V. Gatto: The last few weeks have truly illustrated just how corrupt and mismanaged this country has become. I have been keeping a low profile so to speak, because of what I have heard about the “secret” session of Congress last August.
That session of Congress was about the collapse of the US economy in late September, and the financial collapse of the US Government in October. The Congress was briefed on how the Federal government was prepared to stop civil unrest by rounding up those that are considered “dissidents”, ostensibly to prevent large scale demonstrations and possibly a coup. The Army, which was recently given the power to ignore “Posse Comitatus” (which forbids the use of Federal troops for law enforcement in the United States) in the John Warner Defense Bill (the revamped Insurrection Act). Welcome to America's nightmare

You know, It is job one for me to connect as many concerned citizens as possible as we all must stay connected and many I am finding over the years are like minded. It is important for everyone to spread the word and stay connected as there is no Conspiracy theory in saying Bush has already passed the Law giving total Dictatorial control over all of America. It is coming Period!

Executive order # 51 giving Dictatorial control to whoever is the Decider!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Middle Ditch said...


an average patriot said...

Thanks and you are all right! Things are very hectic right now but we will be okay! :-D

Monique said...

Sorry, I'm such a political nincompoop, I don't always know what to say. I used to give Tom smiles too. How is Tom?

an average patriot said...

You're a nincompoop? I am worse when it comes to computers and the lingo. Tom is okay! I haven't talked to him in about a week but I expect a call soon. I have been so busy with the house I haven't had a chance to call or get around the way I like too. Anyway Tom is okay and still in limbo as far as getting back on line or starting a new Blog!

Karen said...

Oh, you changed your site design... I like it!

The veep debate should be verrrry interesting tonight. Palin's under a lot of pressure to come across sounding, um... credible. Don't think that's possible.

an average patriot said...

Thank you and I too am looking forward to this debate. I just have to wonder how the lying spinsters on the right are going to portray this.
I finally updated my Blogger because I wanted audio and it is pretty cool. You can listen to a post while watching a video or whatever, even download it to an Ipod or Mp3. Pretty cool!
Palin is a worthless Ditz and insult to all qualified female Politicians not to speak of the rest of us!

Dave Dubya said...

If you need a drinking game, or other medication of choice, to enjoy the debate tonight...


an average patriot said...

That is a riot! I will be watching the debate while having a drink. If it is too hard to watch I will turn it off and catch it on the news. The drink though I will finish!

an average patriot said...

If you drank every time she said something stupid you would be loaded in no time and wake up with a hell of a hang over!

Snave said...

Thanks AAP, I appreciate your validation of my concerns! I wonder if I am too much of a worrywart sometimes, and I know I worry way too much about things beyond my control... but it is great to find some like-minded people! 8-)>

A drinking game for tonight's debate? How about a shot for every time Palin says "Uh...". If you did that, you wouldn't be able to remember anything after the first five or ten minutes. And that might not be bad. Then you might end up missing some of the inevitable nausea-inducing folksy comments she'll make to try and get people to think she's actually something special.

Biden needs to play it safe tonight. He needs to not sound condescending or like he is lecturing Palin, or she will get "victim" points from loud rightwing media types. Biden needs to keep his answers short and to the point; no rambling, because that's when his gaffes start.

I think our media is "corporate", and because of that I think it looks for news items that will "sell"... and tonight they will be looking for anything sensational in nature. Americans have a short collective attention span and like to be entertained, and tonight is a golden opportunity for the failing McCain campaign, with help from the media, to change the subject back away from issues and once again to Palin. Should she even perform halfway well, watch them pronounce it as a "home run" or "David slaying Goliath" or some such absurd thing, and the top news stories will once again be about Palin instead of about our nation's various crises... we can't allow things like home foreclosures, the collapse of Wall Street, Iraq, Afghanistan, the probe into the firing of judges, etc. to be swept aside because the media wants to proclaim some doofus as America's Sweetheart...

This one is tricky. It is after all only a debate between VP candidates, but after her quick rise and fall, I don't want to see the media resurrect Palin's "celebrity". Not now. Not when Obama is building some nice leads in key states.

Dave Dubya said...

If Sarah McFailin comes off as only slightly stupid instead of catatonic, the media will give her the win vote.

an average patriot said...

Thank you and you're welcome. It is tough to find people who get it and when I find one who does I stick by them.
We must stay together and relax because see what is denied but is happening and are powerless to stop it. All we can do is just deal with it when it comes and it won't be long.

This is no coincidence that the many prongs of this manufactured crises are all coming to a head perfectly at this time. I was just talking to one of my sisters who gets it but her husband thinks I am a conspiracy theorist.
They are all going to find out we are simply realists who see the lie we are living. If they can't steal a third and I believe they will.

Snave said...

When people suggest I might be a bit paranoid, I always like to respond with the quote from William S. Burroughs:

"A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what's going on."


an average patriot said...

Damn straight nave! It is sickening that we see the truth in the total lie we are living today and when we speak the truth we are merely dismissed as conspiracy theorists and the real conspiracy of destroying "our" America merely continues!

Middle Ditch said...

A friend on facebook (you must go there more often and finally receive my gifts) said on his status this morning that he had a shot of tequila every time Palin said "also" and that now he is dead. It seems that loads did the drinking game.


Middle Ditch said...

Oh!! MD Group on facebook has now 139 members.

an average patriot said...

Hi Monique
I'm sorry I thought I received those gifts! Don't I get notification? Things are really crazy right now with the houses and I have to run out right now to go down to the VA but I will be back. Take care!