Saturday, October 18, 2008

Today it is all about Palin! watch a recap of the late night shows they are right on! Europe has her pegged what the Hell is wrong with Americans?

Oliver Stone's Palin trailer! This is animated and spot on!

Watch a recap of the late night shows! It is all about Palin and McCain lying and screwing up!

McCain tells Letterman he screwed up

Europe has Palin pegged! There's no doubt about it. The European media has given Sarah Palin a hard time. Things started quite well, with the curiosity factor. To many Europeans there is something exotic about snowy Alaska. Viewers and readers were intrigued by the shots of the outdoorswoman with her eyes squinting fixed along a gun barrel, the thought of a vice president who had once been a beauty queen. Columnists were approving that here, for once, was a politician in the higher reaches who probably actually knew the price of a loaf and a pint of milk. Women writers in particular responded warmly to her joke about the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom --"Lipstick."

But soon the carping began, and it was not confined to what U.S. rightists like to dismiss as the "liberal media elite." We were, the Irish Times warned, "just a heartbeat away from the biggest half-baked Alaskan nightmare." Britain's Financial Times said his selection of vice president raised serious questions about John McCain's judgment and added: "The Palin appointment is yet more proof of the way that abortion still dominates American politics." Prominence was given to an onslaught on Palin's environmental and animal rights record by veteran ex-film star Brigitte Bardot. Spain's left wing El Pais described Palin as "a figure who comes from the America that is farthest removed from and incomprehensible to the European spectator."Since then the scorn has been constant, the jokes unrelenting, the YouTube exposure devastating. But let us dispel one bit of nonsense from the start. It is nothing to do with Sarah Palin being of the feminine gender.

When Sarah Palin first became McCain's running mate there were even headlines in some British media suggesting that America had found its own Margaret Thatcher. That certainly was overdoing it. So much so that after 20 years close up reporting on the original I can't resist the temptation to paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen's comment when Dan Quayle unwisely compared himself to John F. Kennedy. "I've interviewed Margaret Thatcher, Governor Palin and I can tell you that you are no Margaret Thatcher." For Europeans, who were alienated during George W. Bush's first four years by a president who showed little interest in their continent and patently cared nothing for the opinions of its leaders, the turning point probably came with the appearance on the Katie Couric show when Palin confessed to not having had a passport until 2006
Europeans are appalled at the thought that someone who wants to be vice president of the most powerful nation on earth had so little interest in the rest of a world which is so vitally affected by the decisions of the man, or woman, in the White House. And they are not much impressed by explanations that her parents did not have the money to send her on a fact-finding tour of the world as a student. Anybody with the money to own an SUV, hunt moose and drive a snowmobile has the money to travel. Europe has Palin pegged what is wrong with Americans?

Need a good reason (another one, I mean) not to vote for Sen. John McCain and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin? How about to save Tina Fey 's life? "If she wins, I’m done," Fey tells TV Guide. "I can’t do that for four years. And by ‘I’m done,’ I mean I’m leaving Earth." But that will not keep her from continuing to spoof the former beauty queen right up to election day. And with good reason. The New York Post notes that political impersonations can actually do in a politician. "Presidential impersonators do influence elections, and in this one, Tina Fey is well on her way to ruining Sarah Palin's political career," said Jerald Podair, a professor of American Studies at Lawrence University. We can only hope huh?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Middle Ditch said...

Oh yes, at first we thought that McCain had made a very shrewd choice of his running partner. We though that the end was nigh for Obama. How wrong we were. She is a laughing stock now and we are applauding Obama.

But .... the other night David and I were trying to work out who Obama's running partner is and we just didn't know, that's how highlighted Palin was for quite a long time.


Hubby back at work and the computer all mine again.

an average patriot said...

Palin is an insult to all intelligent people! I do not understand why you see it and many of the idiots here do not see the bad joke being forced on them once again.
Obama's running mate is a good man! He ran for the Presidency himself. He chairs the foreign relations committee or whatever it is and armed services and others. He has extensive credentials and is a damn good common man. It sickens me that McCain can stupidly say that Neanderthal is better qualified than Obama or Biden!

Middle Ditch said...

Did he really say that?? My god, this is now a slanging match. I hope that Obama didn't respond to that insult.

You know, when I came to England I found the whole politics here bizarre. Both main parties (labour and tories) were allowed to really call each other names (to put it mildly) and heavily criticize each other.

I grew up in Holland and it is absolutely forbidden there to ridicule the opposite party. You have to stick to your own policies and that's IT!


an average patriot said...

Oh yeah! He says it often as do his pundits! It sickens me that they are knowingly full of crap and could care less as long as they follow their Fascist agenda. They love the modern day Eve Braun!
I have to tell you, I find watching British Politics very interesting and spirited.
Anyway Obama is a cool cucumber. He is the worlds best chance at having a future I am sorry to say unless another world leader is found. Bush certainly screwed up a golden opportunity to unite the world for the better of the planet and our future! I better shut up!

Monroe Anderson said...

The right-wing has been dumbing it down since it started its Southern Strategy a generation ago. We've reached the culmination and the bottom. And, except for those wingnuts with single-digit IQs--or the most dedicated idealogues--it's apparent to everywhere where staying on stupid has gotten us.

an average patriot said...

Monroe Anderson
I am stupefied that Right wing ass holes blatantly lie without batting an eye and are never held accountable It really sickens me that McAsshole thinks so little about our America he would insult us en endanger America and the world just to get elected. Sick!

Monroe Anderson said...

Average patriot: Blatantly lying is nothing new for the right. Remember Bush 41's "Read My Lips," or that Bush 43 was going to bring us together?
What makes it curious now is that even in the cold light of new media and cable, they think they can get away with it.

an average patriot said...

It has gotten real bad under this Bush. I am afraid it is the standard today. Lying is the new truth! These bastards could care less as long as they get their way. No conscience whatsoever and McCain is a card carrying member!

Monroe Anderson said...

McCain was a Maverick before he wasn't one.

an average patriot said...

McCain is a champion liar! I am sickened with him saying he loves America and proves he could care less by insulting us and the world by picking a paling Neanderthal! If McCain died in office who would be the real President? Rove? Cheney? Todd who ran the Governor's office? What a friggen insult! Thanks by the way!

Ingrid said...

oh boy, don't get my mom (from the Netherlands) started. She's been stewing and fuming every time since the last 8yrs when she has to go through customs and this whole rightwing nutjob spectacle has her shaking her head.. she doesn't think much of Americans. Of course, she doesn't 'see' or 'know' the good ones I get to meet online (wink wink) but it's all about impressions right? AND experiences..
She said that Palin is a woman with just a big mouth and knowing nothing..there's no absolute no respect for her OR McCain. Obama is the first politician she said who actually knows how to 'behave civilly'..
So here's hoping.. the fat lady hasn't sung..sigh..

Distributorcap said...

europe has AMERICA pegged - they still cant believe we elected the douchebag from crawford twice - they still dont understand why we dont junk the electoral college (which would have prevented all this) and they surely dont understand the complete lack of true discourse in this country

frankly neither do i - i can only attribute it to the stupidity and arrogance of america - we KNOW better and we ARE better. remember the oil under iraq is our oil.

the brits know an empire can collapse - well ours sure has. whoever said we are a banana republic with nukes ois right - only we have idiots like bush and mccain at the helm.

i dont for the life of me understand why mccain even has 45% of the vote - what i think it is is 28 years of demonizing democrats has made people just hate them (and yes there is plenty to hate, but the GOP is much worse) so they just vote against anything "liberal"

if mccain/palin wins - watch the fall hit its stride even faster

an average patriot said...

Of course I hope there is a way Obama will sneak through but there is no way in hell I see the Right allowing an Obama Presidency.
It sickens me that Europe and the world see through Paling but Americans just cannot see that, that worthless Eva Braun is only to continue this new Fascist America. This created mess is coming to a head soon!

an average patriot said...

Distributor cap
I agree with you! We did not elect Bush and I firmly expect this one stolen too one way or thee other! Our election system is increasingly designed to have elections stolen. The Electoral College is just one part of that as you know!
The Electoral College served a purpose when we did not have the communication system to get the word to the people. That is not the case today but rather they want to ignore the people.
We the people no longer matter. It is all about We the government for the affluent by the legal system1

Monroe Anderson said...

I understand the pessimism here but I believe it's misplaced. Obama has ground forces in places where Republicans have taken for granted in the past. He has the record $150 million raised from last month alone.

My bet is landslide. I think he'll have a veto proof Congress and a mandate.

an average patriot said...

No Pessimism just reality knowing the agenda we are against! I expected a landslide from the very beginning and still do. It is another stolen election and what the right will do to keep their increasingly openly fascist agenda going forward.
Even the Relentless liberal, his son, and family members in politics whose names you may know are realizing it but this has been allowed to go to far! There are no coincidences here including the Greenspan engineered collapse!

D.K. Raed said...

It's bad enough to see our collapse from the inside out, but to be in Europe's position of watching us do ourselves in must be excruciating ... especially since they know history.

an average patriot said...

Hey Red
Nice picture by the way! Yes it has to be excruciating watching this from the outside primarily because it was done on purpose and we are taking the world down with us. This really stinks because while ignoring history Bush has purposely set out to dwarf all crises in the past in setting up this so called new societal and world order. You just relax and hunker down Red this is just beginning. Stay together!