Monday, October 06, 2008

National Debt clock started Because of Reagan can no longer keep up with debt Because of Bush! They call that success?

National Debt clock started Because of Reagan can no longer keep up with debt Because of Bush!

Started because Of Reagan's voodoo economics and the massive growing debt he created the clock has become a doomsday countdown and it must be overhauled again to record the massive debt accumulating by the minute under Bush's success. You know how this is going to end and soon! The $700 Billion bailout will do nothing but speed up the bankrupting of our America. To prove your Senators do not care about our America they added $100 Billion to the Bailout in tax Breaks! How much more proof do people need? Average Americans are on their own and we are in serious trouble!

Yesterday it was California today it is Massachusetts seeking Federal help. That makes it Coast to coast and this is just starting. Who is next?

I am not going to expound on the manufactured perfect storm Bush enabled I will only supply this link showing stories I have written about the Created perfect storm. Just glance at the titles and glance at what you want! Manufactured perfect storm Googled right here!

I am going to drop it here. As some of you know, we have to get out of our house by 11/7 and into our new one that day. I have a home inspection Tuesday and we are renting a Pod and must get the attic and cellar emptied somehow and start packing everything up so things will be hectic soon and my visiting time limited plus I have to start prepping for a Colonoscopy so bear with me! Take care!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

You're going to be busy boy for sometime. Don't feel bad about shit canning stuff that isn't really needed.

I have not yet seen what is in the final fail out bill. It originally was a three or four page draft. All a mind game to prepare the sheep for what we got in the end.

Will this be enough money to satisfy these people and let the process work without any interference? Not on our lives!

an average patriot said...

one fly
Yes it is going to be hectic for a while. There is over 50 years have crap here cellar to attic and trice has stuff piled everywhere. They want us out by the 7th. Tomorrow is the home inspection. I have to get a pod get help and get this going.
I will still try to update if I can but around the 7th I will most likely be down for at least a day. It is well worth it though because this is it for us and it is a perfect pristine built in 69 custom built hime with white marbe fireplace chimney fron foudation lampost base, it is quite nice. Take care!
oh yeah the fail out! It will do what it is supposed to do, aid in the bankrupting of America and you know what is coming. I have a link that this bail out will do nothing else but I have someone coming right now and I have to get going.

Tim said...

In Debt We Trust. Not much of a slogan. Now we're into Flood Up Economics. Mind you we Brits started the ball rolling in the 80's.

Middle Ditch said...

This is sounding very ominous. Bad omen.

Tom began by saying that he had limited time to blog and then suddenly, whoosh, he was gone.

Not happy


an average patriot said...

Welcome! Yes, but this bailout will do nothing and this collapse like everything else is just Beginning!
This manufactured perfect storm was created on purpose and it is coming to a head soon no coincidence! Sorry I am being rushed I have to run for now!

an average patriot said...

Hi Monique
If you are talking about TomCat yes it is not good but if and when he gets back on he will start a new Blog and most likely have to use another name. We can talk on this if you want but in E. Right now I am stressed out having to get out of here by 11/7 and then into our new house.
So much, and there is much else going on!Anyway you have been following me of late and this collapse is just beginning and it is very ominous and there are no surprises here. Take care and stay in touch!

D.K. Raed said...

It feels like the whole country is prepping along with you for our collective colonoscopy! Any day now, ANY day now ...

please don't stress over the packing & moving. If you're short of time before moving, just box everything up room-by-room & move it as is. Label every box by room, so you can visualize what's inside (because you knew what was in that room in your old house). Then when you get to unpacking in the new place, you can sort out what should've been donated before the move. It really helps, when you're in a hurry, if you don't have to stop & agonize over every little thing beforehand & goes a lot smoother. If you've got the time to sort out obvious "junk", set it aside as you pack & then you won't have to move it at all. Call the AmVets to come pick up all that stuff. They did a great job in our last move. Took everything we put out at the curb for them.

The new place sounds wonderful. So glad it is all working out!

an average patriot said...

You are a riot! A collective Colononoscopy yeah at the very least everyone bend over!
Well, we are very stressed! This happened too quick! Someone came by yesterday and offered us $160,000 cash! Anyway our House will be inspected tomorrow but I can't go anywhere and that is good to me because I can point a lot of things out and I want to see if they want a few air conditioners etc.
I told them I was going to replace the railings in the front and I found out today they are no longer available so we will see what is up with that!
We do have plans to box up everything andf I have a pod coming tomorrow but it is worse than pulling teeth. We have enough shit to fill a sewer and we are fighting continuously. She wants to fill that gorgeous house with all this clutter.
She is finally getting rid of some shoes clothes slacks coats etc but she still has hundreds of everything and after thirty years they still have tags on them. Attic to ceiling every closet every draw every cabinet chock full. Unbelievable but we'll get through it. Thanks Red!

Brother Tim said...

Colonoscopy huh? What a pain in the arse!

an average patriot said...

Don't give me no shit Ha! That is funny there are all kinds of funny things to say about that. Very hectic day today between prep home inspections and everything else. I have to get going in a minute but I will at least stop by every once in a while. Take care!