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I have been putting together a list of important points in anticipation of meeting the Relentless Liberal January 8th I thought you might add to this!

This is important to all of you so if there is something you feel I missed please let me know. I was putting this list together to narrow down what Larry has to dig up for back up as he is helping me be better informed. I still feel I missed something important so please let me know though I think this is enough to illustrate that all the headway he has made since his long illustrious career has been erased by the chief idiot and we must quickly renew our vigor and make a difference before it is too late. We are rapidly running out of time! Okay!

First I want to point you to the story where we pointed out that anyone who speaks the truth is labeled and laughed off as a conspiracy theorist so the real conspirators can follow their destructive new order.
9/3/07 Conspiracy label used to control us

2/23/07 David Icke is Right As Russia and Iran prepare to take on Bush and his new world order
9/9/06 The media is complicit and will not uncover Bush the Dictator

** 11/13/06 Meanwhile while the media and public is being shut up I highlighted the greatest story ever sold! When America was attacked on 9/11, its citizens almost unanimously rallied behind its new, untested president as he went to war. What they didn't know at the time was that the Bush administration's highest priority was not to vanquish Al Qaeda but to consolidate its own power at any cost. It was a mission that could be accomplished only by a propaganda presidency in which reality was steadily replaced by a scenario of the White House's own invention--and such was that scenario's devious brilliance that it fashioned a second war against an enemy that did not attack America on 9/11, intimidated the Democrats into incoherence and impotence, and turned a presidential election into an irrelevant referendum on macho imagery and same-sex marriage.

10/13/06 As only he can, acclaimed New York Times columnist Frank Rich delivers a step-by-step chronicle of how skillfully the White House built its house of cards and how The institutions that should have exposed these fictions, the mainstream news media, were too often left powerless by the administration's relentless attack machine, their own post-9/11 timidity, and an unending parade of self-inflicted scandals (typified by those at The New York Times). The undeniable theft of America by Bush

12/7/07 Bush has undone America and everything she has accomplished. He has endeavored to create a one world economy as you know. However clandestinely what he has been doing is working towards implementing a one world Government with a NAU (North American Union) and the US in control! 9/11 Role in Bush's drive for a one world Government

11/11/07 To accomplish this he must have total control over us. in achieving that end he is in the process of implementing a Fascist America that will dwarf what Hitler and Mussolini had accomplished as all the lessons have been learned and improvements made. the 14 threads of Fascism have been replicated in our America
12/9/07 To Achieve this he needed 9/11 to happen so he could legally, illegally, and underhandedly, steal total power over us and he is well on his way. The match between Der Fuerher Bush and Czar Putin and the rest of the world is almost set

1/29/07 We are rapidly running out of time if it isn't too late to stop already. At this point it isn't just Bush but the forces set in motion around the world that will not be controlled. If anything is to be done to the benefit of our America it is going to have to be initiated by we the People. Congress, the Senate, both party's are complicit in this. we the people must save the day

** Fifty years of hard work and accomplishments by the Relentless Liberal and the improvements of 231 years of successful Governmenting in America and it has all been undone by one lowly President.
We are now worse off than we were under the British and it will soon get a lot worse. We need some help. We need someone who knows how to organize. We need someone who will get heard. we need someone who has made a difference in the past. We need the Relentless Liberal!
These are not the rants of a paranoid! They are merely the common sense observations of a concerned average American not willing to go down without a fight!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


an average patriot said...

This is most of what I want you or your Dad to read. It is all clandestine destroying your Fathers legacy and America's and our past President. I'll be quiet, I hope you check out the links. Take care, Jim

Larry said...

This falls in line with what you are talking about Jim:

Just because the collapse is planned doesn't mean that it can't be resisted. In resistance, perhaps we can hone-off the roughest edges of the unfolding transformation. The argument made, that "resistance is futile," ignores the human potential in a battle situation, where everyone is fighting for their freedom and their lives. We have no duty to mankind to lie down before those who would trample over us. I'd prefer that this Nation not continue to submit to the corporate "gang rape" that we have been getting for so many decades. To surrender to the evil men who were instrumental to the ongoing collapse of the global systems misses the point, that it is time for a real political fight in this country. Everything depends upon our ability to shake loose the perverting forces of ultimate capital from government, where they manipulate everything American, causing the failure of democracy. "We have to fight a war of ideas to take back that which has been stolen from us. We the People must be the ones to set the foreign policy of this country."

American monopoly capitalists have effectively gained "controlling interest" in this country. They have made the decision to destroy America's economic base to obtain greater profits. We have been written off. Studies like "Changing Images of Man" document the common knowledge of the ruling class, that there will be social upheaval in reaction to the collapse. It is our duty in the resistance to thwart their plans, to shape the social critical mass so that it has a direct negative impact on the masters of the universe. Our task is to take measures before the collapse that will ensure that the upheaval will destroy the elite's ability to control the changed world. We are the patriot radicals (with the extremist beliefs about conspiracies allayed against our nation) who intend to prevent the bringing about of a "dark age" of oppression in America.

The government has planned for the coming period of collapse and social upheaval in this country, but it has done nothing to prevent them from happening. If economic pain and dislocation are allowed to cause insurrection in this country, they will justify police state actions to maintain order. Why would government try to avoid the one catastrophic event that will make dictatorship possible? The catastrophic is essential to the long-term plan, just as the neocon Project for a New American Century war plans needed the catastrophic "event" of 9/11 to set the "war on terrorism" plot against freedom into motion.

The American patriotic forces of freedom must likewise prepare for the coming disastrous event that will justify all radical changes. The attack upon Iran will be the event of justification. When the attack comes, those of us who dare to speak out will be silenced in the repercussions at the beginning of the counter-revolution. If we want to ensure that the government returns to the hands of the American people after the dust settles, then we will set in motion now, the political forces that will motivate the leaderless masses in the direction of freedom. All our efforts to prevent the world war from erupting must clearly identify the elite perpetrators of the plot to undermine national security for internationalist goals. Using their own words, we must expose their intentions for America and the world. We must guarantee that the coming democratic revolution which they plan to capitalize on is a patriotic revolution to save democracy.

The intentional de-industrialization of America has amounted to a war of economic terrorism, waged upon the people of this country. The globalist plot to "offshore" all of America's good jobs and to exploit Third World slave labor conditions, has purposely destroyed the industrial base of this country. Globalism is a plot against American workers (and all workers), just as neoconservatism is a plot against all Americans.

Instead of stimulating our industry to use our economy as a powerhouse, to drive the world economy and to provide the basic necessities needed in developing countries, the "masters of the universe" instead decided to destroy the American economy, in order to "level the playing field" with the rest of the world. Instead of strengthening America by making our foreign policy an engine of humane change, vulture capitalists have intensified the corporate American rape of the world and harnessed us to a violent Zionist policy, intent on remaking the Middle East, as a first step into the New World Order. It is high time that we began to "wage peace" on the world, instead of war.

In order to implement their violent plans and to shape the "second American revolution," the corporate media has consistently bombarded the people with psychological warfare, to convince us of the hopelessness of our situation. Our minds are poisoned with false beliefs in the inevitability of our fates, that we are, in fact, witnessing the "end of the world." Even though most available evidence suggests that the entire world is collapsing (not just America and Western civilization), there is also ample proof that this is an engineered event, made to seem like Armegeddon.

We have been duped into accepting their terms, even using their terminology, by focusing on "global" issues, instead of American issues. America may be the source of most of the world's troubles today, but it is also the world's only hope. If not for American leadership, there would be no world leaders. What the world needs now is the end of American "misleadership" and a return to the real thing. Meeting the needs of our crowded planet and repairing the centuries of industrialization run amok will calm most of the earth's turmoil, while helping us to prepare for the next phase in human development. Once we begin to turn the planet around, we can focus on expanding mankind's horizons and ending the era of hydrocarbon fuels.

Americans must save themselves from the worst and the most powerful men among them. We must revitalize our moral center, the part that made us a light unto the nations. If America can remember its basic concern for all human life that led to the creation of the world's largest human aid programs and its environmental concerns that made us signatories to countless international treaties, it can foster international recognition of universal human rights and a reverential respect for all life. This would honor one of the stipulations from the Images of Man study, to foster a national spirit that embraces the growing "religion of life" that is emerging within man.

A morally transformed national spirit will be necessary for the political fight to reclaim America. We must restore the people's government by removing the corruption within it. It is time to really "clean" the people's house. We have no other choice but to establish a "politics of righteousness" in American politics. We have to end the age of the politics of money right now, not after Bush or the next election.

It is high time that we all fought for what we believed in. What do you believe in?

Larry said...

This article is true Jim:

The U.S. Constitution was the first written agreement in history guaranteeing the citizens government protection of basic human rights as reflected in its Bill of Rights. It was the realization of the fundamental human rights espoused by philosophers such as Voltaire, Rousseau, and Locke, but which had never before been granted by any previous government to its citizens. By virtue of the sacrifices of life and fortune by our ancestors, citizens of the U.S. had inherited those rights as stipulated in our Constitution. Now, the rightful admiration and acclaim of the world for this monumental accomplishment has been destroyed by our current government. By invalidating the last protection of the people from government abuse, that offered by Article V of the Constitution, the people no longer have any remaining protection from possible abuse. The sole other protection of the people’s rights provided in the Constitution was via the ballot box, which has been “neutered” by the influence of money in the election process, and is one of the very abuses necessitating an Article V Convention.

By refusing to grant the legitimate requests of the states for an Article V Convention (to propose amendments to the Constitution), all three branches of the U.S. government are now operating as a "rogue" government outside the law. Under Article V of the Constitution, the states may request the Congress to establish a Convention to propose amendments to the Constitution. The states have done this by submitting over 500 requests to the federal government.

Congress has refused to convene a convention, the President has failed to initiate action against Congress for this violation, and the Supreme Court has refused to force them to do so. I will, in the process of explaining the Constitutional duties of each body, make clear the basis of the laws that have been broken, and the remedies open to the public if the government continues in its violation of these laws.

The "sovereignty" of the people was first established during the Continental Congress when, under instructions from John Adams, the states established themselves as separate sovereign states under state constitutions (established in conventions by their own citizens). This occurred prior to the Declaration of Independence, and as a necessary precursor to the federal Constitution. The Constitution was a contract between these newly-sovereign states (the previous colonies) to establish a federal government under a federal Constitution and delineated the rights and responsibilities of this new entity with respect to the citizens of these states.

As these constitutions were being created by the independent states, the Declaration of Independence was promulgated to formally declare the colonies no longer under British rule, and to enumerate the grievances which had led to this event. It was drafted by Jefferson and contained the natural "rights of man" which George III had violated and which served as a pretext for the legality of the colonies to secede.

The United States Constitution was drafted by James Madison but failed to include these natural “rights of man”. It was a document designed primarily to establish the form of the new government and entirely excluded reference to the rights violated by the king and the supposed cause of secession. In the process of ratification of the Constitution, the states demanded an explicit statement of the rights of man, which many had included in their own constitutions. This resulted in the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the constitution. The Preamble to the Constitution was created after the Constitution had been drafted, and was meant to define the principles underlying it. The final phraseology contained only generalities such as “secure the blessings of liberty” and “promote the general welfare” which were so broad that they could be construed to encompass almost anything. Unfortunately, the only substantive and explicit protections for the people, in fact, were those established by the Bill of Rights, which consisted in freedoms which were not to be contravened by statutory law (freedom of speech, assembly, the press, etc.)

But there was no underlying philosophy regarding the intent and nature of the statutory laws allowed under the Constitution or the principles which were to underlie them. Thomas Jefferson was convinced that the government so established was one of a democracy in which the government and its laws had been created for the benefit of “the people”. Lincoln was among later presidents who likewise believed the Constitution had established a democratic government when he used the phrase 'of the people, by the people, for the people' in his Gettysburg Address. Other delegates to the Convention thought otherwise. They maintained that the government established was simply a Republic consisting of a bicameral legislature, an independent judiciary, and an elected president. In their opinion, in establishing these three bodies the Convention had not, at least by the strict wording of the Constitution, established a democracy(the word “democracy” did not appear anywhere in it). The (male) landowning classes were the only citizens allowed to vote. The selection of the president was further controlled by an Electoral College which precluded the choosing of the President by popular vote. The Senators were appointed by the state legislatures (not elected by "the people"), and the Supreme Court was not subject to selection by the voting public but appointment by the president (with the "advice and consent" of this same "appointed" Senate). The right of filibuster resided in both the House and Senate as a further means to prevent the passage of any law contrary to any interest represented by either body. It still resides in the Senate.

The principles and philosophy under which successive governments were to operate depended entirely upon the philosophy of the party in power. John Adams (a Federalist) presided over a governing party interested in a strong federal government administered by an oligarchy of landowners whereas Thomas Jefferson (a Republican) believed in federal powers strictly limited by rights reserved to the states and in a popular democracy. Since then, the Federalists have disappeared and the current Republicans believe in a limited role of the central government and rule by an oligarchy (the Aristocracy of the Rich). Currently both parties of Congress as well as the President have indicated by the nature of recent legislation that an oligarchy of the well-connected is the form of government they want. They all have been seduced by the money which assures their continuation in power. The Democrats still pretend to believe in extensive control by the government and a popular democracy but have in fact supported a government catering to the wealthy and displaying little interest or effort in serving the public at large. Both parties dance to the same tune, played by the same band.

The public (through their respective state governments) have requested the establishment of a convention under Article V of the Constitution in order to reestablish a more democratic government in which the laws passed and enforced will be in the interests of the general public, and not that of our current oligarchy. The Congress has refused to grant these requests and the President and Supreme Court have not forced them to do so. This has occasioned a realization that there is a serious flaw in the Constitution. That is, who can prevent the three federal government bodies so established to collude in a violation of the Constitution?

The Constitution established a republican form of government consisting of the President, Congress and Supreme Court. These three bodies were designed to "check and balance" each other so that there could not be an assumption of absolute power by any one party or political group. The judiciary was to pass judgment on the constitutionality of the laws passed by the Congress and could void these laws as "unconstitutional." The President administered the Constitution and statutory laws created by the legislature. If the President failed to properly perform these duties he was subject to impeachment by the Congress. The Supreme Court, once appointed, is under the control of no one. No one can force them to perform their duties under the Constitution (short of impeachment), and they are allowed to remain in office for life. The Congress has ignored the requests by the states for this Article V Convention. The President has not performed his executive responsibilities as administrator of the laws. The Supreme Court has denied a writ of certiorari petitioned for by a private citizen, Bill Walker, to force Congress to comply with their Constitutional duty of granting this Convention. All have violated their oaths of office in doing so.

What has lead up to the present crisis has been the ever-increasing role of money in the selection and election our legislators. This began back in the sixties when Richard Nixon and John Kennedy ran for President and was commemorated in the book "The Making of the President" by T. H. White. In the past, prior to extensive use of television advertising, the candidates typically had to appear before their constituents in public forums, and the electorate had a better chance of determining their political positions and principles firsthand. All candidates were limited by their ability to be in only one place at a time to present their messages. Now, with the widespread use of TV advertising and PAC documentaries, the candidate can virtually sit at home and have unlimited exposure to the public. The candidate can present his best image using make-up artists, style coordinators, and poll-tested slogans and policy platforms (which he has no intention of following). If he has enough money, he can deluge the viewing audience (the voters) in a way that his opponent, if lacking an equivalent amount of cash, has no way of contesting. The candidates are marketed in the same way as Coke and Pepsi. The advertising execs know that whoever has the most extensive public exposure (Coke or Pepsi) will be purchased by the public.

Likewise with a political candidate. It all depends on who is willing and able to spend the most money. Unfortunately, both political parties understand this and have had to promote their candidates in the same way. Money has bought the candidature and election of members of both parties. So the U.S. government now is simply an oligarchy of the rich and well connected. What is now needed is equal access to the TV for all candidates, paid for by the government, with no other means of moneyed interests to control the outcome of the elections. The present Congress is contented with the current arrangement and the only way to effect change is by means of a Constitutional Convention under Article V. The oligarchy of the rich is well aware of this and has apparently "encouraged" all branches of government to prevent it.

The reason I have taken care in explaining this history is that the country could be facing the first major Constitutional crisis in its history and the public should be well aware of the laws that are being violated. First of all, the President of the U.S. has failed to do his sworn duty to "support and defend" the Constitution by demanding that the Congress bow to the legitimate requests of the states to hold this convention. The Supreme Court and the Congress have likewise violated their respective duties under the Constitution as well as their oaths of office. The President knows full well that Article V is not being complied with by Congress and that this is an illegal act. The Supreme Court should know that it is guilty of misfeasance of office in denying the writ of certiorari.

These actions have broken the contract between the individual states and the Federal government known as the U.S. Constitution. The usual remedies of law pertaining to broken contracts are not operative. Damages are not appropriate, and the courts have made it clear that they will not force "specific performance" (the establishment of a convention under Article V). What we now have in the U.S. is a "rogue" government operating outside the law. Under these circumstances, the only valid laws still operative and enforceable are the state laws. By actions contrary to the explicit Constitutional rights of the states, our current government has nullified the Federal government's right to rule.

But first, perhaps it is necessary to try to understand the reasons these government bodies may have chosen to ignore their duties.

The Supreme Court could possibly (but not plausibly) use the excuse that time spent on this issue could detract from their efforts in deciding truly "important cases". They needn't worry about this. This issue could be settled in the cloakroom. The law is crystal clear. It does not “conform to” principles in the Constitution. It is explicit in the Constitution itself. The facts are equally clear and irrefutable. The states are of record of having made these requests. What's to arbitrate?

It is claimed that people are afraid of changing the Constitution because it has proved to be perfect as it has evolved, and should not be changed. If it is such a perfect document, then the Supreme Court should have no fear in forcing Congress to do its duty and establish this Convention. If it is not perfect, then there is a legal remedy available under the Constitution, that of amendment. But good luck with that one because an amendment must be approved by the very legislative bodies (the state legislatures) that have requested the Convention. The court must take one position or the other. Either the Constitution is perfect and unalterable, or it is flawed and must be changed. It faces a Hobson's Choice in this case because either would lead to a convention under Article V. That is, as long as the courts are interested in complying with the law.

In the process of ignoring their Constitutional duties, the court has made a mockery of the two most fundamental and sacred legal concepts of a capitalist economy under a republic. In ignoring contract law, they violated the most fundamental law underlying a capitalistic economy. In ignoring their oaths of office they have violated the foundation of all jurisprudence within the U.S. legal system. If members of the courts flagrantly violate their own oaths, how can they expect any ordinary citizen to take his oath-taking seriously in any court of law?

Any person reading this article should be offended by these illegal actions by its representatives. So I am encouraging you all to inform your representative that you are aware of your rights under the Constitution and depend on him or her to enforce them. If he refuses, lacking the capability to remove him from office (as explained in this document), citizens must work diligently to force the establishment of an Article V convention. An organization has been established to do just this, and I encourage all of you to support it. Their website is at:

Larry said...

This is what is coming Jim:

" We got a leader in Iran who has announced that he wants to destroy Israel. So I've told people that if you're interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon. I take the threat of Iran with a nuclear weapon very seriously...." (George W. Bush, 17 October 2007)

Grin and Laugh: "Here's his expression while saying the words "World War Three" (Huffington Post, 17 October 2007)

"I believe that. I believe that [the revolt of passengers on the hijacked flight 93 on September 11, 2001] was the first counter-attack to World War III." (George W. Bush, May 6, 2006)

"This notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous... Having said that, all options are on the table." George W. Bush, February 2005)

We are not living in a sound and rational World, where far-reaching decisions by the US President are based on an understanding of their likely consequences.

A World War III is no longer a hypothetical scenario.

During the Cold War, the concept of "mutual assured destruction" (MAD) was put forth. An understanding of the devastating consequences of nuclear war largely contributed to avoiding the outbreak of war between the US and the Soviet Union.

Today, in the post-Cold war era, no such understanding prevails.

The specter of a nuclear holocaust, which haunted the world for half a century has been relegated to the status of "collateral damage".

US foreign policy under the Neocons is based on a diabolical and criminal agenda. The "war on terrorism" is a lie; Iran does not constitute a threat to global security as confirmed by a recent IAEA report. Iran does not constitute a threat to Israel.

The US president is a liar, who believes his own lies.

While Iran's non existent nukes are said to constitute a lethal and deadly threat, so-called tactical nuclear weapons "Made in America" are described in Pentagon documents as "harmless to the surrounding civilian population".

In a bitter irony, those who decide on the use of nuclear weapons believe their own propaganda. A preemptive nuclear attack on Iran is upheld as a bona fide humanitarian undertaking which contributes to global security.

And now the US Head of State, who has a limited understanding of geopolitics, let alone geography, is hinting that if Iran does not give up its nonexistent nuclear weapons program, we might be reluctantly forced into in a World War III situation. Bush has insinuated that as Commander in Chief, he could decide to launch a war on Iran, which would result in World War III.

"Dr. Strangelove rides again." In an utterly twisted logic, World War III is presented by the US President as a means to preventing collateral damage.

The war would be triggered by Iran, who has refused to abide by the "reasonable demands" of "the international community".

Realities are twisted and turned upside down. Iran is being accused of wanting to start World War III.

Media Blackout

World public opinion has its eyes riveted on the cataclysm of "global warming". World War III on the other hand is not front page news. We are talking about the loss of tens of thousands of lives: the consequences of the US military agenda which includes the preemptive use of nuclear weapons in a very concrete way threatens the future of humanity.

At present US and coalition forces including NATO and Israel are in an advanced state of readiness to launch an attack on Iran. Leaders of the coalition fully understand that such an action will result in a World War III scenario. Escalation scenarios have already been envisaged and analyzed by the Pentagon. US sponsored war games have even foreseen the possible intervention of Russia and China.

World War III has been on the lips of NeoCon architects of US foreign policy from the outset of the Bush regime. It is contained in a document published in September 2000 by the Project of the New American Century (PNAC),

The PNAC's declared objectives imply a "long war", a global war without borders::

"defend the American homeland;

fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars;

perform the "constabulary" duties associated with shaping the security environment in critical regions;

transform U.S. forces to exploit the "revolution in military affairs;"

Former Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney had commissioned the PNAC blueprint prior to the 2000 presidential elections. The PNAC outlines a roadmap of conquest.

The pre-emptive nuclear doctrine contained in the Nuclear Posture Review is supported by the Republican Party and Washington’s conservative think-tanks

George W. Bush is an instrument of powerful economic interests. A preemptive war on Iran has widespread support by the US Congress, it is also supported by America's European partners and allies. Leading Republicans have expressed their support for a preemptive World War III scenario. In a 2006 interview at the height of the Israeli bombing of Lebanon (July 16, 2007), former Republican leader of the House Newt Gingrich candidly acknowledged:

"We’re in the early stages of what I would describe as the third World War and, frankly, our bureaucracy’s not responding fast enough and we don’t have the right attitude. And this is the 58th year of the war to destroy Israel and, frankly, the Israelis have every right to insist that every single missile leave south Lebanon, and the United States ought to be helping the Lebanese government have the strength to eliminate Hezbollah as a military force — not as a political force in the parliament — but as a military force in south Lebanon.

The Bush Administration has adopted a first strike "pre-emptive" nuclear policy, which has now received congressional approval. Nuclear weapons are no longer a weapon of last resort as during the Cold War era.

In a classified Pentagon document (Nuclear Posture Review) presented to the US Senate in early 2002, the Bush Administration established so-called "contingency plans" for an offensive "first strike use" of nuclear weapons, not only against the "axis of evil" (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria and North Korea), but also against Russia and China.

an average patriot said...

It's stunning but everything you said is right on and as I keep saying, both party's are complicit in this and it is going to be up to we the people if there is a chance of stopping this plannedconflagration.
The first book I wrote "How to survive the 21st Century" was right on. The core of it was regaining our morallity as you just pointed out.
Now that I know who I have been contacted by and his stature in the Liberal Activism I finally think we have a chance.
Jerome must be the oldest living member of this movement and must have ties to the very roots and can at least advize us how to progress or do it themselves.
I sent a copy of this to Danny and we will see ifi can get them to take this seriously or not. This is no joke! On the 8th I will listen to Jerome's Lecture as I do not have a clue what to expect but I will be there.
He is going to Autograph his 1995 Bok The Life of the Relentless Liberal. And of course I will not ruin his Lecture but I will be talking to Danny and seeking an audience with Jerome.
I am also going to send Danny what you just sent me, that should help. Take care!

an average patriot said...


I hasve to laugh, this is the whole problem!
Congress has refused to convene a convention, the President has failed to initiate action against Congress for this violation, and the Supreme Court has refused to force them to do so. I will, in the process of explaining the Constitutional duties of each body, make clear the basis of the laws that have been broken, and the remedies open to the public if the government continues in its violation of these laws. "There is no recourse, Bush can have them all arrested as enemies of the State"
It isn't that the Constitution may be facing a crisis. It is beyond crisis. The Constitution like average Americans and our america do not matter.
Only Bush the Decider does. It is sickening to hear that idiot tell Congress what they can and can not do knowing it is all to our Demise. He will not even let them read the abusive new Laws he demands they sign. No, this is beyond crisis!

an average patriot said...

You know I have said numerous times that WW3 has been Bush's goal for years. Certainly since he stole his second term and started the crap that he had Political capital and was going to spend it.
He had no Capital to spend! Everything Bush does including the missile Shield in Poland and Chezh. is designed to instigate WW3. Bush has to attack Iran and he will do it before his term is over then this explosion will really get started.
As you know, Bush is following the Russian Doctrine of Destruction and must create disorder and war to emplace his version of new order which happens to be a one world Government to go with the one world economy based elsewhere and fueled by migrant workers, he is creating and with us at the helm. oh man!

Dave Dubya said...

I'm sure you guys have seen these clips. If not, then surely ones similar. I had these forwarded to me by a nice lady in Texas. Almost a million views already.

an average patriot said...

Stunning Dave
of course we discuss the NAU often as part of a one world Government as you are probably aware of but I have never seen at least that first video so thanks. I will include it in an update on yesterdays and this post.
I am sick of talking! On the 8th I am going to a Lecture by the Relentless Liberal. I have already sent much info but I have a lot more. jerome the Relentless Liberal at 90 is behind most accomplishments in the last 50 or 60 years. I finally think we may at least get this all out and hopefully make a difference. I thank you and I apologize for not getting around as I am trying to get prepared. Take care!

an average patriot said...

Harris man that pisses you off! I am atunned that they openly advocate securing Mexico's Southern Border with Belize not ours. You know damn well the NAU is denied but fact and we never hear anything from the complicit MSM and we are powerless to do anything. Thanks for this too!

Anok said...

Hey Jim, when you're talking with the Relentless Liberal, be sure to ask him how we can combat the overwhelming amount of ignorance and apathy that rule popular politics today, on the public level.

After having been debating with neocons on myspace (talk about a maddening experience!) I have come to realize that you can lead a neocon to evidence and facts, but you can't force them to comprehend any of it.

It is the reluctance to read, low levels of comprehension, blind patriotism, and apathetic nature of the modern middle class neocon that has ultimately led to our demise. The only return you get when debating this kind of neocon is that everything you say or provide is "bunk" (even if it is a Whitehouse document) and that scholars are "stupid", because they espouse ideas that are inherently foreign to the neocon, and/or prove to question the authority of their "Decider in Chief".

I think its too late to save the older ones, but maybe you could ask him how to focus on keeping future generations from falling off the cliff with the other neocon lemmings.

Well, good writing you've got so far! How on Earth do you find the time to write so much? I'm falling behind!

PoliShifter said...

great post Jim.

Lots of invaluable material here.

an average patriot said...

I will do that. I just received a schedule change from his son but it will still be on the 8th. Danny just told me Jerome started Blogging on kos 12/13 I hope they respect him and i think he should do well there. He's 90 imagine?

an average patriot said...

Thanks, I have been a bit tied up lately so I apologize. I updated this today and it gets worse. plus I just found out from Danny that Jerome started Blogging on kos 12/13 I hope it goes well for him there. I found too many right wing trolls!