Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wasted time on steroids, Gonzo top Lawyer, Soldier Suicides, Health Care less system, HAARP now obvious as American Nazism undeniable!

Somehow as we are increasingly controlled, ignored, Nazified, and led kicking and screaming down the road to WW3 the Senate finds that once again they can waste valuable time as the noose tightens around the necks of Americans. Unbelievably the Senate has failed to get anything concrete at all accomplished. Instead they consistently waste valuable time, energy, and money, on worthless ventures.

Today at 2:pm the report from the Senates investigation into steroid use is due out. of course we already know no one took them and I am not sure I even care. This is the overwhelming important story of the day as two said to be implicated are Clemens and Pettitte and of course as the senate wasted 20 months on this we hear once again nothing of the myriad of important issue to Americans and our America. Going through the news this morning is was even worse than usual but I will focus on half a dozen as they are important to all of us and our future.

We are awaiting four days of snow storms due to start any minute, here it is so let me get to it. This is important! First, I am peeved about this because that lying underhanded Gonzo facilitated Bush stealing our rights and our America and it is not funny him getting awarded for it regardless of past examples, Anyway Negative news coverage may have cost former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales his job, but it won him a dubious honor Wednesday from a magazine published by the American Bar Association: Lawyer of the Year.Additionally, the ABA Journal named Gonzales' successor, Attorney General Michael Mukasey, as its top lawyer for 2008 — mostly in anticipation of how often he'll be in the media spotlight for trying to repair the beleaguered Justice Department.

The monthly magazine gave the awards to lawyers who made the most news, said editor and publisher Edward A. Adams. "Think about Time magazine's Person of the Year," Adams said in an interview. "In years past they've named people like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin. So we're not suggesting by these awards that these are the best lawyers in any sense of the word. We are saying they are the most newsworthy — and perhaps also the best." Gonzo named Liar of the year
Meanwhile, The parents of an Army reservist who committed suicide after returning from Iraq will testify before the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee on Wednesday as lawmakers explore the Veterans Affairs Department’s challenges in helping veterans deal with mental health issues. Mike and Kim Bowman are on the first of six panels of witnesses who were scheduled to testify at the hearing, which will focus on suicide prevention and treatment within the VA health care system.

Two authors of books about post-traumatic stress disorder also will testify, as will veterans’ advocates from Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, Vietnam Veterans of America, the American Legion and Disabled Veterans of America. After the testimony from other panelists, including officials from the VA’s Veterans Health Administration and inspector general’s office, the authors and veterans service organizations’ representatives will return to share their reflections on that testimony.

According to the committee, the Veterans Health Administration estimates there are about 1,000 suicides per year among veterans receiving care through VHA, and as many as 5,000 suicides per year among all living veterans. The mental health of returning veterans has long been an issue before members of Congress, as well as for military families. The Joshua Omvig Veterans Suicide Prevention Act was enacted in November, and Congress has passed several pieces of legislation addressing various aspects related to the health of veterans, such as traumatic brain injury. Increased Vet Suicides
That is 2 or 3 per day by those under care and 13 per day altogether. Despite the supposed concern for veterans suicide, inadequate care, and general inadequate care for our veterans persists. We only see the usual facade of concern just so this mis-agenda can move ahead.
While this is going on our Nazi Government is investigating Al Sharpton without a doubt reward for speaking out against this Nazi Government during the Jena protests. The Rev. Al Sharpton on Thursday angrily denounced reports of an investigation into his 2004 presidential bid and suggested that federal authorities were retaliating against him for his civil rights advocacy. Newspapers reported Thursday that federal authorities subpoenaed financial records and employees in an apparent probe of his presidential bid, nonprofit civil rights group and for-profit businesses.

Sharpton said he thought the timing of the investigation was suspicious, coming just weeks after he led a march on the Justice Department to demand federal intervention in the Jena Six case in Louisiana and better enforcement of hate crimes. As many as 10 Sharpton associates were subpoenaed Wednesday to testify before a federal grand jury in Brooklyn on December 26, his lawyer told the Daily News. Sharpton harangued for wanting equality

Of course any heavy handed Nazism will be denied but you know for a fact these people are being rewarded for wanting equality and demonstrating against the heavy handed Nazi behavior displayed during the Jena issue.
* Now this hits another major nerve. I am peeved to say the least to hear that the idiot Bush id going to get his way again with his Blood money. I am sick of this Spineless senate giving this jerk more money to kill while Bush at the same time again vetoed the children's Healthcare program. I am having my own issues with this healthcare(less) system. We got a call this morning from the nursing home that we have to take our Mother who has Dementia or they are just going to put her out. So now we have to figure out how to care for her at home as she refuses to go where she can be taken care of. I am stupefied! Geezus!

Now I received some information on HAARP yesterday that brought full circle my thoughts on the upcoming space war, the Russian Chinese Assassins mace they have planned for us, and the lack of mention or concern over it. First if you haven't read it the assassins mace

Now I received this yesterday about HAARP and everything made sense. HAARP is often confused with Project HARP, the High Altitude Research Project (a joint project of The Pentagon and the Canadian Department of National Defense). The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is an investigation project to "understand, simulate and control ionospheric processes that might alter the performance of communication and surveillance systems." Started in 1993, the project is proposed to last for a period of twenty years.
The project is jointly funded by the United States Air Force the Navy and the University of Alaska. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Apart from its unusually high power capacity, it is said that the project is similar to numerous existing ionospheric heaters around the world, and has a large suite of diagnostic instruments that facilitate its use to increase scientific understanding of ionospheric dynamics. Although fears have been expressed that HAARP could be used as a nefarious global weapon, scientists involved in aeronomy, space science, or plasma physics say these fears are unfounded. Harp Space war project

* First I have to tell you that nothing going on today must be accepted at face value. Everything must be scrutinized and no fears are unfounded. Having said that now it makes a little more sense as to why Bush is willing to bite off more than we can chew by antagonizing Russia, China, and the rest of the world to war when it seems suicidal. You know I say often that he who rules the upcoming space war rules the future. You read the Assassins Mace now I believe that HAARP has to be to disarm all adversarial satellite destruction efforts. Whoever is without satellites to control their military is dead in the water. I hope this is the case and any knowledge to deactivate satellites is kept clandestine.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Larry said...

Big Brother is here Jim:

By Trevor Murphy

It is interesting to point out at this juncture, that 3500+ laws that have been passed, causing massive reduction of civil liberties, countless examples of infringements of human rights, the placement of over 4,000,000 cameras in England (accounting for over 20% of the worlds total of CCTV), police are now all equipped with head cameras and spy drones flying over our cities watching our every move and all over the country councils are introducing spy cameras in our bins to ensure 'the correct amount of recycling' (it's the stuff of pure science fiction movies depicting a world hundreds of years into a sinister future) the introduction of shameful ID card that we will all be forced to carry thereby enriching the cronies of Blair to the tune of approximately £90.00 for every man woman and child in the country (the same ID cards, no doubt, that obviously stopped the Madrid train bombers if that story can be believed).

It should be noted as well that personal details on the ID database WILL be sold to the private sector to offset the cost that has rocketed beyond previous estimated figures according to Gordon Brown

There is now constant invasion of privacy through the monitoring of our phone calls, emails, faxes and every other form of contact we use without warrant, now even local councils can monitor texts and phone calls, all permissible under the Regulation of investigatory powers act, the monitoring of our whereabouts through our oyster cards and mobile phones, Our councils have all been granted permission to share private and personal information under the freedom of information act, which of course the Mps have exempted themselves from under the guise of protection for their constituents though it is common knowledge that their expenses and fraudulent mortgage claims are the real excuses behind the measures. It is much more important to undercover real crime of public interest by passing laws that give the department of work and pensions the right to look into all bank accounts of unemployed or disabled people on benefits, so a major investigation is awaiting those of you who decide to sell your old CD collection on eBay or boot sale all your old belongings that you are actually selling at a loss despite government claims that you are somehow fiddling the system. Jack straws refusal to disclose his expenses and be the catalyst that enforced the exemption of MP's from any obligation to do so , regardless of which party the MP represents, which might explain the lack of opposition in parliament as was also the case in the vote for MP wage rises and other incentives to uphold the solidarity of silence in the 'good old boys club' of the upper echelons of decent and honest society.

It has been proposed that every traveller is to be fingerprinted and I have personally had my image scanned through a world wide database and have witnessed an incentive agenda at Heathrow airport in the now standard three hour queuing regardless of destination since the Blairite cattling systems inception. In a queue that had already remained at a complete standstill for over an hour on arrival from a European flight, a restless and increasingly irritable surge of weary travellers grumbled at the inhuman treatment, and one obviously seasoned traveller asked a staff member if the Iris machine was operational (Identification through scans of the eyes) and on receipt of a positive reply quickly burst from the mob and raced forth though was rapidly chased by a number of others all too willing to throw away the last remaining embers of freedom to escape the inhumanity that is now the airport norm in England. It is only a matter of time before our DNA will be used as a standard identification means by which to travel. Presently there are X-ray machines at all of our airports which subject each and every person to illegal radiation levels for which the BMA has attempted (unsuccessfully surprisingly) to reprimand the government. They stated that it is illegal to subject anyone to the levels of radiation emitted from these machines without the proper medical authority or medical reason. i.e. when you have a medical problem which requires MEDICAL attention.

It should also be pointed out that you do have the right to refuse this inhumanity and instead opt for a body search. However whether you are willing to take the chance on upsetting someone in the midst of a power trip who also has the right to insert their hand further into your body cavities than you would allow a surgeon without anaesthesia (or indeed a partner without having first paid for dinner and a reasonable bottle of wine) is your own choice.

DNA samples being collated on children as well as adults, almost 3.5 million total (including 600,000 under 16's) as at the end of 2005 and deliberately ignoring the fact that it is as unreliable as the evidence that put away the Birmingham 6 and Guildford 4 (It's phenomenal that you and I can shake hands and you decide to go and kill someone but my DNA is left at the scene) We have the biggest database of DNA on the planet (we seem to be holding a lot of these very ominous records of late). Even if proven innocent of a crime the DNA sample is being withheld. Mp's have been exempted from this measure. On the 27 th August the Telegraph ran a story about 550,000 database mistakes when it transpired false or misspelt names had been entered into the database of the current estimated total 4,000,000 names. This means that 14% of the information is incorrect. To look at it another way that is reprehensive of a figure higher than that of every sample taken since the end of 2005 when the total stood at 3.5 million, or it could be represented by the total of under 16's on file.

(There have already been cases of corrupt police officers 'placing' DNA samples at crime scenes and there have been television reports of innocent people being acquitted because evidence of police DNA planting has been discovered and it is not a new phenomenon. In 1999 A man convicted for 14 years on an armed robbery charge had his conviction overturned in the court of appeal. George Ellis 38 from East London was originally convicted on DNA (saliva) samples found on masks yet always maintained the evidence was planted. Lord chief Justice Rose said that the evidence had been placed and The judges ruled the conviction unsafe. for the full story.
Planting DNA evidence as stated previously is not a new phenomenon nor is it restricted to Britain and many of the Police forces here may have indeed taken notes from the worldwide examples although it is becoming increasingly difficult to find information on British examples because of censorship online.

There is an ample history of police 'placing' forensic evidence at crime scenes so there is no reason to assume that they will abuse this facility in the same fashion and all those who would lean toward advocacy of the death penalty should be reminded of this fact. You would do well to remember that one day it just might be might be you on the stand for the convenience of a quick conviction to clear up the detection rate of a police service pushed for numbers. A single strand of hair is enough to frame somebody for murder or even the most minute sample of spittle will do the same.

In the Irish community of Britain in the seventies and eighties it was common knowledge that when in custody for any reason, ones hands were to be kept in ones pockets at all times. This was in the event police would surprise the detainee and throw something at them whilst being interrogated. The concern here was firearms at cetera and the hope was the restriction of the hands would lessen the chances of leaving prints on an items never before seen by the detainee. This was not an urban legend and was the result of plentiful examples of police framing. Presently we have a 28 day detention period which has been abused copiously and we still do not learn despite some harsh lessons in the past. Even with the detention period of the time, The Guildford four and Birmingham six and a multitude of other cases were tortured and beaten until they signed confessions and it is widely known that there is absolutely no requirement to hold a person for the 90 day proposed period other than for torture and ensuring all evidence of it can have time to be concealed. Even a broken bone can mend in that time. The current 'softening' of this stance to the 58 day period should not be taken with the apathetic "At least it's not as bad as 90 days" view and should be greeted with the same suspicion.

The Police have always been known for resorting to this and also abusing each and every law that has been passed. Stop and search laws mean that every ethnic minority can be harassed without hindrance from civil rights groups. In 2005 there was a case of octogenarian Walter Wofgang who was detained under the prevention of terrorism act for heckling Jack Straw at the Labour party conference. 600 other protesters were arrested under the act and a total of 895 for the year 2005.

Under the prevention of terrorism act all protesters to any event are now experiencing this act being abused to quell any and all protests including the protests at the London arms convention which ironically began on 9/11 the year. The Heathrow airport climate protestors for which BAA secured a high court bid for an injunction to stop the activists on Monday august 6 2007 ,including a local parish priest. This led to plentiful arrests and detentions under the act and regardless of whether one agrees with the opinions or not of the protestors, It should be noted that is now solely current government taxation agenda that is the driving force behind the Climate change issue that is currently 'guilting' the public into submission to what is about to become the biggest financial scam perpetrated against the poor since the introduction of VAT and is increasingly turning the public against an otherwise commendable subject, because to debate it in any fashion has become tantamount to Holocaust denial.

We now have laws that allow bailiffs to break and enter into our homes to remove goods whether or not we are there, of course the fact that the government itself accounts for over 80% of all debt owed might just have some bearing on that. We now have a complete public smoking ban which was NOT on the mandate in their last election manifesto contrary to popular belief. Being myself a non smoker, (or ex-smoker of almost a decade) I am more than delighted to wake up in the morning having visited the local on the previous night without the stench on my clothes reminiscent of a bath in an ash tray, however I do not feel that smokers are second class creatures that deserve to be relegated to the unenclosed quick fix Wendy house eyesore that adorns the local pub car parks in the middle of winter. (that's exactly why you were given the ban in July and not Christmastime folks) Interesting to note as well that noise complaints have risen in percentages as fast as the Zimbabwe inflation rate since all those smokers are now puffing in the gardens and doing such ridiculously unsocial things as …em..socialising. Now smoking may be seen as an unsocial act but in some circles so is drinking, and in others even singing and yes I have heard the 'BAN' brigade call for the cessation of those things too. In fact there are some cretinous hermits living obviously out of their depth amongst other human beings who will call for the banning of any and everything (who are just ripe for the picking for the story at the end of the 6 o' clock news which leads thus… 'some swift government action has been called for to tackle……[insert your choice of subject here…feeding of pigeons in Trafalgar square or something just as pressing]….'and we have Mr 60 year old living with mother to talk to us …' this kind of thing panders to the rabble, who shout at statements made in Tellytubbies they might disagree with. The 'should't be allowed' mob The list of human rights that we are being stripped of is endless and we are being conned by the media into believing it's a good thing mainly because of stories harping on about how "some 'have a go hero' is arrested while the mugger goes free because of human rights loopholes", or the endless "look what these immigrant scum are doing to us and we can't remove them because of European human rights issues" gutter press racist headlines to encourage the knee jerk reactionists to fill up the 'sun says' columns with finely chosen sound bites of 'dump the Magna Carta' rally calls to an ever more pliant and naive public who I have heard make such insane and ridiculous statements as …..

"We should be prepared to give up some liberties to protect our freedom".

Legal aid has more or less been abolished, you cannot claim it if you are unemployed and you happen to own your own home, you must pay from the equity in your home, so it is for all intents and purposes an open door for unscrupulous solicitors and barristers to hang in as long as they can while the property market is still flush. One couldn't imagine they would do such a thing of course. (If I could get my tongue any further into my cheek, I think I'd be quite capable of performing my own root canal.)

All this New World Order is in place under Teflon Tony's watch setting out the biggest big brother society in history and bolstered by the removal of our right to protest in the capital, a measure only heard of in such societies as Burma (currently of world condemnation for precisely those types of measures), China and the now notorious Tiananmen square, and who could forget such diplomatic nuggets as Romania's Nikolai Chauchesku in his attempts to quell the voices of the masses. All this taken into account, Wouldn't it be funny if we found out that George Orwell's real name was actually Blair. That really would be priceless wouldn't it.

Benjamin Franklin once said....

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."

Larry said...

We are in a Police State Jim:

In a nation where a police state atmosphere is permitted, the fascists will rise to the top. This may sound like a crazy, radical statement, but it is going on in America right now with the current Ashcroft led Justice Department. With the top leader of the nations law enforcement structure permitting and enacting more and more assaults on civil rights and invasions of privacy it is only natural that many closet fascists will come out into the open.

The United States is now a burgeoning police state, with broad new powers to intrude upon the privacy and rights of its citizens. There is often no oversight of this new power, and investigations into abuses are often hampered or outright halted by the very rules set up to intrude into citizen’s privacy. The new rules that are supposed to protect national security often block inquires into use of that power, and put a muzzle on those who have their rights trampled.

John Ashcroft, US Attorney General, our supreme commander in the "War on Terror", has ties in his past to white supremacist/ neo-nazi groups. As George W. Bush's attorney general, Ashcroft has used the Department of Justice to support Republican efforts at voter suppression; many of them aimed at black voters.

Ashcroft ran on a platform that included "No Desegregation of Public Schools" in the Missouri Governor’s race. Here is a record of his efforts to block desegregation and voluntary busing in St. Louis and Kansas City.

Ashcroft's Missouri Years Summarized

He has taken campaign contributions from the white separatist/neo-nazi group the CCC (Council of Concerned Citizens). They were at one time known as the White Citizens Council before changing their name to something less inflammatory and more benign.

The strange story of Ashcroft's connections with the CCC is told here and here.

If you really want to have your eyes opened to the true racist nature of the CCC check out their web site here This site will make you ill if you are not prepared for the level of hatred that it contains. You can order your choice of Ku Klux Klan flags, uniforms, stickers, nazi materials, and a patch that shows a hooded Klansman, a burning cross, and the phrase ''Department of the Interior: Bureau of Negro Control.''

In the governor’s election race, attorney general’s race, and his US Senate race, and the elections for many years before that they gave large amounts of money to help get Ashcroft reelected. While Ashcroft has never admitted to being a member of the CCC, leaders and organizers of the CCC have claimed him as an active member in the past. A news update in December 2001,on the St. Louis chapter's web site, heralded Ashcroft's nomination as US Attorney General with an item headlined "Our Ship Has Come In."

In 1998 after his involvement with the CCC became known, Ashcroft denied "firsthand knowledge" of the group. This is something that is completely false and it has been proven many times that Ashcroft was closely involved with working politics of the CCC.

Ashcroft gave three speeches before the group in the 1990s, saying that the council stands ''for the right principles and the right philosophy.'' In 1997, he was photographed in his Senate office, smiling and joking with the national leaders of the CCC. Yet he has denied all ties to them and denied knowledge of their racist sentiments and stands against black civil rights.

Ashcroft and the state of Missouri were sued to get the public schools desegregated after the federal order to desegregate all public schools was ignored by Ashcroft after repeated orders from the federal government to stop segregating all state schools. These facts have been conveniently ignored and overlooked by the mainstream media. Repeated attempts by groups like the ACLU, National Lawyers Guild, and many others to bring these issues to the public have been largely ignored and silenced by the media.

With our own US Attorney General having these ties to fascism and repression, how many more totalitarian/fascists are now in the federal and local ranks with his tacit approval? How many closet nazis are now stepping into power in the many law enforcement agencies empowered by the newly created Homeland Security Department?

There have been many recorded cases of federal agents, state, and local police abusing their new powers granted under the USA/PATRIOT Act. The stories are making the rounds of the First Amendment rights defenders and free speech defense groups. Many activists and so called radicals have been questioned by federal agents, and had their homes and businesses searched under the clause in the Patriot Act permitting sneak and peek searches without a warrant or any warning of a search being conducted.

On November 14, 2001 an announcement was made by the DOJ that any person designated as a terrorist by the President is to be placed under the control of the Secretary of Defense and not allowed the aid of U.S. or foreign courts.

Ashcroft was questioned about judicial oversight of the Justice Department in June 2003 while appearing before the House Judiciary Committee. Ashcroft acknowledged that he did not consult with members of Congress concerning his significant revisions of the Attorney General Guidelines governing security investigations. He warned Committee members that, "As we consider the Constitutional methods we use to fight the enemies of freedom, we must remember that terrorism threatens our future."

When people have contact with the Homeland Security Department they are warned not to discuss the interrogation and questions asked or be in violation of national security laws. This puts a muzzle on people who very well might have had their rights abused or had their rights completely denied. Most of the time they are not allowed to contact a lawyer or have access to any legal advice.

Our constitutional rights against illegal search and seizure and ability to invoke the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination have been taken away under the Patriot Act, and there is no sign that they will be restored. The very constitution that made us such a great nation is now just so much toilet paper for Ashcroft and the rest of the current regime to wipe their collective asses on.

The founding fathers would be shocked if they could see just how quickly and effectively the Constitution has been dismantled. The freedom of every American has been taken away whether the citizens know it or not. The Bill of Rights has become a useless as a blank piece of paper as far as Ashcroft and the Bush regime are concerned.

The press in general has turned a blind eye to this phenomenon of intrusion and abuse of our constitutionally guaranteed rights. There have been many journalists who have recorded these abuses. Often these journalists write for left wing or progressive news groups, but mainstream media members are blatantly lacking in the coverage of growing assaults on the constitution.

It appears that the mainstream media is scared of questioning the government for fear of seeming weak on defeating terror. Often times the major news groups are working in cooperation with the government in spreading the hysteria and fear that make it easier for the feds to suppress rights and enact sweeping new police state powers. It is all excused by the need to be tough on terror and stop any more terrorist acts no matter what the price paid in lost freedoms and privacy.

Now the war on terror and the Patriot Act are being applied to the war on drugs and other criminal activities, after Ashcroft assured congress that the Act would not be used for such things. At the time of the Act being passed, Americans were assured that it was only going to be used to go after terrorists and to stop further acts of terror. Now we see more programs and assaults on rights being enacted by Ashcroft and Homeland Security with no oversight or supervision. It seems that the excuse of doing whatever it takes to stop terror now has no leash and the police dog is now running loose attacking any target in it’s path.

Many US cites, counties, and states have passed resolutions to refuse to comply with the Patriot Act. Many local and state governments are refusing to let their tax dollars be used in any way to enforce the Act. Quite a few local and state law enforcement agencies have refused to give any officers or agents for use in Patriot Act enforcement.

This has not stopped the government from going forward with using the Act to do background checks on private citizens, harass activists and those questioning the government, and trample many constitutional rights.

The newest outrage and removal of privacy rights occurred just last week. Ashcroft announced that the FBI would now do background checks and records searches on suspected radicals and activists without a warrant or any warning, and with no access to any records of what has been done.

Under the new rules of National Security and the Homeland Security Department, it is no longer possible to have any oversight on just how the new Patriot Act is being implemented. The FBI has denied numerous Freedom of Information requests seeking to find out just how the new powers have been used. The very agencies exercising the police powers are also responsible for maintaining the records and oversight of the use of these powers. It is ridiculous to expect the police state to police itself.

The promise of not expanding the use of the Patriot Act to US citizens is now so much hot air and Ashcroft has denied he ever said any such thing. Just how far he will take this repression of civil rights and invasion of privacy is yet to be seen. It looks like there is nothing to stop him from doing whatever he wants in the "war on terror".

By the time many Americans realize how many of the rights, freedoms, and guarantees of privacy have been stripped away, it will be far too late to get them back. When you tell the average American what has happened they either give you a blank look, or parrot the statement of "at least we’re safer now". No real safety has yet to be implemented under this new police state empowerment and many harms and damages have already occurred to our constitutional freedoms and rights.

Many government officials and quasi officials are now using the "You have to get tough!" excuse to get away with many abuses of civil rights and freedoms. There seems to be a prevalent attitude that any extreme act can be forgiven if it is done for "safety" and "security". Many local police agencies have set up their own version of Homeland Security or work hand in hand with the national agency.

Just last week there was a drug raid in a South Carolina school where children were held at gunpoint, while police dogs ran riot in a school corridor. The students were all searched without parental consent or legal advice. No drugs were found and many students were terrorized and had guns pointed at their heads and screamed and yelled at in a very abusive manner. One girl said after she moved around on the floor an officer stepped on the back of her neck and put his gun to her head.

When asked about it the principal of the school made some very shocking statements. He said, "You have to show these kids that we’re tough on drugs and we won’t tolerate them anymore." He said that the use of force was justified even though there were no drugs or anything illegal found.

This is an attitude that is becoming more and more prevalent among government officials who see the federal government doing the same thing and getting away with it. There are many in power who are testing the boundaries of just how much is really exceptable, and it looks like it’s quite a lot by the governments standards. This is only going to result in the rise of more officials and police agents who feel that anything is tolerable as long as it is explained by the need for security and public safety.

The more assaults on liberties that the American people let the government get away with, the worse it will get. Unless we try to put a stop to this now, they will just assume that the people have no problem with it, and that they support them in conducting these travesties. In this heightened state of fear and terror many people are afraid to question the government for fear of being viewed as un-American and supporters of terror.

Bush’s brilliant statement "If you’re not for us you against us!" was a stroke of genius on Karl Rove’s part.

With that one statement Bush tarred any dissenters with the broad brush of being terrorist supporters, unpatriotic, and un-American. No other statement could have been as effective in seeking to negate any dissent no matter how true and factual the basis for dissent.

In this day and age the government has made it seem un-American to ever question anything they do. Even with a justifiable grievance the powers that be have thrown an effective muzzle on many Americans who might otherwise speak out or publicly question the current regime. They have made it taboo to raise any specter of government abuse or misuse of power.

Many petty dictators are now rising up in government agencies all over the country and there are no safe guards in place to keep them in check. All you have to do is look at the enforcement of laws on a national level and see the broad freedom that agencies are taking with our liberties. When local agencies see the blind eye turned to all these police state tactics it gives them a sense of Gestapo power like never before known.

When the people finally figure out what happened they will wonder how they didn’t notice until it was too late. Sadly a vast majority will be able to live with the new loss of freedom if they are spoon fed the myth of being safer and more secure. It is a historical fact that a majority of the German people under Hitler’s rule were completely happy with the Nazi power structure. They never questioned the government as long as the repeal of freedoms did not affect them. The ones that did wake up and question the Nazi’s were either exterminated or too afraid to speak out.

The Homeland Security Department and DOJ have rounded up thousands of foreign nationals and naturalized citizens under the new terror laws since the end of 2001. Many nationals with work visas and school visas from Arabic countries and North Korea, were made to report in for questioning and possible deportation under the Patriot Act and NSEARS ( National Security Entry and Exit Registration Service) Act.

Citizens or nationals of Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen all had to report in a three stage series.

Non-immigrants from certain countries, as well as other individuals whom the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) or Department of State (DOS) designate on a discretionary basis, are required to be processed under "special registration" procedures, as part of the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS). [Source: 67 Fed. Reg. 52583 (August 12, 2002)]

This site has a complete overview of how people had to report and in what order by country and designation.

Here are Ashcroft’s prepared remarks from June 6th 2002 that were made when announcing NSEERS. There is a funny little warning on the top of the page to the fact that (Attorney General Often Deviates from the Prepared Remarks)

Here are his remarks from November 7th 2002 when the NSEERS Act was actually implemented and carried out.

It is extremely hard to find out just how many people were deported under NSEERS as it is classified a National Security matter. FIA requests for records of who was affected have been denied. Many people showed up thinking they had all their paper work in order were deported after being detained, some times for months in deplorable conditions. I know of several journalists who had dual citizenship were deported and now cannot return to their jobs in the US.

One last example on the rise of a police state is the arresting and detaining of suspected terrorists at the Guantonimo Bay Marine Installation down in Cuba. The Justice Department has repeatedly refused to charge the detainees with a crime and prevented them from having access to any legal council. In defending the right to hold them the Justice Department and US regime have called them "foreign combatants" even if they were never captured on a battlefield.

Despite the obvious fact that identifying them as combatants should make the detainees prisoners of war, they have been denied their rights granted by the Geneva Convention on POWs. The case is currently going before the US Supreme Court and it will be interesting to watch whether they rule for or against releasing these prisoners.

If their ruling upholds the right of the Justice Department to take prisoners and hold them without trial, legal representation, and to hold them indefinitely, it will further cement the current police state powers. The Justice department has contended that by holding them outside the United States, the prisoners do not have the right to a trial in the US or any privileges granted to those who are US prisoners.

If this is not an example of a police state in action I do not know what is. Numerous human rights groups and constitutional rights advocacy groups have filed Freedom of Information Act requests and cases against the DOJ and the US government. Below you will find a denial of FIA information that was given to EPIC.

This is from Electronic Privacy Information Center info page on the terror war detainees

DC Circuit Court Upholds Secrecy of DOJ Detentions: On June 17, 2003, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, in a divided opinion , [PDF] endorsed the Justice Department's efforts to keep secret the identities of hundreds of individuals detained after the September 2001 terrorist attacks. In this decision, the Court affirmed the District Court’s decision to withhold all specific detention information, and further allowed the Justice Department to withhold the names of detainees and their attorneys. The Court found that this information could be properly withheld pursuant to FOIA Exemption 7(A), which exempts law enforcement information that would interfere with enforcement proceedings if released. The decision comes in a Freedom of Information Act case in which EPIC is a plaintiff and co-counsel.

Here is more information on the USA/PATRIOT Act and some prepared statements by Ashcroft

Electronic Privacy Information Center USA/PATRIOT Act page:

Attorney General Ashcroft's Prepared Statement June 5th 2003 given when appearing before the House Judiciary Committee:

We are currently in a police state atmosphere where fascists will rise to the top like turds in a giant cesspool. The signs are all around just like they were around in the beginning of the Nazi Third Reich takeover of all state affairs with a massive police and security force. It was excused then as being the price you had to pay for safety and security, and necessary for continued freedom and prosperity.

Sounds familiar right?

We are set upon a course of using war for world domination, using the flag as a symbol of state power and authority. The government uses easily absorbed catch phrase slogan propaganda like "God Bless America", "Safety and Security", "War on Terror", "War for Liberation and Freedom", "Preemptive Strike", "Might Makes Right", "Retaliation", "Let No One Challenge Our Might", "We Will Take the War to Them", "If You’re Not For Us You’re Against Us", and many other Bushisms.

The power structure for a police state is already in place, and for the most part unchallenged. Will Americans realize this before it’s too late? I sure hope so, because I happen to like the freedoms of writing articles like this, and being able to challenge the right of the corrupt leaders to govern our country. I like to have the option of dissent if things are out of control or just plain wrong.

I will close with these excellent quotes from the book 1984.

"There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment."
George Orwell, 1984

"…the consciousness of being at war, and therefore in danger, makes the handing-over of all power to a small caste seem the natural, unavoidable condition of survival." George Orwell, 1984

Larry said...

Check this out Jim:

Total Police State Takeover

The Secret Patriot Act II Destroys What Is Left Of American Liberty

Security Enhancement Act 2003,
Also Known as Patriot Act II

by Alex Jones

Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex) told the Washington Times that no member of Congress was allowed to read the first Patriot Act that was passed by the House on October 27, 2001. The first Patriot Act was universally decried by civil libertarians and Constitutional scholars from across the political spectrum. William Safire, while writing for the New York Times, described the first Patriot Act’s powers by saying that President Bush was “seizing dictatorial control.

On February 7, 2003 the Center for Public Integrity, a non-partisan public interest think-tank in DC, revealed the full text of the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003. The classified document had been leaked to them by an unnamed source inside the Federal government. The document consisted of a 33-page section by section analysis of the accompanying 87-page bill.

*Note: On February 10, 2003 I discovered that not only was there a house version that had been covertly brought to Hastert, but that many provisions of the now public Patriot Act II had already been introduced as pork barrel riders on Senate Bill S. 22. Dozens of subsections and even the titles of the subsections are identical to those in the House version. This is very important because it catches the Justice Department in a bald-faced lie. The Justice Department claimed that the secret legislation brought into the House was only for study, and that at this time there was no intention to try and pass it. Now upon reading S. 22, it is clear that the leadership of the Senate is fully aware of the Patriot Act II, and have passed these riders out of their committees into the full bill. I spent two hours scanning through S. 22 and, let me tell you, it is a nightmare for anyone who loves liberty. It even contains the Our Lady of Peace Act that registers all gun owners. It bans the private sale of all firearms, creates a Federal ballistics database, and much more.

The bill itself is stamped “Confidential – Not for Distribution.” Upon reading the analysis and bill, I was stunned by the scientifically crafted tyranny contained in the legislation. The Justice Department Office of Legislative Affairs admits that they had indeed covertly transmitted a copy of the legislation to Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, (R-Il) and the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney as well as the executive heads of federal law enforcement agencies.

It is important to note that no member of Congress was allowed to see the first Patriot Act before its passage, and that no debate was tolerate by the House and Senate leadership. The intentions of the White House and Speaker Hastert concerning Patriot Act II appear to be a carbon copy replay of the events that led to the unprecedented passage of the first Patriot Act.

There are two glaring areas that need to be looked at concerning this new legislation:

1. The secretive tactics being used by the White House and Speaker Hastert to keep even the existence of this legislation secret would be more at home in Communist China than in the United States. The fact that Dick Cheney publicly managed the steamroller passage of the first Patriot Act, insuring that no one was allowed to read it and publicly threatening members of Congress that if they didn’t vote in favor of it that they would be blamed for the next terrorist attack, is by the White House’s own definition terrorism. The move to clandestinely craft and then bully passage of any legislation by the Executive Branch is clearly an impeachable offence.

2. The second Patriot Act is a mirror image of powers that Julius Caesar and Adolf Hitler gave themselves. Whereas the First Patriot Act only gutted the First, Third, Fourth and Fifth Amendments, and seriously damaged the Seventh and the Tenth, the Second Patriot Act reorganizes the entire Federal government as well as many areas of state government under the dictatorial control of the Justice Department, the Office of Homeland Security and the FEMA NORTHCOM military command. The Domestic Security Enhancement Act 2003, also known as the Second Patriot Act is by its very structure the definition of dictatorship.

I challenge all Americans to study the new Patriot Act and to compare it to the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. Ninety percent of the act has nothing to do with terrorism and is instead a giant Federal power-grab with tentacles reaching into every facet of our society. It strips American citizens of all of their rights and grants the government and its private agents total immunity.

Here is a quick thumbnail sketch of just some of the draconian measures encapsulated within this tyrannical legislation:

SECTION 501 (Expatriation of Terrorists) expands the Bush administration’s “enemy combatant” definition to all American citizens who “may” have violated any provision of Section 802 of the first Patriot Act. (Section 802 is the new definition of domestic terrorism, and the definition is “any action that endangers human life that is a violation of any Federal or State law.”) Section 501 of the second Patriot Act directly connects to Section 125 of the same act. The Justice Department boldly claims that the incredibly broad Section 802 of the First USA Patriot Act isn’t broad enough and that a new, unlimited definition of terrorism is needed.

Under Section 501 a US citizen engaging in lawful activities can be grabbed off the street and thrown into a van never to be seen again. The Justice Department states that they can do this because the person “had inferred from conduct” that they were not a US citizen. Remember Section 802 of the First USA Patriot Act states that any violation of Federal or State law can result in the “enemy combatant” terrorist designation.

SECTION 201 of the second Patriot Act makes it a criminal act for any member of the government or any citizen to release any information concerning the incarceration or whereabouts of detainees. It also states that law enforcement does not even have to tell the press who they have arrested and they never have to release the names.

SECTION 301 and 306 (Terrorist Identification Database) set up a national database of “suspected terrorists” and radically expand the database to include anyone associated with suspected terrorist groups and anyone involved in crimes or having supported any group designated as “terrorist.” These sections also set up a national DNA database for anyone on probation or who has been on probation for any crime, and orders State governments to collect the DNA for the Federal government.

SECTION 312 gives immunity to law enforcement engaging in spying operations against the American people and would place substantial restrictions on court injunctions against Federal violations of civil rights across the board.

SECTION 101 will designate individual terrorists as foreign powers and again strip them of all rights under the “enemy combatant” designation.

SECTION 102 states clearly that any information gathering, regardless of whether or not those activities are illegal, can be considered to be clandestine intelligence activities for a foreign power. This makes news gathering illegal.

SECTION 103 allows the Federal government to use wartime martial law powers domestically and internationally without Congress declaring that a state of war exists.

SECTION 106 is bone-chilling in its straightforwardness. It states that broad general warrants by the secret FSIA court (a panel of secret judges set up in a star chamber system that convenes in an undisclosed location) granted under the first Patriot Act are not good enough. It states that government agents must be given immunity for carrying out searches with no prior court approval. This section throws out the entire Fourth Amendment against unreasonable searches and seizures.

SECTION 109 allows secret star chamber courts to issue contemp charges against any individual or corporation who refuses to incriminate themselves or others. This sections annihilate the last vestiges of the Fifth Amendment.

SECTION 110 restates that key police state clauses in the first Patriot Act were not sunsetted and removes the five year sunset clause from other subsections of the first Patriot Act. After all, the media has told us: “this is the New America. Get used to it. This is forever.”

SECTION 111 expands the definition of the “enemy combatant” designation.

SECTION 122 restates the government’s newly announced power of “surveillance without a court order.”

SECTION 123 restates that the government no longer needs warrants and that the investigations can be a giant dragnet-style sweep described in press reports about the Total Information Awareness Network. One passage reads, “thus the focus of domestic surveillance may be less precise than that directed against more conventional types of crime.”

*Note: Over and over again, in subsection after subsection, the second Patriot Act states that its new Soviet-type powers will be used to fight international terrorism, domestic terrorism and other types of crimes. Of course the government has already announced in Section 802 of the first USA Patriot act that any crime is considered domestic terrorism.

SECTION 126 grants the government the right to mine the entire spectrum of public and private sector information from bank records to educational and medical records. This is the enacting law to allow ECHELON and the Total Information Awareness Network to totally break down any and all walls of privacy.

The government states that they must look at everything to “determine” if individuals or groups might have a connection to terrorist groups. As you can now see, you are guilty until proven innocent.

SECTION 127 allows the government to takeover coroners’ and medical examiners’ operations whenever they see fit. See how this is like Bill Clinton’s special medical examiner he had in Arkansas that ruled that people had committed suicide when their arms and legs had been cut off.

SECTION 128 allows the Federal government to place gag orders on Federal and State Grand Juries and to take over the proceedings. It also disallows individuals or organizations to even try to quash a Federal subpoena. So now defending yourself will be a terrorist action.

SECTION 129 destroys any remaining whistleblower protection for Federal agents.

SECTION 202 allows corporations to keep secret their activities with toxic biological, chemical or radiological materials.

SECTION 205 allows top Federal officials to keep all their financial dealings secret, and anyone investigating them can be considered a terrorist. This should be very useful for Dick Cheney to stop anyone investigating Haliburton.

SECTION 303 sets up national DNA database of suspected terrorists. The database will also be used to “stop other unlawful activities.” It will share the information with state, local and foreign agencies for the same purposes.

SECTION 311 federalizes your local police department in the area of information sharing.

SECTION 313 provides liability protection for businesses, especially big businesses that spy on their customers for Homeland Security, violating their privacy agreements. It goes on to say that these are all preventative measures – has anyone seen Minority Report? This is the access hub for the Total Information Awareness Network.

SECTION 321 authorizes foreign governments to spy on the American people and to share information with foreign governments.

SECTION 322 removes Congress from the extradition process and allows officers of the Homeland Security complex to extradite American citizens anywhere they wish. It also allows Homeland Security to secretly take individuals out of foreign countries.

SECTION 402 is titled “Providing Material Support to Terrorism.” The section reads that there is no requirement to show that the individual even had the intent to aid terrorists.

SECTION 403 expands the definition of weapons of mass destruction to include any activity that affects interstate or foreign commerce.

SECTION 404 makes it a crime for a terrorist or “other criminals” to use encryption in the commission of a crime.

SECTION 408 creates “lifetime parole” (basically, slavery) for a whole host of crimes.

SECTION 410 creates no statute of limitations for anyone that engages in terrorist actions or supports terrorists. Remember: any crime is now considered terrorism under the first Patriot Act.

SECTION 411 expands crimes that are punishable by death. Again, they point to Section 802 of the first Patriot Act and state that any terrorist act or support of terrorist act can result in the death penalty.

SECTION 421 increases penalties for terrorist financing. This section states that any type of financial activity connected to terrorism will result to time in prison and $10-50,000 fines per violation.

SECTIONS 427 sets up asset forfeiture provisions for anyone engaging in terrorist activities.

There are many other sections that I did not cover in the interest of time. The American people were shocked by the despotic nature of the first Patriot Act. The second Patriot Act dwarfs all police state legislation in modern world history.

Usually, corrupt governments allow their citizens lots of wonderful rights on paper, while carrying out their jackbooted oppression covertly. From snatch and grab operations to warantless searches, Patriot Act II is an Adolf Hitler wish list.

You can understand why President Bush, Dick Cheney and Dennis Hastert want to keep this legislation secret not just from Congress, but the American people as well. Bill Allison, Managing Editor of the Center for Public Integrity, the group that broke this story, stated on my radio show that it was obvious that they were just waiting for another terrorist attack to opportunistically get this new bill through. He then shocked me with an insightful comment about how the Federal government was crafting this so that they could go after the American people in general. He also agreed that the FBI has been quietly demonizing patriots and Christians and “those who carry around pocket Constitutions.”

I have produced two documentary films and written a book about what really happened on September 11th. The bottom line is this: the military-industrial complex carried the attacks out as a pretext for control. Anyone who doubts this just hasn’t looked at the mountains of hard evidence.

Of course, the current group of white collar criminals in the White House might not care that we’re finding out the details of their next phase. Because, after all, when smallpox gets released, or more buildings start blowing up, the President can stand up there at his lectern suppressing a smirk, squeeze out a tear or two, and tell us that “See I was right. I had to take away your rights to keep you safe. And now it’s your fault that all of these children are dead.” From that point on, anyone who criticizes tyranny will be shouted down by the paid talking head government mouthpieces in the mainstream media.

You have to admit, it’s a beautiful script. Unfortunately, it’s being played out in the real world. If we don’t get the word out that government is using terror to control our lives while doing nothing to stop the terrorists, we will deserve what we get - tyranny. But our children won’t deserve it.

Human said...

Peace to you and yours average.
Well it certainly seems we are on the same page on a lot of things.
I read about HAARP about a year ago.

I think if any of the supposed adversaries defense's are to be totally neutralized by any technology, they will have no choice but to attack before that takes place.

an average patriot said...

Larry it just kills me. I can't think of the name of the Schwarzennager movie but it is getting exactly like it was in that movie where he travelled to Mars and they were abe to see your entire body and watched every single move made.
life is biginning to look like the horror movies we watched from the 50s and in the 60s.
As Britain goes we are soon to follow. This is going to be terrible and it will only get much worse. Ben Franklin was right!

an average patriot said...

Larry we know we are in a police State and it is increasingly obvious. What went on during Jena was sickening. Man I'm drawing a blank but the Black Senator that Marched during Jena is now being investigated and you know why.
Racism is up and like everything else including police brutality it will get a lot worse. I remember a ways back Farakhan saying blacks should revolt. This is going to get really screwed up. Man what a damn future!

an average patriot said...

OMG WTF Larry? That is stunning and stupifying in its scope. i just don't get it! I understand the dictator Bush can do what he wants but I just do not get how the Senate can pass anything without reading it. We are so screwed. I can't say what I am hoping for but you can guess.
You know, I just found out yesterday who I have been corresponding with for quite a while. I knew he was different for some reason but I didn't know why.
He is a grassroots activist that started in the early 50s and is behind evwerything you can imagine. He is 90 and I am going to one of his siminars in Mass. in January. I am really looking forward to meeting him and talking to him and his son. i am leaning towards printing his story later it is amazing in scope too.We really need someone like him. He is a personal friend of Kennedy and behind everything you can imagine. his web site is on the left hand side of the page read his story. It is a History of American activism!

an average patriot said...

Peace to you too Human. We are on the same page if you see upcoming horror we have to call our future and that this will be a space war. I now believe HARP is to nullify China and Russia's ability to desroy our Satellites but we will soon see I believe. I am going to your site now and save you to my favorites for now If I haven't done that yet.