Monday, October 20, 2008

Tina Fey on Sarah Palin Persona on David Letterman! Palin makes 'Saturday Night Live' appearance - and Tina Fey, too! Powell endorses Obama, Huge!

I wanted to discuss the rapid rise of ultra conservative Islam in response to Bush's Christian Crusade but had to discuss the Neanderthal "Paling" once again!

Tina Fey on Sarah Palin Persona on David Letterman!

Sarah Palin on Saturday night Live!

Sarah Palin makes 'Saturday Night Live' appearance - and Tina Fey, too! Sarah Palin was all smiles as she made her highly touted appearance on 'Saturday Night Live.' Knocked by critics as unprepared to be vice president, Sarah Palin took her shot Saturday night at being one of TV's "Not Ready for Primetime Players." The running mate of GOP presidential candidate John McCain turned the tables on comics who have made her the butt of many late-night jokes, poking fun of herself! She proved she's a joke! Okay?

The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin X: The Teleprompter More absurdity: At a fundraiser in Canton, Ohio, this evening, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had an interesting description of her speech to the Republican convention. “There Ohio was right out in front, right in front of me," Palin said. "The teleprompter got messed up, I couldn’t follow it, and I just decided I’d just talk to the people in front of me. It was Ohio.”
Is this true? Again, the strangeness of this lie is that it's easily rebutted by the record: McCain-Palin campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds says no, and disputes any notion that Palin was implying that she ad-libbed the speech by saying she "couldn't follow it" on the teleprompter, so she "just decided I’d just talk to the people in front of me." McCain-Palin spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker says, "She was off the prompter at points."

Her convention speech followed the script perfectly. Tapper adds: I should note that, after Palin's speech, some conservative bloggers reported that sources close to McCain had told them that the teleprompter had broken and Palin "winged it." "The teleprompter did not break," wrote Politico's Jonathan Martin. "Sarah Palin delivered a powerful speech last night, but she did not 'wing it'..." Bu she's still repeating the lie. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference 'The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin X: The Teleprompter'

I reiterate what I said yesterday: Europe has Palin pegged! There's no doubt about it. The European media has given Sarah Palin a hard time. Things started quite well, with the curiosity factor. To many Europeans there is something exotic about snowy Alaska. Viewers and readers were intrigued by the shots of the outdoorswoman with her eyes squinting fixed along a gun barrel, the thought of a vice president who had once been a beauty queen. Columnists were approving that here, for once, was a politician in the higher reaches who probably actually knew the price of a loaf and a pint of milk. Women writers in particular responded warmly to her joke about the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom --"Lipstick."

But soon the carping began, and it was not confined to what U.S. rightists like to dismiss as the "liberal media elite." We were, the Irish Times warned, "just a heartbeat away from the biggest half-baked Alaskan nightmare." Britain's Financial Times said his selection of vice president raised serious questions about John McCain's judgment and added: "The Palin appointment is yet more proof of the way that abortion still dominates American politics." Prominence was given to an onslaught on Palin's environmental and animal rights record by veteran ex-film star Brigitte Bardot. Spain's left wing El Pais described Palin as "a figure who comes from the America that is farthest removed from and incomprehensible to the European spectator."Since then the scorn has been constant, the jokes unrelenting, the YouTube exposure devastating. But let us dispel one bit of nonsense from the start. It is nothing to do with Sarah Palin being of the feminine gender.

When Sarah Palin first became McCain's running mate there were even headlines in some British media suggesting that America had found its own Margaret Thatcher. That certainly was overdoing it. So much so that after 20 years close up reporting on the original I can't resist the temptation to paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen's comment when Dan Quayle unwisely compared himself to John F. Kennedy. "I've interviewed Margaret Thatcher, Governor Palin and I can tell you that you are no Margaret Thatcher." For Europeans, who were alienated during George W. Bush's first four years by a president who showed little interest in their continent and patently cared nothing for the opinions of its leaders, the turning point probably came with the appearance on the Katie Couric show when Palin confessed to not having had a passport until 2006
Europeans are appalled at the thought that someone who wants to be vice president of the most powerful nation on earth had so little interest in the rest of a world which is so vitally affected by the decisions of the man, or woman, in the White House. And they are not much impressed by explanations that her parents did not have the money to send her on a fact-finding tour of the world as a student. Anybody with the money to own an SUV, hunt moose and drive a snowmobile has the money to travel. Europe has Palin pegged what is wrong with Americans?

*This is huge! I heard Colin Powell endorses Obama citing he would be better equipped to deal with the financial woes, Disappointment over the irresponsible pick of Palin, and the increasing negative rhetoric of the McCain campaign. I knew I respected that man. Finally someone who puts America first!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Border Explorer said...

The McCain/Palin ticket boggles my mind. I'm discouraged that the pre-election polls do not match "W's" popularity ratings. The US citizenry apparently don't think--or 40% of them, anyway. I wonder how many will vote an (undeclared) racist ticket? I know it will be a factor, how much of a factor remains to be seen.

an average patriot said...

how are you? It is mind boggling isn't it? A McPaling ticket should tell one what their real agenda is and it is not saving "our America"
It really stinks but I was afraid of this from the outset and it has devolved to being all about Race. The right is getting openly racist and fascist. This is not going to be good this fall. I do not know what is going to be pulled but something will be.
Biden knows something and I may discuss it tomorrow. Take care!

Weaseldog said...

Will the similarities never end?

In the documentary I linked on Argentina, they describe how the media turned the corrupt politicians into starlets. The media fawned over and glorified the corrupt officials and poked fun at their corruption.

All the while endorsing their corrupt policies.

The Media and the State have successfully merged.

I think it's still very likely that McCain will win the election through some serious tomfoolery and voting day shenanigans. the Supreme court may once again have to step in and unconstitutionally choose our President for us.

an average patriot said...

The similarities are undeniable but of course denied! MSM and the Government today are one. McCain has been a given for quite a while. The modern day Eva Braun sickens and insults all of us. As I keep saying, the only question now is how they are going to steal this one for McCain! If they fail as you know it gets even worse. What a friggen future!

Utah Savage said...

When corporations bought up all the news outlets (thank you St Ronnie) the news became entertainment and no longer news.

This is a terrific post James. Thank you for writing it.

an average patriot said...

Hi Utah
Thanks and I hope you are well!I just do not get what is up with most Americans. They don't have a clue! It is obvious the agenda for McPaling is not to help our America but rather the new version.
MSM and the Government now are one and they hide all real news from us and keep this fat citizenship happy on trash. Europe sees the truth what the hell is wrong with Americans?

Mariamariacuchita said...

Hey, James. Wasn't it a thoughtful speech by Powell?

I'm appalled by the racist comments from Rush and Buchanon.

Palin is a joke, by any standards, U.S. or Europen!

an average patriot said...

Hi Maria!
I thought Powell's explanation was well thought out said and eloquent! I am once again sickened by the Rights pundits creating Division this time injecting racism so they can divide and conquer which they do in every instance here and around the world!