Thursday, October 23, 2008

70 Countries want Obama Al Qaeda wants McCain so they can kill all Americans! Palin thinks she'll run the Senate we can not allow a President McCain!

FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty: Senator John McCain says when it comes to foreign policy he’s light years ahead of Barack Obama. Over and over again, McCain has insisted Obama lacks the necessary experience to conduct business with foreign countries on behalf of the United States. So how do you explain this? Citizens of dozens of foreign countries prefer Barack Obama over John McCain as our next president by a margin of almost 4 to 1, according to a massive poll conducted by the Gallup Organization. About 30 percent of those surveyed prefer Obama, while just 8 percent favor McCain.

This was no daily tracking poll either. Gallup polled people in 70 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and North and South America, representing nearly half the world’s population, between May and September of this year. Citizens of the Philippines and Georgia were the only ones who preferred McCain to Obama. Not exactly the super-powers we’re looking to mend fences with. Here’s my question to you: Why do citizens in 70 foreign countries prefer Barack Obama to John McCain by a margin of nearly 4-1?

Justin from North Carolina writes: Barack Obama is the candidate of reason. Only a fool would think of supporting the ticket with the oldest presidential nominee and a woefully inept vice presidential candidate are in the best interest of America or the world especially when the current disaster of a president proves to be more coherent than the both of them. Why does the world want Obama?

Meanwhile Al-Qaida supporters suggested in a Web site message this week they would welcome a pre-election terror attack on the U.S. as a way to usher in a McCain presidency. The message, posted Monday on the password-protected al-Hesbah Web site, said if al-Qaida wants to exhaust the United States militarily and economically, "impetuous" Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain is the better choice because he is more likely to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. "This requires presence of an impetuous American leader such as McCain, who pledged to continue the war till the last American soldier," the message said. "Then, al-Qaida will have to support McCain in the coming elections so that he continues the failing march of his predecessor, Bush."

SITE Intelligence Group, based in Bethesda, Maryland, monitors the Web site and translated the message. Push McCain to take 'revenge'
"If al-Qaida carries out a big operation against American interests," the message said, "this act will be support of McCain because it will push the Americans deliberately to vote for McCain so that he takes revenge for them against al-Qaida. Al-Qaida then will succeed in exhausting America till its last year in it." Mark Salter, a senior McCain adviser, said he had heard about the Web site chatter but had no immediate comment. The message is credited to a frequent and apparently respected contributor named Muhammad Haafid. However, Haafid is not believed to have a direct affiliation with al-Qaida plans or knowledge of its operations, according to SITE.

SITE senior analyst Adam Raisman said this message caught SITE's attention because there has been little other chatter on the forums about the U.S. election. SITE was struck by the message's detailed analysis — and apparent jubilation — about American financial woes. "What we try to do is get the pulse of the jihadist community," Raisman said. "And it's about the financial crisis." Al Qaeda wants McCain so they can kill every American

As further proof why we can not allow a President McCain Palin just bets stupider by the minute! Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said in a local interview that the vice president is "in charge of" the U.S. Senate and "can really get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes" – the second time she has claimed a more expansive role for the vice president than the U.S. Constitution outlines. On Monday while in Colorado, Palin taped an interview with Denver NBC affiliate KUSA. At the end of the interview, she was asked to participate in the station's "Questions from the Third Grade" series, in which candidates have fielded questions from local elementary school students.

"Brandon Garcia wants to know, 'What does the Vice President do?'" Palin was asked. "That's something that Piper would ask me, as a second grader, also," Palin responded, referencing her seven-year-old daughter. "A vice president has a really great job because not only are they there to support the president's agenda, they're there like the team member, the teammate to the president," Palin continued. “But also, they're in charge of the United States Senate, so if they want to they can really get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes that will make life better for Brandon and his family and his classroom. And it's a great job and I look forward to having that job.”

Article I of the Constitution states that "The Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no vote, unless they be equally divided." Palin was also asked the role of the vice president in her debate earlier this month with Senator Joe Biden, where she cited the vice president's role presiding over the Senate as a way to "exert a bit more authority" to work with the Senate on the president’s agenda. "I'm thankful the Constitution would allow a bit more authority given to the vice president if that vice president so chose to exert it in working with the Senate and making sure that we are supportive of the president's policies and making sure too that our president understands what our strengths are," Palin said in the debate. When asked to explain her remarks in an interview with Fox News the day after the debate, Plain reiterated her position that overseeing the Senate would give her "a tremendous amount of flexibility and authority" to work with the Senate. Palin says Vice President in charge of Senate

* as you know we are in serious trouble if McPaling happens. Also as you know, I absolutely expect this election too to be stolen unless we have an Obama landslide. I see that happening as we get closer to the election! From Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Domenico Montanaro, and Carrie Dann
*** Obama widens his lead: With 13 days to go, Obama has opened up his biggest lead over McCain in the NBC/WSJ poll, 52%-42%, which is up four points from his lead two weeks ago. This survey -- conducted after the three presidential debates and in the midst of the Colin Powell endorsement -- suggests that these events have made voters more comfortable with the idea of Obama as president. For one thing, 48% say they have confidence in Obama serving as commander in chief, which is nearly identical to the 50% who said the same of McCain. Moreover, 56% say they are either “optimistic or confident” or “satisfied and hopeful” that Obama would do a good job as president; only 44% say that of McCain. Obama widening the lead
We still have Hope!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

According to hate radio the race is even and the McFailin team has the deck stacked against them by the librul press.

I have not listened much but it only takes a couple sentances before it makes you want to upchuck.

an average patriot said...

hey one fly! I am a bit busy with moving so I may not get around today so bear with me! I heard that today on my own local radio station! I am sick of hearing them cry! From my perspective the right is doing everything possible to steal this election too! It drives me shit house watching and hearing the lies constantly repeated by McCain and his pundis!

Weaseldog said...

As we expected, the race seems to be close.

And the machines are screwing up the votes again. Voters are seeing their votes for Obama mysteriously switch to McCain. When they select Obama again, it reverts back to McCain once more.

I'm seeing other reports that police are getting ready for riots after the election. The PTB know that the people will be angry when the election is stolen, so they are preparing.

I think McCain will steal the election. It's all set up and ready to go.

Video on my blog.

Middle Ditch said...

I do this :-D just to let you know that I have been here but don't really know what to say.

Hug and LOL

an average patriot said...

You better believe it Wease!
This is going to be bad! All kinds of underhanded crap is going on!I am sick of saying it and many thinking I am a worry wart. McCain is a long given to keep the rights Fascist agenda going! Hold on Bud!

an average patriot said...

Oh okay! LOL! I have a friend I grew up with that does something like that and she says it is a cyber hug. Take care Monique!

Brother Tim said...

Hope is ALL we have left.

As for :-D ..... see comment on yesterday's post.

an average patriot said...

The crap coming from the right is really getting vile! This is not going to be good! I am going to get busy real quick. They are moving the pod in the morning and I have to be prepared. If you mean on my post I was wondering what you meant by what do I see when I turn my head left. But I will look. Take care!

Dave Dubya said...

I have to wonder how much hope does a country deserve when nearly half the voters think Sarah Palin should have the power of Dick Cheney.

I just read we rank 36th in having a free press.

We're dropping down the chart in infant mortality rate, too.

USA! USA! USA! We're Number One!...
In ignorance and self delusion.

Brother Tim said...

Why stop there, Dave. We're also #1 in greed and arrogance and rapacity and heartlessness and hypocrisy and pharisaism........somebody stop me before I rapture out.


an average patriot said...

I just do not understand what is wrong with many Americans. We know what Bush has been doing and McPaling wants to continue but what the hell is the excuse for ignorant Americans voting for these idiots!
It has been a busy day and tomorrow the pod is moved to the new house and we can unload into the cellar and Garage. Next Friday we close on this house then an hour later on the new house then we can unload what we load in the morning into the new house. I don't remember all this chaos. Bear with me!

an average patriot said...

Murders, guns, domestic violence, we are #1 in everything detrimental to a good society! High school drop outs!

Utah Savage said...

Unwed mothers, teen pregnancies, no insurance or health care for those infants, no good school system, no economic prospects, and on and on it goes. We are in bad shape. I feel kind of sorry for Obama. What a mess they made of our country.

John said...

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Brother Tim said...

HEY!!!!! Watch it, John!! Jim is a man's man. He don't need no stinkin' viagra. He's got a picture of Sarah Palin in a bikini!

an average patriot said...

Glad to see you around! We move the pod shortly so things are going to get hectic. I will be around I hope but Won't be able to make my visits. Soon O hope! It really stinks but we are3 first in societal degradation and it has purposely been sped up as Bushco is replacing our society with their new version.

an average patriot said...

That is funny but I have the opposite problem of what many have. I am already on over drive Viagra would kill me! I'll shut up though!

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Steve said...
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