Monday, December 17, 2007

Update on preparations to meet the Relentless Liberal and yesterdays feedback illustrating the quickly growing criticality of doing something now!

Last Friday I introduced you to a Gentleman I was in contact with and just finding out who he was I was amazed and thought this is the man who can help us stop the horror Bush has planned for Average Americans and our America. Friday was your introduction to 90 year old Political and peace activist legend Jerome Grossman. Please learn more about the Relentless Liberal

Yesterday I highlighted some of the stories highlighting some of the most critical problems to America because of Bush's destruction of America as we love it and the tremendous power grab by Bush in his Fascist America as he endeavors to create a one world Government. It is undeniable unless you are complicit as the MSM and Politicians of both party's are. I am preparing to meet Mr. Grossman and his son Danny at a lecture he is holding in Wellesley, Mass. January 8th. Highlights of Bush's Fascism, power grab and one world Government

I thought that list while incomplete was adequate enough to highlight the enormity of our situation. That is until I read some of the comments I received. I thought The information received should be shared as of course it is true but it too will be denied in order to follow this destruction of America and creation of a one world Government. This gets worse every day as Bush speeds the process up because his"legal" time is running out.

Just because the collapse is planned doesn't mean that it can't be resisted. In resistance, perhaps we can hone-off the roughest edges of the unfolding transformation. The argument made, that "resistance is futile," ignores the human potential in a battle situation, where everyone is fighting for their freedom and their lives. We have no duty to mankind to lie down before those who would trample over us. I'd prefer that this Nation not continue to submit to the corporate "gang rape" that we have been getting for so many decades. To surrender to the evil men who were instrumental to the ongoing collapse of the global systems misses the point, that it is time for a real political fight in this country. Everything depends upon our ability to shake loose the perverting forces of ultimate capital from government, where they manipulate everything American, causing the failure of democracy. "We have to fight a war of ideas to take back that which has been stolen from us. We the People must be the ones to set the foreign policy of this country." We can stop it with Resistance

The government has planned for the coming period of collapse and social upheaval in this country, but it has done nothing to prevent them from happening. If economic pain and dislocation are allowed to cause insurrection in this country, they will justify police state actions to maintain order. Why would government try to avoid the one catastrophic event that will make dictatorship possible? The catastrophic is essential to the long-term plan, just as the neocon Project for a New American Century war plans needed the catastrophic "event" of 9/11 to set the "war on terrorism" plot against freedom into motion.

The American patriotic forces of freedom must likewise prepare for the coming disastrous event that will justify all radical changes. The attack upon Iran will be the event of justification. When the attack comes, those of us who dare to speak out will be silenced in the repercussions at the beginning of the counter-revolution. If we want to ensure that the government returns to the hands of the American people after the dust settles, then we will set in motion now, the political forces that will motivate the leaderless masses in the direction of freedom. All our efforts to prevent the world war from erupting must clearly identify the elite perpetrators of the plot to undermine national security for internationalist goals. Using their own words, we must expose their intentions for America and the world. We must guarantee that the coming democratic revolution which they plan to capitalize on is a patriotic revolution to save democracy.

The intentional de-industrialization of America has amounted to a war of economic terrorism, waged upon the people of this country. The globalist plot to "offshore" all of America's good jobs and to exploit Third World slave labor conditions, has purposely destroyed the industrial base of this country. Globalism is a plot against American workers (and all workers), just as neo-conservatism is a plot against all Americans.

Instead of stimulating our industry to use our economy as a powerhouse, to drive the world economy and to provide the basic necessities needed in developing countries, the "masters of the universe" instead decided to destroy the American economy, in order to "level the playing field" with the rest of the world. Instead of strengthening America by making our foreign policy an engine of humane change, vulture capitalists have intensified the corporate American rape of the world and harnessed us to a violent Zionist policy, intent on remaking the Middle East, as a first step into the New World Order. It is high time that we began to "wage peace" on the world, instead of war.

In order to implement their violent plans and to shape the "second American revolution," the corporate media has consistently bombarded the people with psychological warfare, to convince us of the hopelessness of our situation. Our minds are poisoned with false beliefs in the inevitability of our fates, that we are, in fact, witnessing the "end of the world." Even though most available evidence suggests that the entire world is collapsing (not just America and Western civilization), there is also ample proof that this is an engineered event, made to seem like Armageddon.

We have been duped into accepting their terms, even using their terminology, by focusing on "global" issues, instead of American issues. America may be the source of most of the world's troubles today, but it is also the world's only hope. If not for American leadership, there would be no world leaders. What the world needs now is the end of American "misleadership" and a return to the real thing. Meeting the needs of our crowded planet and repairing the centuries of industrialization run amok will calm most of the earth's turmoil, while helping us to prepare for the next phase in human development. Once we begin to turn the planet around, we can focus on expanding mankind's horizons and ending the era of hydrocarbon fuels.

Americans must save themselves from the worst and the most powerful men among them. We must revitalize our moral center, the part that made us a light unto the nations. If America can remember its basic concern for all human life that led to the creation of the world's largest human aid programs and its environmental concerns that made us signatories to countless international treaties, it can foster international recognition of universal human rights and a reverential respect for all life. This would honor one of the stipulations from the Images of Man study, to foster a national spirit that embraces the growing "religion of life" that is emerging within man.
A morally transformed national spirit will be necessary for the political fight to reclaim America. We must restore the people's government by removing the corruption within it. It is time to really "clean" the people's house. We have no other choice but to establish a "politics of righteousness" in American politics. America must unite to save her

The U.S. Constitution was the first written agreement in history guaranteeing the citizens government protection of basic human rights as reflected in its Bill of Rights. It was the realization of the fundamental human rights espoused by philosophers such as Voltaire, Rousseau, and Locke, but which had never before been granted by any previous government to its citizens. By virtue of the sacrifices of life and fortune by our ancestors, citizens of the U.S. had inherited those rights as stipulated in our Constitution. Now, the rightful admiration and acclaim of the world for this monumental accomplishment has been destroyed by our current government. By invalidating the last protection of the people from government abuse, that offered by Article V of the Constitution, the people no longer have any remaining protection from possible abuse. The sole other protection of the people’s rights provided in the Constitution was via the ballot box, which has been “neutered” by the influence of money in the election process, and is one of the very abuses necessitating an Article V Convention.

By refusing to grant the legitimate requests of the states for an Article V Convention (to propose amendments to the Constitution), all three branches of the U.S. government are now operating as a "rogue" government outside the law. Under Article V of the Constitution, the states may request the Congress to establish a Convention to propose amendments to the Constitution. The states have done this by submitting over 500 requests to the federal government. Congress has refused to convene a convention, the President has failed to initiate action against Congress for this violation, and the Supreme Court has refused to force them to do so. I will, in the process of explaining the Constitutional duties of each body, make clear the basis of the laws that have been broken, and the remedies open to the public if the government continues in its violation of these laws. The "sovereignty" of the people ...
Please read more about the article V convention

I would have liked to discuss that myself but please read yesterdays comment or check out the link, it is telling! Anyway I was sent couple of videos highlighting the North American Union that was the most in depth I have seen yet and I was convinced of the NAU's clandestine movement but the makes it undeniable. We better activate and get going.

First in response to the above new information these were my replies: It's stunning but everything you said is right on and as I keep saying, both party's are complicit in this and it is going to be up to we the people if there is a chance of stopping this plannedconflagration. The first book I wrote "How to survive the 21st Century" was right on. The core of it was regaining our morallity as you just pointed out.Now that I know who I have been contacted by and his stature in the Liberal Activism I finally think we have a chance.Jerome must be the oldest living member of this movement and must have ties to the very roots and can at least advize us how to progress or do it themselves.

I sent a copy of this to Danny and we will see ifi can get them to take this seriously or not. This is no joke! On the 8th I will listen to Jerome's Lecture as I do not have a clue what to expect but I will be there.He is going to Autograph his 1995 Bok The Life of the Relentless Liberal. And of course I will not ruin his Lecture but I will be talking to Danny and seeking an audience with Jerome.I am also going to send Danny what you just sent me, that should help. Take care!
Congress has refused to convene a convention, the President has failed to initiate action against Congress for this violation, and the Supreme Court has refused to force them to do so. I will, in the process of explaining the Constitutional duties of each body, make clear the basis of the laws that have been broken, and the remedies open to the public if the government continues in its violation of these laws. "There is no recourse, Bush can have them all arrested as enemies of the State"It isn't that the Constitution may be facing a crisis. It is beyond crisis. The Constitution like average Americans and our america do not matter.

Only Bush the Decider does. It is sickening to hear that idiot tell Congress what they can and can not do knowing it is all to our Demise. He will not even let them read the abusive new Laws he demands they sign. No, this is beyond crisis! You know I have said numerous times that WW3 has been Bush's goal for years. Certainly since he stole his second term and started the crap that he had Political capital and was going to spend it.He had no Capital to spend! Everything Bush does including the missile Shield in Poland and Chezh. is designed to instigate WW3. Bush has to attack Iran and he will do it before his term is over then this explosion will really get started. As you know, Bush is following the Russian Doctrine of Destruction and must create disorder and war to emplace his version of new order which happens to be a one world Government to go with the one world economy based elsewhere and fueled by migrant workers, he is creating and with us at the helm. oh man!
Now we have discussed the NAU numerous times but this new information By Lou Dobbs and other noteables is beyond denial.

This just gets worse by the day. We have got to get to someone outside of the Government to show us how to get this all started and help us out. We do not have much time to save our America and get rid of Bush's Fascist America.
James Joiner
Gardner Ma


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This was really a great post, Jim. Thanks. I, like you, have seen this coming for years. I will continue banging the drum, trying to wake up all the apathetic amongst us.

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