Wednesday, October 08, 2008

No rescue in sight for what ails economy and it is just beginning to take its toll on Average Americans!

Quickly! I have to go to my colonoscopy but first Give me your input: I believe Obama owned that debate last night and the Feds cut the prime rate another half a point to 1.5% tell me how you feel?

6 Die in Family Murder-suicide in Upscale Home over economy!

While Americans have spent the last month transfixed by the spectacle of one financial giant after another crashing to the ground, the rest of the U.S. economy has been sinking in the muck. By now, the process is so far advanced that, even after passage of the Bush administration's $700-billion financial rescue plan Friday, the nation's economic options span the unappealing gamut from bad to worse. "The wheels seem to be coming off the economy right now," said Brian P. Sack, vice president of the respected forecasting firm of Macroeconomic Advisers. "It's hard to see how we avoid a recession, and it could prove a tough one to climb out of."

Even if the financial bailout plan begins to work, the nation will be lucky if all it experiences is a bad slowdown. The alternative, economists say, is something much worse -- a contraction that might go on for years. American employers sliced September payrolls by 159,000 jobs, the ninth straight month of losses and one that puts the country on track to shed a million jobs this year. Real consumption, after adjustment for inflation, slipped two-tenths of a point in June, a half-point in July and flat-lined in August. New factory orders unexpectedly dropped 4% in August, the Commerce Department said Friday, the biggest decline in two years. Capital goods orders, a key indicator of companies' future investment plans, slipped 2.4%, the biggest drop in more than a year and a half.

State governments, have begun making steep cuts. In all, 29 of the 50 states had already cut spending, raised taxes or tapped emergency funds to balance their budgets for the fiscal year that began July 1, said Nicholas Johnson, an analyst with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in Washington. But 15 of those states, including Arizona and New York, are back in the red; stalling economic growth has caused their already shrunken tax revenues to contract further. "We've got a really rough time ahead of us in 2009 and 2010," warned Roger Kubarych, chief U.S. economist with Unicredit Global Research in New York. No rescue in sight for what ails economy
Forget about the outdated notion of thrift shops as the refuge of the working poor, the down and out or the vintage fashion hipster. In these troubled times, the powerful lure of a secondhand retail bargain is attracting a whole new breed of customer.middle class flocking to salvation army and Goodwill

With an estimated $54 trillion being our real debt. With an estimated $1 trillion to repair our failing infrastructure with home foreclosures hitting record level food prices rising, gas shortages, food pantries under pressure even by the middle class, panic in many parts of the country as winter approaches public safety budgets are cut and many people realize they cannot afford to stay warm this year. What to do? People are panicking and it will get much worse!

A man distraught because he could not find work shot and killed his mother-in-law, his wife and three sons and then killed himself inside a home in an upscale San Fernando Valley neighborhood, police said. desperate for work, man kills his family

A mother who police said stabbed her daughters before shooting herself had raised the children as a single mother after her husband hanged himself three years ago. suicide haunts Family

I had a couple other stories all happening on the same day, attempted murdering of families, spousal murder, knowing what is coming and this is all going to get much worse and is part of a societies normal cycle in the end and how this will all end and soon I just started shaking my head again and decided to close this and say hold on stay together, take it easy, and stay in touch!

I just want to remind you of our past conversations on How this is going to end up and it is not good I also just heard while I was waking up that since the 17th grown child was just dropped off under the safe Haven Law enacted in June by parents who could not take care of them. It is no longer Infants but increasingly grown Children. Please give me your input! I'll be Back!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Mariamariacuchita said...

My son may be laid off from his job. He has a family. Things are getting scary, indeed. We found out that one of the grants that pays my salary was cut.

Greed, greed, greed.

Who knows when the bread lines begin??

Weaseldog said...

Get out and work on your victory gardens folks.

As Lily Tomlin says, "This is going to get a lot worse before it gets worse."

I bought 20 new chicks to replace the birds my puppy broke. They've been doing great. Growing like weeds. Some of them them will be very tasty later.

Ginger has been good for a few weeks now. Maybe her hard head is catching on? We've played, 'Chase the doggy around in the chicken pen with a stick' and few times now. She doesn't like that game.

Perestroika is coming. Even if my Czech friend on the train laughs at me when I say that. I believe it's the truth.

an average patriot said...

I just got back from the colonoscopy but I am sorry to hear that. My best of luck to you and your son. Some people don't like it when I talk reality and how bad things are going to get but you see it first hand and I will be praying for you all.
We must stay together and stand by each other through this. We are okay but many in our circle are not already and I am concerned knowing this is just starting and that massive bailout sounds large but is just a start.
We just sold our house something very rare today and as you know things will get tighter. Our house is paid for and we owe no one a penny for anything. We did take out a small loan and we will be okay though I really feel for the extreme vast majority of average Americans.
Things moved to fast on our house as I was afraid and it id going just as fast on the new house which is a 1969 custom built and perfect, perfect, perfect, but very hectic for a while that is why I have been AWOL a bit of late.
You just decided for me what I will post tomorrow as I have to go to our new house inspection. We have to be out 11/7 ind closing was just moved up to 10/31 and the new house looks the same way. We have a Pod and I am just shaking my head not knowing what to think about everything happening. Stay in touch and stay with me

an average patriot said...

Glad everything is going well Wease! What do you mean the ones your puppy broke? Yeah as you know this is just beginning. Many have made me keep to myself and a small circle of realists but this is just beginning and we have been wrong in nothing.
We are having to move too quick with the new house but we will be okay.
We will take out a small loan but own no one a penny so we will be fine. I worry for many though. Listening to maria made me decide what I have to write about tomorrow but then I will be gone a while with the new house. Take care and stay in touch!

One Fly said...

It's all going according to plan for these bastards. What's next? Everything's on the table for sure.

an average patriot said...

one fly
You know you are dead right! There are no surprises here. It pisses me off that we have been wrong on nothing.
Every time they purposely create a crisis to create more fear and further their fascist agenda they act lie they are coming to the rescue.
It really pisses me off. There are no surprises here. There are no coincidence! You know how this is going to end and it is coming soon!
You have at least read my last dozen or so post. I am pissed! Hope you are settling in!

One Fly said...

The ones that know anything at all can not help but to be pissed off and that is years worth. If we didn't care than life would be peachy indeed.

I am settling in a bit at a time because I'm lazy. Have a bit to do Saturday at the other place but this place will be okay if it doesn't freeze up.

My new position in life-trailer trash One Fly.

I do not envy what you face but it will be good when you're done and maybe even better I hope.

Brother Tim said...

Wow, Jim, a colonoscopy and a Presidential Debate, all in one 24 hour period. You must be in pain!

Come on over and let me know your favorite part of the debate(?).

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
Trusting the doctors don`t find anything unusual, personally, clinics and hospitals make me feel ill... !
I guess most of us just want a reasonable job and home, food, warm clothes etc, the trouble starts when some folk want bigger and bigger homes, with servants and swimming pools, their own airplanes and an army to protect them.
There are huge changes coming, the moneylenders have run out of money to lend, having spent most of it on their own lavish lifestyles, and on an overseas army of conquest that is being slowly but completely driven back.
Here in Europe, there is talk of nationalisation of banks and oil companies, maybe that needs to be done in America, ensuring that both energy and finance are under strict public control, rather than as toys in the hands of just a few dozen right-wing billionaires.

an average patriot said...

Hey one fly
Take your time you are in no hurry! One fly and brother knowing what we keep saying one has to be concerned about McCain's Gaffe yesterday. He walked in and welcomed the crowd with "Welcome my fellow Prisoners.
We will be alright! I see a light at the end of the tunnel now with the houses. It is though moving a hell of a lot quicker than I anticipated! We are closing on this house on Halloween. Our new house gets inspected today and the guy is ready to fly up from Texas to sign it over. This has been a whirl wind! Take care and I will be around eventually stay in touch!

an average patriot said...

I have to laugh! Everything worked out fine yesterday and things are moving quickly with the houses! I absolutely believe Obama owned that forum and have to wonder what the hell is going to underhandedly stay in power. This is not going to be good. As soon as I can settle down a bit brother I will by just bear with me!

an average patriot said...

Hi Bud! I have a good friend I want to hook you up with eventually but it is too hectic right no!
People haven't figured it out yet but it isn't just Europe it is around the world and right here. The Government has already expressed interest in controlling the oil and energy companies. You know about the financial Instututions and the airlines is coming.
Hell it use to be company towns it is soon to be all owned and run by the country and of the country by the country and for the country the people no longer figure into it!

Weaseldog said...

My puppy was breaking into the chicken pen and wrestling with the hens and my rooster.

She's a Shar Pei Lab mix and is getting up to about 50lbs now. she's accustomed to playing with our Catahoula Leopard dog who is nearing 70lbs now.

Chickens don't wrestle well. I had to finish a few off with an axe. Their necks were broken.

I have only two of my original hens now.

My wife was really upset about it.

Those are the pups in my sig, from when they were 8-10 weeks old.

Strangely enough, my Catahoula (Thor) has given me no trouble with the birds. He's even dragged Ginger away from them on occasion.

This current batch of chickens are all very large breeds. I will likely keep at least two roosters this time.

an average patriot said...

I have to laugh! Don't you have anything of standard breed? I can't imaging any dog not chasing chickens when given a chance. Hell when I was a kid I did it for fun!
Those new chickense you have are they Wease hatched or do you have a hatchery around? If a dozen or 15 are hens you can give your neighbors some egge.
I don't know if you have a hen nouse or not but if you time the lights they will lay all winter or whenever! have any of your hens made it to old age? Chicken soup!

Weaseldog said...

Chasing chickens, isn't a big deal. It's catching them that leqads to trouble. Ginger was climbing over the gate. Electrification was the next step if she was gonna stay pig headed.

Which breed is standard? Isn't that chicken code, for large, not bantam?

I got these birds from the same breeder I got a batch from a couple of years ago. They were a week old when I picked them up.

I still have a wily hen that I've kept for five years. She's an auracana and smarter than any other hens I've had.

Ypu, I've got a light with a timer. The problem I had with my previous birds is that most were small and could fly. They wouldn't sleep in coop. They slept high up in my oak tree.

an average patriot said...

You know what we used to do as people when trying to empty a pen? After corralling the majority we used long wire rods bent at the end designed to hook their feet and reel them in.
Standard breeds use to be Barred Plymouth Rocks and sex links for Brown eggs and Leghorns for white eggs! I will be in and out but have to get this moving stuff going now. Hope all is well take care and stay in touch!