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Al Qaeda again conveniently invoked so this misagenda can be followed, Ron Paul is right to be scared but nothing will stop this Period!

Thanks to the smug chief idiot what do you think?

Hundreds of thousands of mourners thronged the mausoleum of Pakistan's most famous political dynasty in an outpouring of emotion for Benazir Bhutto. The government said Al Qaeda and the Taliban were responsible for her death, claiming it intercepted an Al Qaeda leader's message of congratulation for the assassination. But many of Bhutto's furious supporters blamed President Pervez Musharraf's government for the shooting and bombing attack on the former prime minister, Musharraf's most powerful opponent. They rampaged through several cities in violence that left at least 23 dead less than two weeks before crucial elections.

Paramilitary rangers were given the authority to use live fire to stop rioters from damaging property in southern Pakistan, said Maj. Asad Ali, the rangers' spokesman. "We have orders to shoot at sight," he said. •Some wept, others chanted "Benazir is alive," as the plain wood coffin was placed beside the grave of her father in the vast, white marble mausoleum in southern Sindh province near the Bhutto's ancestral home.

Thursday's attack on Bhutto plunged Pakistan into turmoil and badly damaged plans to restore democracy in this nuclear-armed nation, a key U.S. ally in the war on terror. "We have the evidence that Al Qaeda and Taliban were behind the suicide attack on Benazir Bhutto," Interior Minister Hamid Nawaz said. More partyline BS

* Nothing will stop this breakdown too from occurring period. This is all just beginning and it can not be avoided but it could be minimized if that was the goal but it is not, I first want to say that I included the story from Faux news because It lays out the very basics of the problem but it includes some comprehensive links you may be interested in checking out. Al Qaeda, the Taliban, various insurgents, could have killed Benazir and most will fall for this but I happen to think it was Musharraf's interests. Whoever did it has only served the interests of both warmonger parties, Bush and the Islamists. I am sickened that Al Qaeda conveniently crops up every single time to fit bushco's needs. where is the proof that Al Qaeda has taken credit? How do we know these transmissions are not being fed by Bushco's interests. I have been saying for years now that they are too convenient and fill Bush and his allies needs. I am really wondering who the voice of Al Qaeda is?

You know, I just sent two stories to someone contradicting what I quoted yesterday from Israel and the US. Today they were denied by Iran and Russia. We can not believe anyone. All this purposely confusing information it keep us in turmoil as personal damaging misagenda's are followed. With that said the Pakistani Government is ignoring the fact that a bullet went through Benazir's head and Body along with an explosion that killed many others, the videos, Doctors, and first hand reports to the contrary and saying Benazir wacked her head when she ducked down and it killed her. Unbelievable! The suspect they named in fact worked for them at least at one time. The truth once again will never be found now till it change anything!

* Before I reiterate what should be obvious and how this in fact will turn out along with how it could in fact be minimized if that was the goal but it is not, Ron Paul again is right though it doesn't matter, let me point out what he said first.

REP. RON PAUL, R-TEXAS, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, I think we should treat Pakistan a long time ago like we should treat all countries. We should mind our own business and stay out of supporting military dictators. And that's what Musharraf is. He overthrew an elected government, and we reward him by supporting him. He becomes our puppet. We have sent him about $10 billion over the last eight years. And the candidate that represents democracy, Bhutto, comes in, and she gets killed.

And we're right in the middle of this. And we just sort of stir the pot. And now I'm scared to death that we're going to be marching in there and have another war. We have one in Iraq. We threaten Iran. We're in Afghanistan. We can't afford to go in and now go into nation-building in Pakistan. I think it's a consequence of us getting involved too many places. And we can't afford it any longer. It's not in our own interest to do this. it isn't in our interest but it is in Bush's as he endeavors for world war to institute his new world order of a one Government world. they have to deal with it. It's their country. It's not our country. They have to deal with it. It's their political situation. We probably did way too much already. So, the sooner we do less, the better it is for them and for us.

But I don't think this is a justification to jeopardize American troops or — or tax the American people. It's a real mess. And I think that they have to sort it out. Countries should have the right of self-determination. When they have problems, they work it out. When they have violence, it's an utter tragedy. But for us to be supporting military dictators, I think, is tragic. And now there's a call to drop our support for Musharraf, on-again, off-again. We used to support Usama bin Laden. Then we quit. Then we supported Saddam Hussein. Then we quit. And we need to quit this on-again, off-again stuff. And, besides, we just don't have the money anymore to continue to do this. And it does not serve our interests. Again, It does serve Bush's. Please read the entire interview

Ron Paul is right but any way you look at it now we are going to have to fight this so called terrorism and there is no way around it despite the Political rhetoric being bandied about. Pakistan is the weakest link in the chain of our so called allies with the biggest incentive of course being their nuclear assets. It is the largest source of home grown Islamic radicals and we will only make that exponentially worse or better if you are Bush. We learned that from observing Russia's exploits in Afghanistan. There is no surprise here! It only makes sense for the Islamists to destabilize Pakistan but all of this only further enables Bush to open another war front caused by him and giving the appearance of being forced into another desired war.

If preventing further unnecessary war were the goal Russia, India, Pakistan, China, Britain, and others would unite to save us and the planet from nuclear war , mass casualties, and world destruction but that is not the goal. World war is the goal! For much of the world it is to defeat Bush and his desire to dominate the world. For bush it is to create World War in order to emplace his idea of a new world order. Everything he has done leading up to 9/11 and everything after has been with that end in mind.
* With that said Bush will take on pakistan too if he can not count on the Lackey he bought, "Musharraf" He will not drastically have to increase the amount of troops in Pakistan though it has long been proposed to increase the 50 American soldiers there 12 fold. Russia has supplied Iran with High tech fighters, nuclear assets, missile systems, and at least one nuclear sub along with Russian's to man them and promises to defend their interests if Iran is attacked.

* France as you know has the Charles De Gaulle guarding the mouth of the Gulf while Bush has 4 carrier battle groups in the Gulf capable of attacking Iran and Pakistan at the same time. meanwhile Bush has supplied $Billions to our so called middle east allies with advanced weaponry so they can fight Syria and Iran from the ground. This whole mess is still just taking shape and beginning to unfold regardless of how it turns out we are powerless to stop it so all we can do is not to worry but to keep trying. I will and am!

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