Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The worst is yet to come:McCain says American way of life in dire crisis, Duh! Bush threatens us with another 100 days to do damage, Wer'e in trouble!

Senator John McCain grimly told more than 10,000 supporters on Monday morning that the American way of life is in dire crisis but then vowed that as president he would fight for a better day. In a stump speech notable for large paragraphs of pessimism, Mr. McCain said: “These are hard times, my friend. Our economy is in crisis. Financial markets are collapsing. Credit is drying up. Your savings are in danger and your retirement is at risk. Jobs are disappearing. The cost of health care, your children’s college, gasoline and groceries are rising all the time, with no end in sight, while your most important asset — your home — is losing value every day.’’

Mr. McCain then said that he, not Senator Barack Obama, had the experience to turn the crisis around. “The next president won’t have time to get used to the office,’’ Mr. McCain said, with his running mate, Sarah Palin, at his side. “He won’t have the luxury of studying up on the issues before he acts. He will have to act immediately. And to do that, he will need experience, courage, judgment and a bold plan of action to take this country in a new direction.’’ Then he added, in a knock at President Bush, “We cannot spend the next four years as we have spent much of the last eight: waiting for our luck to change.’’ Mr. McCain also nodded to polls that show him continuing to lose ground to Mr. Obama and a bleak political environment for Republicans in November. McCain states the obvious but he helped!

Knowing President Bush is down to his final 100 days in office as of Sunday. Don't expect a quiet fade into the Texas night. The bleakest economic downturn in decades has changed the dynamic drastically, keeping Bush and his financial team in activist mode to the end. While the powerful heads of the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve keep making radical moves, no one elected them. Bush is the one charged with reassuring the nation that an abysmal economic period will give way to better days, even if he is long gone from Washington by the time that happens.

The president will keep speaking about the economy, calling world leaders about it, meeting with business owners, perhaps attending an overseas summit. His final act will be overseeing the $700 billion buyout of devalued assets from banks, in hopes that credit will start flowing to an anxious, weary country. "It looks like I'm going to have a lot of work to do between today and when the new president takes office," Bush said this past week. The scope of the credit crisis is so vast that it will likely overshadow anything else Bush does before he leaves office January 20. I seriously doubt it!

"We will stand together in addressing this threat to our prosperity. We will do what it takes to resolve this crisis. And the world's economy will emerge stronger as a result," the president said Saturday in the Rose Garden after meeting with finance ministers from the world's economic powers. People are panicked about their retirement accounts, and the markets are reeling. Behind the daily drumbeat of bleak economic news, Bush leaves behind a national debt that has soared from less than $6 trillion when he took office to more than $10 trillion now. That staggering bill will fall on future generations to pay. Beyond the financial mess, there is a daunting list of unfinished items for a president who has a history of making bold promises. But hope and time are diminishing. Bush has accomplished nothing positive!

I am stupefied and don't know what the hell to start with! As you know, we are living an absolute total lie from beginning to end for almost 8 years now! 100% of everything has been to widen the gap between the haves and have nots and the average American must know by now they are an inconvenience and except for their tax contributions they are just an inconvenience to be dealt with. I am reminded that when the ass hole stole his second election he stated he had Political Capital and he was going to spend it! Well he had none to start with! Remember when he announced he was going to start cutting so called unfunded liabilities? That is Trillions in Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Programs for the Elderly, the needy! I have posted this a few times but check this out because Unfunded Liability Ruse, We are screwed Remember the FEMA concentration camps? There are over 800 and They are ready for prisoners, us! Remember a Cheney Group wants a Lifetime Bush Dictatorship?

Remember the ultimate worst! Total lifetime Dictatorship Executive order #51!

We are so screwed but son of a bitch I am going to fight if I have to take on my own sons! Remember if the election can not be stolen for McCain who also wants to be a Dictator and continue this new order Fascist America mess you know what to expect and that is a fact. Bush is an idiot but this has all been done on purpose and I have said over and over he has yet to do his worst! You have been under Bush for almost 8 years and know the damage he can do. He can do a hell of a lot of damage in 100 days! It is more important than ever that we relax, be prepared, and stay together. We have imagined nothing and have been right from the beginning. This is no coincidence that all aspects of this manufactured perfect storm is coming to a head at this time!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


enigma4ever said...

in that last paragraph I think you meant 100 days...but I understood...it is a serious time...but we will get through these times....good luck with your move...have hope...and keep the faith....we are all alot more prepared than we were in 2000 and 2004....this is a whole different situation.....

an average patriot said...

Hey Enigma!
Glad to see you! Funny! I guess that was a Freudian slip because the damage will last that long if we are lucky!
I think about you often but so much is happening so quickly as Bush runs short as I said it would that I figured I have learned my lesson and better keep reality on my site or on other like minded sites.
Yes I agree 100% we have to keep hope and we will always keep fighting. Take care of 6.6! The move: The cellar and attic are cleaned out and most of what we want is in there.
We should finish that today! We passed papers last night so pretty soon we will be allowed to get the pod over there and unload stuff in the cellar and garage. There is still a lot of packing and things to do before we close and the movers come. I have been a bit busy but have been trying to at least keep up with things. When we do close I will be down for a day or two but eventually I will be back to normal. Take care!

Snave said...

"It looks like I'm going to have a lot of work to do between today and when the new president takes office," Bush said this past week. "We need to try and mess this up as badly as we can. After all, we don't want any future president who doesn't agree with absolutely everything we believe to have an easy time of it. Obama bucks us totally, McCain has bucked us before, so... We need to make it nearly impossible for either guy to right the ship."

When asked why he was purposefully trying to screw things up, Bush said "Hey, we aren't trying to screw things up. Things are going exactly as we have planned. You guys in the media and those of you on the left, plus about 90% of right wing voters, have no idea that we are trying to pretty much get rid of lots of the things you hold dear. Take the Constitution, for one."

an average patriot said...

Geezuz Christ snave!
Where the hell did you get that? It is true but did he really admit to it? Right from the beginning he has set out to destroy our America and emplace his new version. It is almost done and there is no way in hell I see them stopping. Just keep watching this is going to be bad. We have been wrong about nothing!
Ihe Russian Doctrine of Destruction Bush is following is explained on my website and I wrote it during his first term. Me

jude cowell said...

Well you guys don't mince words and i like - i can't swear nearly as well as you preferring dainty asterisks lol...keep it up. Yes, we are more prepared than in 2000 or 2004 - my fret is that so are they. jude

an average patriot said...

Hey Jude!
Pretty cool huh? It really is disconcerting! You know something is coming but what? The right is not going to stop now they have gone too far!