Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas in more than 360 languages!

Check out Merry Christmas said in more than 360 Languages including Iraqi! Gee that makes you think! Send a beautiful card in any or all of the languages. Learn about them and their countries Look around get involved with this site if you want. Merry Christmas around the world

I will be around but I have to go out to the nursing home for dinner and to spend some time with the in-laws. I promised to keep things low key today. So far I have failed but we will see what the day brings. Feel free to keep me abreast of events and give me your thoughts. Take care! Merry Christmas


enigma4ever said...

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas....thank you for all that you do in Blogatopia.....keep your Hope and spirits up...this will be a year of Change...namaste...

an average patriot said...

Hi enigma
Thank you! I hope you and 6.6 had a nice Christmas too and have a nice New Year. I am lucky! I am indefatigable! Sticktoitaveness is what got me throughCollege and everything else not brains.
I do not get dispirited and do not give up. 2008 will not be a good year. I am going to write to Jerome again today and discuss our meeting on the 8th and his Lecture. Time for talk is over and if he and his interests can get something done the time is now and immediate! The Relentless Liberal He is 90 now but look on the left side and learn more of the relentless liberals accomplishment. Take care, Namaste!