Friday, October 03, 2008

Couric Stumps Palin With Supreme Court Question, Palin and Biden answer VP questions from Couric, the "View's" Palin Smack down, thoughts on debate?

Couric Stumps Palin With Supreme Court Question

Palin and Biden answer VP questions from Couric

Bill Maher Sarah Palin mommy and me Pregnancy test, this is hilarious!

Did you see the "view" smack down of Palin the other day? I mean, she is a total air head! Send her back to Alaska bring on Romney!

Fatwa that's funny they think this was insulting to them how do they think we feel? Islamic religious leaders in Pakistan have issued a fatwa against President Asif Ali Zardari for allegedly flirting with Sarah Palin when the two met at the United Nations last week during her meet-and-greet with foreign leaders, India's Daily News reported. Radical Muslim prayer leader Lal Masjid condemned Zardari's "indecent gestures" toward Palin as a disgrace to all of Pakistan.Zardari's "filthy remarks and repeated praise of a non-Muslim lady wearing a short skirt" was unbecoming of a head of state of a Muslim country, Masjid said during a sermon, according to the Daily News.

Zardari has also drawn criticism from the Pakistani press and the nation's feminists, who blasted the president for calling Palin "gorgeous."He went on to tell Palin, "Now I know why the whole of America is crazy about you," and said he might hug her if his handler insisted. Masjid's fatwa, or religious edict, against Zardari does not call for any action or violence. Masjid said the Pakistani president's actions were particularly shameful in a time when "we are fighting the American war in our country and thousands of our people have been killed just to please Uncle Sam," the Daily News reported. FATWA issued on Pakistan President for fawning over Palin

She is a damn insult! How the hell can anyone compare her to or say she is more qualified than Biden? History tells us that you do not vote for a President because of their vice Presidential nominee but this better be a first. Palin on the Republican ticket better be a vote for Barack Obama. There is no way in hell Palin is qualified to be at the helm of the mess Bush has created here and around the world. Sadly if you follow me I still firmly believe this election too will be stolen as the Fascist right will not allow their new order agenda to come to a halt now. They have too much power and have gone to far!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


an average patriot said...

I have someone outside already staining the deck and power washing the house. I have to get ready to go down to the VA but want to stop by the house I hope we are getting and I should know by today if our offer was accepted. I will be back in a few hours though. Take care!

Robert Rouse said...

Hi, Jim.

I believe Biden hammered home the notion that he and Barack Obama will come down on the Soccer Moms and Joe Six-Pack Dads of the middle class. Biden's answer about the power of the Veep should be the big news that came out of the debate. Of course I went into a lot more detail over at my place.

an average patriot said...

Hey Robert
What do you mean they will come down on Joe six pack and soccer mom's? You mean that in a good way right like come down on the side of?
We just got back from the VA and It is going to be crazy here until we pass papers. They want us out by the 7th. Hopefully I will be by but I have a lot going on right now. Bear with me bud, take care!

Mariamariacuchita said...

hi, there. Yes, we will all be weeping if McCain wins and this is just one of McCain's follies. However, the polls show Obama pulling ahead.

an average patriot said...

Hi Maria
I have been very busy working on this house and we already sold it so have to be out and into the one we want I hope by 11/7 so I haven't been around like I like too but bear with me!
The polls are showing Obama widening the lead but I still firmly believe they will steal this one too. The fearmonger pulled since 9/11 and again to get this bailout will never stop. The right has gotten too much power and gone too far. I aproach this fall with great apprehension

Weaseldog said...

The bailout bill passed.

we are gonna one whopper of a record deficit for Bush's last year.

Robert Rouse said...

Yes, I meant they came down on the side of. Oops.

Tell you what Jim, I'm beginning to think Obama may have too much of a lead for them to steal this like the last two. If Obama wins in November, their only hope would be martial law.

an average patriot said...

I really hope to hell you are right but you know I see another MLK coming if they can't arrange a so called accident. They concern the hell out of me, they are not going to give this up they have gone to far!

an average patriot said...

I missed this last night! I am up worried about moving life times of stuff. We only have two weeks to get things together and one day to get out. Whirlwind!
Anyway I told you he has to bankrupt our America and it is coming together with all the other crises perfectly for Bush or McCain to implement Executive order # 51. It is coming!