Monday, October 27, 2008

Help Stop McCain’s Supreme Court Option to Steal the Election" Remember Executive order 51!

You must know this from Griffin Dexter Gordon: Within the next week or so there is a Republican strategy ready to be launched that can throw the United States into disaster while putting John McCain in the White House. What I speak of is a case that is currently in Federal Court in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. If Obama doesn’t act now, The Supreme Court may be given the chance to prevent Obama from even having his name on the ballot! They can indeed end Barack’s bid for the Presidency before the election. Don’t think it can’t happen. It can and the Republicans will do it. Politics is a dirty business and even with Barack Obama ahead in the polls by 5 or 10 points, he can still lose without the vote taking place. The word in Washington is that no matter what the polls are, they will be launching the legal option within days. All that they are waiting on is the summary judgment by the Honorable R. Barclay Surrick for this case.

The case was brought against Obama by PHILIP J. BERG, ESQUIRE, A lifelong Democrat and former candidate for Governor as well as Senate for the Democratic Party in Pennsylvania. He is also a major supporter of Hillary Clinton in PA by the way. Something to think about as you finish this article. Hillary Clinton may never be President, which is her life-long dream and ambition, if Barack is elected to the Presidency. He will surely win a second term, leaving Hillary as an almost 70 year old woman after Barack’s second term. She was born 26 October 1947 making her 70 when the next available election arrives for a Democrat other than Barack Obama. Specifics as to why this can defeat Obama: The way Federal Court and the next level the Supreme Court works is that if one side in any court case doesn’t meet the demands of the judge in discovery, the judge can announce a summary judgment with the evidence from the plaintiff as his only source of info. Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee or DNC were served with the following legal document. Click here for document.

Summation of Court Case - Plaintiff claims to have a copy of Barack Obama’s real birth certificate from the Coast Province Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. He also claims that neither of the hospitals in Hawaii have any record of his mother ever being a patient in them or giving birth in them. Barack Obama, according to Berg and forensic document experts, currently has a fake birth certificate on his website called Fight The Smears. Factcheck which authenticated the document but is being minimized as Obama worked for the Annenberg Project in Chicago that owns FactCheck. You can see how the conspiratorial Republicans took to this information. As a result of this case thus far as of October 22nd 2008, Obama and his General Council Robert F. Bauer chose to not submit the ‘archive’ copy of his birth certificate to the Judge. The archive copy is suspected of showing his supposedly real place of birth in Kenya, and the argument is that Obama is unwilling to present this document to the public because it proves he was born in Kenya. Hawaii at the time and currently allows foreign born residents to get a registry birth certificate that indicates foreign birth. It gets worse

I do not know what underhanded method the right is going to use but they are going to do something! They are not going to allow President Obama to happen! Their new order Fascist America has come too far and they are not goin g to stop now. We are in for a world of shit! Don't forget the 800 FEMA concentration camps ready for use and Executive order #51! What a horror in the wrong I mean Right's hands!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Mauigirl said...

Even if this doesn't throw a legal monkey wrench into things, I'm sure McCain is counting on it casting doubt on Obama.

I feel it is once again a case of the person in the glass house throwing stones. If he attacks Obama on this, Obama should throw a court case right back at him over the Panama issue. The founding fathers said the president had to have been born IN the United States, not just an "official" natural born citizen. And by that standard, McCain wasn't. I don't think this has ever been challenged in court; the Congress just decided to overlook the issue for McCain.

I just heard about this very recently and wonder why Obama wouldn't be supplying his birth certificate? I assume he has it and he's trying to call their bluff. He'll pull it out if he needs it and that will just shame the other side even more. This is a man who knows what he is doing.

an average patriot said...

Maui girl!
I agree with you! Both candidates legallity can be called into question and they should have been right from day one. I know we talked about it many times.
You can bet the right will try any underhanded tactic they can to syay in power and they are as you know. It is getting bad and it will get much worrse!
I would expect Obama holding onto his birth certificate is because they know he is fine otherwise he would not be running. Anyway you look at it you know the right is going to do every underhanded trick to keep their new order Fascist America going!

Ingrid said...

Can I swear?? Actually, nix that, I do like to keep my reputation never know if I might run for office after I become (hopefully!!) a citizen..sheesh..(close but no cigar [g])

I'm just on edge and I fade in and out of paying's too nerve wrecking..


an average patriot said...

Please feel free to swear if it makes you feel better! It would be nerve wracking but you see what is happening and it is beyond your control so we cannot worry about it!
I wish you luck with you citizen ship just make sure you keep dual!

Karen said...

Jim~ A US Judge just rejected the Obama-born-in-Kenya claim.

Mauigirl said...

I know, they're going to pull out all the stops - I think many of us are just waiting for that "October surprise" to happen...but maybe, just maybe...this might be our year? I'm not going to be sure until after Nov. 4th!

an average patriot said...

All right thanks Karen! Speaking of Politicians I was also happy to see the arrogant Stevens was found guilty!
I also just heard Breaking news that a plot to assassinate Obama was just uncovered!

an average patriot said...

Maui girl!
They are working on it! I prepared a story on that for tomorrow so I could prepare to move. We attacked in Pakistan and Syria yesterday. Just watch! The world has to show extraordinary restraint until hopefully Bush is gone or this gets bad!

an average patriot said...

I thought I had you linked but I was just at your blogs and I do not think so. Which one is your flagship?

Snave said...

AAP, thanks for the post. More skullduggery and chicanery from those who would do whatever it takes to keep America from having another Democratic president... particularly one of color.

After reading the article at Karen's link, I think this birth certificate matter will be fine as long as the Supremes don't hear the case. I say this because it was the Supremes who decided the 2000 election and got us headed down the road to ruin much faster than we were already going. If they were willing to step in and hand the GOP a victory once, why wouldn't they be willing to do it again? Especially considering that the makeup of the Court is so much farther to the right than it was in 2000...

I agree with Mauigirl. As long as we get to have th election next week, I think Obama is going to win it. I remember I got all worried about Y2K and nothing really happened then. I am hoping my worries are equally unfounded this time, but I'm not so sure. I will believe Obama has won the election when I wake up on Wednesday November 5 and hear it repeatedly on the news.

And then if they are going to allow him to be inaugurated in January, I will believe that when I see it too.

I think if Obama wins the election he ought to be keeping a very low profile until January. Maybe at the level of "whereabouts unknown"...

an average patriot said...

Hi Snave!
If the election's are fair Obama will win but there is no way in hell they will be! I will post on it tomorrow but we attacked in Pakistan again yesterday also for the first time in Syria. This is no coincidence. Something is going to happen Bushco will and is doing their damnedest to ensure it!

Jolly Roger said...

Berg, from what I am hearing, is a known goofball. Unfortunately, we have plenty of those here in Ohio, and one of THEM has filed an identical lawsuit.

As far as Chimpy goes, I'd still bet good money he's off to Paraguay. Preparations there continue apace.

an average patriot said...

You know he is set up in Paraguay but i do not see any escape for Bush after what he has done to the world. They will find him wherever he goes! Unlike Osama there will be no shortage of people wanting him hung!

Karen said...

Jim~ Hubby and I think the bushies are up to no good with the Syria thing, just in time for the election... no coincidence there!

The assassination plot and possible future ones is damn scary.

One Fly said...

If one plan doesn't work they have another. Shit is coming down the tube for sure.

Mariamariacuchita said...

Let's wait and see....I wouldn't underestimate the McCrap team plan...!
But I am cautiously trying to remain optimistic.

an average patriot said...

You bet! They just went into Pakistan again, attacked inside Syria for the first time, they so far failed with goading Russia this time with Georgia, along with what is happening here they will find something once again. The timing is no coincidence!

an average patriot said...

You bet one fly!
Georgia, Russia, Pakistan, Syria, on and on, what is happening here, they won't stop. They have gone too far! They will stoop as low as they have to and then deny it all as they appear forced to take what they want!

an average patriot said...

You remain optimistic! We may get lucky but remember you make your own luck!The right will stop at nothing now they have come too far! People used to laugh but they are not laughing any more. This is exactly what the Nazi's (Brown shirts) did in the 1930s!

landsker said...

Hi guys,
The military/political machines move together, ever to confuse the electorate, , but I`d say the money just went south, there isn`t any left in the US or the UK. "Follow the money!" all went towards a bunch of war... and we lost.
The "market-based" pension funds of millions of westerners are becoming worthless, who knows what course their anger may take.

an average patriot said...

There isn't any money anywhere! South America, Russia, China, much of the world wanted to see our financial collapse but Bush has done his damnedest to tie the entire woarld together as one with his free trade and trade agreements so that with the collapse Greenspan engineered for Bush started happening it would bring the entire world to its knees as it is!

Believe it or not the US will be okay as I said China is not going to let its source of growth go under putting an end to its own success!They will side with the US at least for now out of necessity!

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Are you a Partisan?

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an average patriot said...

bail out movie 2008
Welcome! I was just checking out your site very good! You bet they should be held accountable but along with everyone else in this mess Bush has purposely created they are not and will not!