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Iran to be nuclear mid 2008, Pakistan Exploding along with the entire middle east, Bin laden urges Jihad on Israel, how do you avoid discussing it? I

Iran to be nuclear mid 2008, Pakistan Exploding along with the entire middle east, Bin laden urges Jihad on Israel, how do you avoid discussing it? It's getting closer!

I keep attempting to get off the subject of war and the future but everyday I peruse the news the prospect widens and gets closer and closer.I want to talk about peace and love but I have to face reality and deal with the current situation. Ignoring the situation today is not going to make it go away. Neither will talking about it so what do you do? Relax, accept the fact that you have no control over the future, continue to enjoy your life, and continue to keep striving to get the truth out!
With that in mind I like you am keeping abreast of events in Pakistan and the fact that elections may be curtailed for 4 months, Bhutto's 19 year old son will now represent the PPK if there are elections, the increased turmoil and mayhem, the ridiculous explanations for Benazir's death, and the idea that Al Qaeda killed Benazir. I happen to believe that Al Qaeda is merely the cover to hide the real truth as to what is really happening and why as it is here.

I believe Musharraf's interest's had her killed. If Democracy was the goal she would have had security and Bush who demanded her return could have demanded her security. Democracy is merely a facade as it is here! Just think about this! Bush who practices 3D Politics (deceitful, deceptive, divisive, Politics) to get his way, says one thing but is after another. War is his goal! He will appear forced to war once again and have to fight to implement his new order one world Government! He is a happy camper. I am right now listening to the so called experts on MSM saying no one knows what the future will bring to Pakistan. Bull! Pakistan will explode and spread into Afghanistan taking Afghanistan out to. Bush guaranteed the loss of everything when he attacked Iraq to go after Iran and get this forever war going full swing.

We will end up deeply involved in Pakistan and this is still just taking shape. Everything Bush has done including the MDS in Poland and Czechoslovakia is designed to instigate the world to war and he is succeeding. Remember while Pakistan is beginning to erupt with promises that the chief warmonger will intervene Russia is strengthening ties with India with promises of more military hardware and help.

This morning I wanted to get away from that subject but then the news I saw made it impossible as it reminded me that we expect Bush to do something in 2008 so he can stay in power. Well in light of that this is just too opportunistic for Bush and too much to ignore! I really have to wonder why the timing? who is goading who? the excuse for war will be found by one side or the other! Iran said Sunday that it will begin operation of the country's first nuclear power plant in the summer of 2008 using half its 1,000 megawatt capacity, the official news agency IRNA reported. Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said the Russians, who are helping build the light-water reactor in the southern Iranian town of Bushehr, will have completed nuclear fuel shipments by the summer, paving the way for its launch. Half of the capacity of the Bushehr nuclear power plant will be launched in the summer of the coming year," IRNA quoted Mottaki as saying.

Tehran heralded the initial shipment as a victory, saying it proved its nuclear program was peaceful, not a cover for weapons development as claimed by the U.S. and some of its allies. That will not deter Bush! The U.S. downplayed the first delivery, and both Washington and Moscow said the supply of nuclear fuel meant Iran had no need to continue its uranium enrichment program -- a process that can provide fuel for a reactor or fissile material for a bomb. Iran insisted it would continue enriching uranium because it needed to provide fuel to a 300-megawatt light-water reactor it was building in the southwestern town of Darkhovin. Iranian officials have said they plan to generate 20,000 megawatts of electricity through nuclear energy in the next two decades.

The U.S. has pushed through two sets of U.N. sanctions against Iran demanding it suspend uranium enrichment and has been urging Security Council members to pass a third set. Iran has defied U.N. demands, and Washington's effort to impose harsher measures has been complicated by the recent intelligence report, and resistance from Russia and China. Iran nuclear plant to launch in 2008

There is no reason for confrontation or war here but that will not deter Bush. He will continue to instigate until Iran breaks and starts it or he can find an excuse to initiate it. The timing is telling! Iran declares they will be running by the summer of 2008. That is just great! Perfect! The chief idiot is expected to act on Iran before his time is up. That gives him the perfect incentive to act next summer! What do you think?

I heard a lot of information today ratcheting this call to world war up but the other story I want to include hits right at the source of all of this, the Israel US connection! Mass murderer Osama Bin Laden threatened Saturday to expand his holy war to Israel - vowing "blood for blood, destruction for destruction." The chilling threat came in a 56-minute audiotape posted on the Internet in which the Saudi-born militant said Al Qaeda will fight to destroy Israel. "We intend to liberate Palestine, the whole of Palestine from the [Jordan] river to the sea," Bin Laden declared. "We will not recognize even 1 inch for Jews in the land of Palestine as other Muslim leaders have ... "

"I assure our kin in Palestine especially that we shall expand our jihad." Bin Laden has long tried to exploit the cause of Palestinians for his own ends - though after 9/11, the late PLO leader Yasser Arafat famously criticized him for doing nothing to help Palestine's quest for statehood. Al Qaeda is not seen as a major threat to the Jewish state. But militants linked to Bin Laden have posed a threat to Lebanon's unity government and quietly forced Washington to ratchet up security aid to Beirut.

Most of Bin Laden's latest tape dealt with Iraq. The Al Qaeda leader accused Washington of plotting to take control of Iraq's oil and urged Iraqis to reject efforts to rebuild a U.S.-backed unity government there. "Our duty is to foil these dangerous schemes, which try to prevent the establishment of an Islamic state in Iraq, which would be a wall of resistance against American schemes to divide Iraq," he said. A number of Sunni Arab tribes in Iraq's western Anbar province have joined forces to form an "Awakening Council" to fight Al Qaeda-linked insurgents. U.S. officials credit the coalition with sharply reducing violence in the province, and military officials have been working to form similar councils in other areas. Bin Laden specifically denounced Abdul-Sattar Abu Risha, the former leader of the Anbar Awakening Council, who was killed in an Al Qaeda bombing in September. "The most evil of the traitors are those who trade away their religion for the sake of their mortal life," Bin Laden said. The tape was notable for its unusually direct attack on Israel. Bin Laden calls for Jihad on Israel
There are too many forces beyond our control now involved in this still evolving scenario. It will be controlled by no one. Watch 2008! I absolutely expect Bush to say in power one way or the other to fight his wars and control us. He has amassed too much power to let in Dem hands and his greatest damage to us and the world is yet to come! This is all too timely, Pakistan, Iran, Al Qaeda, Bin Laden, tomorrow I wish you a Happy New Year today I say beware!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Larry said...

Things sound familiar Jim:

By Malcolm Martin

Much like Charles Darwin, who discovered immutable truths regarding of the origins and evolution of life, Karl Marx was a pioneering scientist. He guided humanity through the reasons capitalism was born, why it would thrive and dominate for a time, and how its inherent contradictions condemn it to death. Marx forecast capitalism, once dead and buried, would be replaced by a superior economic system. Under socialism the shots would no longer be called by a wealthy few but by all the productive people in society in a genuine democracy. For the sake of human survival, sharing rather than competition would be at the foundation of the new system.

History up to Marx’s day and time recorded the transition from feudalism to capitalism as a bloody mess. So Marx well knew that it was likely to be just so when capitalism was forced to make way for socialism. One thing he could not gauge was the scientific and technical advance capitalism would make before it reached its dying days.

So the problem humanity faces is that capitalism in its last throes, rotting internally, irrational and increasingly insane, is now armed with doomsday weapons and has created the technology to create the Orwellian state. The system infects culture and controls the mass media and education across a growing part of the world. It places its servants in seats of political and military power, and creates philosophy and myth to glorify its own existence. It is complete amoral. It has now evolved into a system that would not bat an eye before killing every single human being on the planet.

In the near term, capitalism will take increasing advantage of war, disaster, disease, terror, and slavery to feed itself. Wholesale destruction and regime change will be visited on the oil producing states like Iraq, Iran and Venezuela and other resource-rich areas. Left unchecked, eventually the United States, China, India and the European Union will fight wars for control of world markets and access to resources.

Capitalism depends on profits to live and the appetite for those profits simply cannot be satisfied! For example U.S. oil companies have realized world record profits every quarter for the past several years yet Big Oil must continue to raise the price of gas. The fact is, unless they make ever-greater profit into the indefinite future ExxonMobil and Chevron will whither and die. That is why, against every instinct toward justice, the oil company’s servants in the Congress reject a windfall profits tax, have given away billions of dollars of royalty rights revenues, and will eventually give up drilling rights prohibitions on the Gulf Coast and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Today, even the largest corporations, like General Motors, Nissan and Renault, seek the comfort of each other’s arms. They will only survive in combination as wealth is consolidated in fewer and fewer entities!

But wars for resources, higher commodities prices and mega-mergers are only putting off the day of reckoning for capitalism. There is only so much technology can boost production or wages can be depressed until a slave system must be created. Even at that, the system will then stare into the eyes of its fatal contradiction. Slaves cannot buy the products they produce.

The American electorate again slogged through the political muck to try to be heard in 2006. Their effort turned out to be an exercise in complete futility or the nation’s symbol of anti-war motherhood Cindy Sheehan would not be challenging the nation’s first female House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2008. The experience, frustrating as it was, will open more minds to the real source of our oppression and the true telling of our nation’s history. The fact is that the story of the United States of America is bound up in the birth and rise of capitalism, and the nation’s present descent into dictatorship is part of the same economic system’s decline and inevitable death.

Coincidental with the birth of the US, fueled by the Industrial Revolution, the capitalist system was beginning to break the brutish shackles of feudalism on the people of that day. At the same time capitalism began creating the only force capable of destroying it—the working class. Nascent capitalism enjoyed explosive growth and it spawned revolutions around the world, including the American Revolution. The young and dynamic economic system found that a bourgeois democracy was the most fertile soil for development. The new nation and several other rising industrial countries adopted this form of government.

From the birth of the republic, capitalism has been able to provide the American people with several powerful incentives to buy into the program. Five percent of the world’s population is invited to consume 30% of the world’s resources by way of imperialism. Then the white American majority is invited to enjoy a disproportionate share of that material wealth by way of racism. An especially comfortable place is provided to politicians, intellectuals, academics, bureaucrats, and entertainers in the narrow strata of society Marx called the petty bourgeois.

Nowadays though, the deal with the capitalist devil is becoming more and more difficult to keep! The U.S. is being integrated into a global economy as capitalism searches for the lowest possible wage and the greatest possible profit. The process is steadily reshaping ours into a subsistence-wage service economy. The jobs of elite industrial workers, from auto and steelworkers to airline pilots, are disappearing across the country along with their health benefits and pensions. Even white Americans have begun to feel the pain of a declining standard of living. It is a process that will not be reversed.

Capitalism’s contradictory impulses have begun bumping into each other. It’s happening in the ongoing national debate on immigration and it happened in the recent Dubai Ports World controversy. Profits remain the system’s lifeblood so the ruling class craves an immigrant guest worker program and the United Arab Emirates’ petrodollars but the rabid anti-immigrant and anti-Arab sentiment coursing through U.S. society blocked that path to greater riches. The situation is worsening though. No matter the potential backlash now, desperate crumbling financial pillars of the system like Citicorp and Morgan Stanley are happily accepting the sovereign wealth funds of Abu Dhabi, Singapore and China.

Racism and xenophobia and nationalism and patriotism and every other tactic of division have been promoted relentlessly by capitalism with good reason. White supremacy, Black Nationalism, religious fundamentalism, sexism, homophobia, and all the crackpot schemes and the nihilistic cults of the bourgeoisie, like al-Qaeda, are dead ends for all of us who work. In contrast, our unity would be a poison arrow shot into this system’s Achilles’ heel.

Now as capitalism enters its final stage, a nearly seamless political transition to fascism is well underway in the United States. The mass media, the electoral machinery, and both major political parties are under corporate control. The trappings of bourgeois democracy are a hindrance on profits and so they are being shredded. The Constitution and its Bill of Rights are being rendered meaningless by plans for perpetual war, by presidential signing statements and the theory of the unitary executive, extraordinary rendition, government surveillance programs and the like. Programs based on democratic principles like the public schools, Social Security, and Medicare are being starved to death. Separate and parallel Internet and military forces are being constructed along with internment camps and the legal construct for a martial law declaration. Blackwater is the growing private military force of the ruling class, protecting them in Baghdad and patrolling the streets of New Orleans for them now. Because there are too many sons and daughters of the working class in the US military it can not be trusted by the bourgeoisie when the order is given to attack the American people. Likely the two militaries will one day face each other in combat.

Bloodless coups in 2000 and 2004 installed George W. Bush in the White House and it would take a team of psychoanalysts and profilers to catalogue the many and varied mental pathologies of Bush and his henchmen in the U.S. government. The point to keep in mind is that in this time and in this place the capitalist system required barely human persons in power capable of carrying out insane and grotesquely inhumane policies, up to and including nuclear warfare. Capitalism, like the HAL 9000 computer onboard the spaceship Discovery in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey is out of the control of its makers. The system now has only human sentinels, best represented by the so-called Neo-Conservatives in ruling circles.

American bourgeois democracy is being held under water. It will drown, never to be resuscitated. The liberal intelligentsia of the petty bourgeois spins its wheels in the mud of this reality. On this point Al Gore’s quixotic campaign to sound the alarm on the ecological disaster right around the corner is instructive. In An Inconvenient Truth Gore lays out the incontrovertible facts of global warming, hoping to organize and agitate to a tipping point that changes governmental policy. A young Al Gore saw Dr. Martin Luther King do just that in his confrontation with racism. Despite titling his recent book “The Assault On Reason” Gore and clings to the idea that rationality still has influence in American ruling circles. The real inconvenient truth is that even the great Dr. King could not generate an effective civil rights movement in this era and that the rape of the planet will not end until a stake is driven into the heart of capitalism.

The sad truth is that the petty bourgeois cannot defeat the capitalist ruling class! They are a timid and passive group who, in this time for warriors, gather at the gates of the palace to nag and complain essentially to each other. There are scores of Internet websites, magazines, newspapers, radio programs and networks, and some small television networks where liberal, left, progressive, and other commentators show up to whine out loud. They rail against the outrages and inhumanity of the U.S. government and the Bush Administration. They point out the duplicity, the corruption, the hypocrisy, the inhumanity, and the utter criminality loosed in the world today but to no useful end since capitalism will not be reformed nor shamed to death. Pointing out the defects of capitalism has become as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. The ruling class brushes its liberal democratic critics off like gnats as long as they stay away from the third rail. But let one of these voices dare mention unity based on working class-consciousness and a mobilization to strike at profits and great danger would shortly thereafter visit.

No matter the danger, it must begin to be spoken by a warrior vanguard: socialism is the only way humankind will live into the distant future on this planet. Only a working class with a consciousness of itself and united across all racial, national and cultural boundaries is capable of seizing power. Only a working class in power will see to the end of this madness and willingly share our available resources for the sake of human survival.

Larry said...

Check this out Jim:

By Peter Chamberlin

“We look at the challenge before us and are overwhelmed at the utter impossibility of it all – how can we stop the things that are about to be, and save those things that are about to be no more? Is it America’s destiny to become the new “Reich?” Doesn’t our greatly revered Constitution acknowledge our God-given rights to oppose dictatorship if it raises its head in our government, and even to abolish and change government that becomes abusive of these rights and the rights of innocent others? Yes, we have all these rights and more. (Most of the powers that belong “to the People” are yet to be defined [10th Amendment, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved for the States respectively, or to the people.”], but that too has to change.) “Ideological Struggle of Twenty-first Century”

We the People are the “wild card” in the deck of chaos that is waiting to be played. Our unnamed rights and how we will choose to defend them is the one “known unknown,” that cannot be completely controlled by any authority. If we believe that our family’s self-defense demands that we choose to form our own “militias” here in the United States, as a last resort to losing our Constitutional rights, then that is what we shall do, refusing to “go silently into the night.” The Second Amendment guarantees us the right and the means to self-defense, against ANY attacker.

The way the war on terrorism has been conducted confirms that it is as much about making war on American democracy as it is about prosecuting terrorists. If the coming war against Iran is allowed to happen, it will signal the end of our Constitutional Republic. Therefore, war on Iran equals war against the American people. We have an ancient duty to defend the homeland against these attackers, even if they control every branch of our government. We must be bold enough to plainly say what will happen if new wars are forced upon us. A surprise attack upon Iran will either cause a second civil war or revolution in this country. We have to create public awareness of this dire fact. Like Bush’s dire warning about Iran and “world war III,” to those who want to avoid a Second American Revolution, they should support those of us who seek to diplomatically resolve this conflict peacefully.

The specter of violent popular upheaval, in reaction to the invasion of Iran will deter many people who now support expanding that war. This expansion will automatically trigger a return to forced conscription. Abducting America’s sons and daughters to force them to fight another war for Israel will seem as bad as any act of tyranny committed by the original King George. Posterity demands that this breech with history, represented by the tyrannical Neocon war plan, be brought to an end.

The patriotic element of the antiwar movement is motivated by desire to both protect America and to preserve the Constitution. Both of these motivations are worth fighting for. Together, they are two elements of a political strategy that potentially can gain the support of most Americans, except for those Americans who truly hate their homeland. (I suspect that, despite popular perceptions, very few Americans really hate their country.) Popular outrage is building over Bush’s efforts to destroy the Constitution, as a necessary step to fighting Israel’s wars. It is absolutely imperative that we pump-up that building outrage to a “critical mass.” In order to save America from its powerful ruling class, we have to shake America up. It is time for all good Americans to come to the defense of the homeland.

The White House is the source of the true terror, the dictatorship and the endless war. Since the time of John Kennedy a succession of co-conspirators have been carrying-out the will of the new world order masters, against the American people. Their policies, especially their common foreign policy, have been configured to help them control the world through us.

The secret foreign policy of the controlled American governments has been to sow death and terrorism throughout the world, as a means to destabilize nations and move herds of people in the masters’ direction. Nothing is more destabilizing than masses of millions of displaced refugees, roving from country to country, overloading the economy of each victimized nation, in turn. State-sponsored terrorism and war are the surest ways to create these armies of the dispossessed. This covert policy, known as the “El Salvador option,” is the basis of Bush’s war on terrorism, as he hires armies of mercenaries and gangs of Islamic extremists, to sow war and destruction throughout the Middle East. This strategy was borrowed from Reagan and Bush Sr., where they created the Islamic terrorist armies in Afghanistan which later evolved into Al Qaida and the Taliban.

Bush has multiplied these errors of his father many times over. His war policies amount to a global catastrophe in the making. But the slide into dictatorship will require an even more overwhelming catastrophic event to justify it. World War III should provide sufficient incentive. The elite plot to create an American dictatorship is international terrorism of the worst kind. By definition, terrorism is extortion, the threat of violence to force political concessions. The use of false flag terrorism to herd the unwilling masses into the New World Order is terrorism on the grandest scale – entire nations and groups of nations are held hostage to the masters’ whims.

“This present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long - We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

- David Rockefeller, Sept. 23, 1994

The catastrophic war against Iran is slated to be the event of transformation. It will destroy the idea of nation-states, and with it, the old America-centered world order. In its wake, only Israel and the United States will remain standing in the Middle East. This new total domination of the Middle East will place America’s masters in charge of the world’s energy basket, from North Africa to Kazakhstan. This is why they must not be allowed to succeed. Derailing the plans of the ruling elite, to militarily seize the world, is imperative. Interfering with their war plans will create an opening for us here, to expose their treasonous plans for us, as a means to sweep them out of the halls of our government.

Our counter-plan to the master plot must invoke a strategy for revolutionary changes in our political system. Lobbies must be eliminated, because they interfere with the people communicating with Congress. Political donations to individuals have to end, because they buy the “influence” that rightly only belongs to the people. The rights of the American people to honest representation must be defended against the powerful minority which uses its wealth to dominate “the people’s government.”

As the war is the principle tool used to enslave the American people, then it must also be the principle tool for releasing us from the machine. Since our elected representatives have freely set themselves apart from the American people on this issue of the war, then they must all be turned-out from their seats of power, based on their decisions to break with the people. The record for the nearly unanimous Congressional vote to pass the Lieberman Amendment contains the names of every Congressman who chose to violate the trust of the people who elected them. The Congress is intent on helping Bush to expand Israel’s war, even though the American people have clearly expressed our intention to end it. It is time for the revolution to begin.

Our duty is to make crystal clear to our national misleaders the compelling fact that war with Iran, against the will of the American people, is war against the American people. If Congress helps Bush betray the will of the people they will risk causing a national insurrection, this is a simple fact. There is very little chance that American patriots, at this point, will tolerate our complete ruin for the sake of Israel. The American people will not support a national draft to fight this world war. War with Iran is a line that must not be crossed.

By building-up opposition to the expanded war we have made our presence felt in Washington. Despite the media blackout on popular dissent, military and intelligence officers have been reacting positively to pressure coming from the people. The top military brass openly opposes expanding the war by choice. The turning tide against Bush’s license to attack Iran has made his plans more difficult. Thanks to the NIE nuclear report on Iran, the full frontal assault (of disarmament by force) is no longer open. This only leaves the issue of Iranian aid to Shiites in Iraq, or an attack initiated by Israel, as paths to the desired big war. That means that our duty at the grassroots level is to create pressure on Israel’s supporters to prevent them from helping to push America into this war at a time of Israel’s choosing.

Israel and its supporters are the source of all the pro-war agitation. We awaken America by exposing Israel’s hand as the motivating force behind the war, especially Congressional support for the war. Divide and conquer tactics must be used to separate the Zionist war from its American supporters, especially the “Christian-Zionists.” Exposing the naïve blind sheep to the terror that is Palestine and to the anti-Christian nature of Zionism might influence a few of the fundamentalists who still have partially-opened minds. Other fundamentalists will turn away if they are made to realize the One World nature of this attack.

American Jews, especially the Jewish financiers, must face the truth that the fruits of their labors will be felt most acutely by them. In our campaign to disengage Israel from our government machinery we have no choice but to focus on the “Jewish factor” in the equation. Zionist billionaires, Israeli double agents, and the Israel lobby could not have the weighty impact that they have on American politics without the full support of the majority of American Jews. In matters concerning Israel, they vote as a block. Israel carries, all of the time, in this 2% of Americans.

Author James Petras explains the contradiction in the Jewish-American position on the war:

“Given the high salience of being pro-Israel for the majority of American Jews and the fact that the source of their identity stems more from their loyalty to Israel than to the Talmud or religious myths and rituals, then it is clear that both the ‘progressive, majority of Jews and the reactionary minority who head up all the major American Jewish organizations have a fundamental point of agreement and convergence: Support and identity with Israel and its anti-Arab prejudices, its expansion and the dispossession of Palestine. [my emphasis] This overriding convergence allows the reactionary Presidents of the Major Jewish Organizations in America to speak for the Jewish community with virtually no opposition from the progressive majority either within or without their organizations. By raising the Israeli flag, repeating clichés about the ‘existential threat’ to Israel at each and every convenient moment, the majority of Jews have bowed their heads and acquiesced or, worst, subordinated their other ‘progressive’ opinions to actively backing the leaders ‘identity’ with Israel. Their franchise on being the recognized Jewish spokespeople intimidates and/or forces progressive Jews to publicly abide to the line that ‘Israel (sic) knows what is best for Israel’ and by extension for all American Jews who identify with Israel.”

Mearsheimer and Walt have documented the depth of Israeli domination over American foreign policy in their masterwork, The Israel Lobby , turning the once hidden dark truth into common knowledge. The building anti-Israeli wave that their research has spawned at the grassroots level must be focused into a campaign to end all aid to Israel. (Israel has no need of American military power to protect itself from its innumerable enemies.) If America’s loyal Jewish citizens do not wish to become part of a wave of true populist anti-Semitism, then they will have to clearly separate themselves from the Israeli campaign to cause world war III, by joining with their fellow Americans in opposition.

Surely we can muster enough good American anti-Zionists to mount our own PR campaign to counter the lies with the truth about the Israel Lobby. If we defend American Jews from those who would manipulate them to support cold bloodied murder, then how can we be called “anti-Semitic?” After all, the known objective of AIPAC and the rest of the pro-Israel lobby is to manipulate Jewish Americans into activism to support Israeli aggression in Palestine and elsewhere. The primary targets of Zionist disinformation campaigns have always been their fellow Jews. The Zionists manipulate their often unsuspecting kinsmen to do their bidding. Traditionally the Zionists have usually fed the fires of anti-Semitism, in order to scare them back to Israel. Heroes of the movement, like Theodor Herzl have boldly expressed their intentions to use anti-Semitism as a recruiting instrument:

“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . .I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . . The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends”. (From his Diary, Part I, pp. 16)

“Anti-Semitism” is not always what it seems. Usually, it is the first line of defense for Zionist disinformation agents, to be launched at anyone who speaks the words Israel or “Jewish,” without using reverential tones.

“So anti-Semitism, which is a deeply imbedded force in the subconscious mind of the masses, will not harm the Jews. I actually find it to be advantageous to building the Jewish character, education by the masses that will lead to assimilation. This education can only happen through suffering, and the Jews will adapt.” (p. 68 of Part I of his Diary)

Legitimate criticism of Israel or Zionism is deterred by harassment tactics and threats of lawsuits for “libel.” Many websites are afraid to publish anything of this nature because of the threats, or because of the power of “cronyism” to effect journalistic content. Wealthy Jewish lawyers like Alan Dershowitz provide the legal “muscle” that is needed to intimidate would be critics of Israeli actions. By making well-publicized examples of anyone who speaks-out, or by using well-known “anti-Zionist” agitators like Prof. Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky, to serve as counterfeit counter-points, a lot of the potentially effective opposition is cowed into acquiescence. You know that Finkelstein is a fake, because he has taken Walt and Mearsheimer to task for their claims about the power of the lobby to influence American policy. According to Finkelstein:

“I don’t think there’s any evidence that the is lobby was a crucial factor in the decision for the US to go to war in Iraq and I don’t think that there is evidence that US policy in the Middle East in general is shaped by the lobby… I don’t think it determined US policy in Iran, in Turkey or in Iraq. But on the Israel-Palestine conflict – the building of settlements and the colonisation of Palestine, I think it is a crucial factor.”

The recent staged event at Columbia University was an AIPAC inspired publicity event, intended to mock and debase an invited guest of the university, in a most undemocratic manner. Even recent high school graduates in Israel know the real power of their lobby, to manipulate American Jews and thereby affect the policies of the American people.

Why is it that common knowledge in Israel is slammed as “anti-Semitism” when it is spoken by Americans?

Israeli agents within the US government (neocons) like Sen. Lieberman are continuing to do everything they can to compel the United States Congress to order military action against Iran. (Lieberman-Kyl Amendment). Other neocons within the military, like Gen. Kevin Bergner, have been trying to provide evidentiary grounds for the Lieberman covert war declarations by claiming that Iranian aid to fellow Shiites in Iraq is intended to kill Americans, not to defend against al Qaida attacks. The Neocon Israeli agents have exposed their traitorous plans for us; it is our lot to ensure that they do some hard jail time for their efforts.

Israeli Zionists are becoming concerned that the success of their efforts are alerting the American people to their plans. “Walt and Mearsheimer, who are getting plenty of exposure, couldn’t have asked for better proof of their point that the lobby works to stifle dissent…” In fact, the Israeli government is becoming alarmed over its public relations problem because of the need to keep doing everything it can to ramp-up pressure for launching a war against Iran, while pretending just as hard that it has nothing to do with causing this war. This is in line with past Zionist concerns about allowing the harshness of its actions to overshadow the “humanitarian” image of Israel as a homeland for persecuted Jews.

“Spirit the penniless population across the frontier by denying it employment… Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly.”-Theodore Herzl, “Complete Diaries,” June 12, 1895 entry.

Israel has to cause world war without validating the “anti-Semitic” claims of people like Mearsheimer and Walt. Israel is facing this difficulty in achieving its militant aims, while experiencing a real “existential threat,” coming not from Iran, but from the collapse of Zionist ideology, the very basis of the government of Israel. Immigration to Israel is falling-off drastically. Emigration from Israel is escalating. The IDF is taking actions to convert foreign workers to Judaism, as a last resort to increase “Jewish” population. If America cannot maneuvered into starting the world war that will be Zionism’s saving grace, then the idea of a “Jewish state” is doomed to wither and die from its own failures. The failure of Zionism to motivate a significant portion of the Jewish “Diaspora” to forsake assimilation and return to the former land of Palestine, will spell the end of Herzl’s dream.

It can be seen in the diplomatic “snafu” that occurred after Annapolis, that a new front against the Zionist plans is erupting, with America acting without prior Zionist approval, introducing the statement of intent “endorsing this week’s agreement by Israeli and Palestinian leaders to try to reach a Mideast peace settlement by the end of 2008.” Popular opposition to the expanded war has even caused the American aristocracy to rethink their position on supporting the Zionist war as the defining “big push,” required in their plans to finish the destruction of American democracy. We have begun to see cracks in the united conspiracy between the Zionists and the financial elite. America’s “big money” masters have time to wait for another defining catastrophe of transformation, the Zionists do not. They know that they are living on borrowed time.

I can see the tide turning in America’s favor, can you? If only enough of us have the backbone to stake our freedom and our lives to our Constitutional-Republic and its preservation. It is our lot to be the ones who have to say to our own government – “No more.”

Larry said...

By Susan Rosenthal

How do you define class? According to the 2006 General Social Survey, most Americans view society like a giant football, with a small group of rich people at one end, a small group of poor people at the other end, and the majority filling out the middle.

While class is commonly defined on the basis of income, wealth, education, and occupation, these individual characteristics tell us nothing about people’s social relationships.

A social definition of class would measure two variables: the control that people have over their work and the control that they have over other people’s work. Using these criteria, society can be divided into three classes: the class that rules (the capitalist class); the class that obeys (the working class); and the class in between (the middle class).

This definition would structure society like the typical workplace — a pyramid with a boss at the top (the capitalist class), a layer of middle-managers or supervisors (the middle class), and the majority who do the actual work and are unemployed from time to time (the working class).

The class that rules

The capitalist or ruling class has the most power because it owns or controls the natural resources required to create wealth, the process of creating wealth, and the wealth that is created. Because it controls all these things, the capitalist class decides the overall direction of society, determining what will be produced, how it will be produced, and who will have access to the resulting goods and services.

The capitalist class includes CEOs of the largest corporations, presidents and directors of the largest universities and banks, and the highest-ranking politicians, government bureaucrats, judges, and military officers. Each nation has its own capitalist class, and together they form a global capitalist class.

Capitalists compete constantly for capital. Larger corporations swallow up smaller ones and grow larger. Stronger nations dominate weaker ones and grow stronger. Ceaseless competition has caused the ruling class to shrink in size while it grows in wealth and power. By 2005, one percent of people at the top of society owned one-third of America’s financial wealth.

The class that obeys

The capitalist class controls the means of production, but the working class sets it in motion. The working class creates all the wealth in society, yet has the least power. People in the working class own no land, no factories, no machines, no businesses, nor any other means of making a living. (They can, of course, own personal property such as homes and vehicles.) Workers survive only by selling their ability to labor in exchange for a wage. They have no control over how they produce and what they produce. They have no control over the labor of others.

While the ruling class has shrunk over time, the working class has expanded. More than half the global population is now urban working class (with the next largest group being small farmers who are middle class because they own a little land). In the U.S., about 80 percent of the population is working class — the vast majority.

Rising productivity has made it possible to accumulate more surplus from fewer workers. Some of this surplus has been used to expand the service sector — finance, transportation, communications, hotels, restaurants, and the education, medical, and penal systems. While the working class as a whole has continued to expand in size, the proportion of industrial workers has declined while the proportion of service workers has increased.

The class that obeys has the option of not obeying, of taking collective control of production and reshaping society to meet human needs.

The class in the middle

The middle class is the second largest social class. Forming about 20 percent of the North American population, the middle class sits between the two other classes, blending into the capitalist class at one end and the working class at the other end.

People in the middle class have an intermediate level of power, having some control over their own work and some control over the work of others. The middle class owns or controls some means of production: the small farmer owns some land; the self-employed artisan owns some tools: the corner-store retailer buys and sells some produce. Sections of the middle-class employ and exploit workers — on a small scale.

The 18th-century middle class was composed of small farmers and fishermen, artisans, entertainers, lower-level clergy, traders, and owners of small businesses. The process of capital accumulation obliterates the traditional middle class. Agricultural corporations swallow family farms and fast-food chains replace family restaurants.

While squeezing out the traditional middle class, capitalism creates a layer of middle-class managers to supervise the working class. The capitalist also needs middle-class financial, legal, scientific, design, and technical experts to find ways to increase profits. While ordinary workers are micro-managed, salaried professionals are encouraged to think creatively and act independently, within the limits set by the boss.

Middle-class managers and professionals can be distinguished from waged workers by the amount of control they exercise in the workplace. A unionized electrician on a construction site could be more educated, more skilled, and make more money than the site supervisor. However, the supervisor tells the electrician what to do.

The grey zones

An indeterminate number of people inhabit the two grey zones on either edge of the middle class. The zone between the middle and ruling classes includes members of the ruling class who perform upper-level managerial functions, and upper-level managers who are occasionally invited to make big decisions.

There is a much larger grey zone between the middle and working classes. At the one end are middle-class professionals whose degraded working conditions resemble industrial assembly lines. Physicians working for Health Management Organizations (HMOs) are permitted to order only those tests and provide only those treatments that the employer approves. By removing their decision-making functions, HMOs force doctors into working-class conditions. In response, thousands of doctors have joined unions and organized collective bargaining units recognized by the National Labor Relations Board.

At the other end of the zone between the working and middle classes are waged workers with small businesses on the side and blended-class families that form when middle- and working-class people marry. Changes of fortune also create blended-class families: the disbarred lawyer takes a job at the post-office and the steel-worker’s daughter goes to medical school.

The grey zone also includes workers who perform managerial functions — salaried social workers, nurses, grade-school teachers, low level government workers, and prison guards. All are working class because they have little or no control over their own working conditions. At the same time, their jobs give them some control over other people.

Ordinary soldiers are working class because they have absolutely no control over the conditions of their work. At the same time, the soldier has a middle-class function — to control others. Soldiers are not in the same class as police officers. The working-class soldier is drilled to follow commands without thinking, while the police officer is a middle-class professional who is trusted by the higher-ups to know who to target, who to charge, who can be roughed up, and whose life has less value.

When it is difficult to decide if someone is middle or working class, that person probably inhabits the grey zone.

an average patriot said...

Larry sadly as you know, Capitalism will never die as long as man lives but Marx was dead on with this statement.
In the near term, capitalism will take increasing advantage of war, disaster, disease, terror, and slavery to feed itself. Wholesale destruction and regime change will be visited on the oil producing states like Iraq, Iran and Venezuela and other resource-rich areas. Left unchecked, eventually the United States, China, India and the European Union will fight wars for control of world markets and access to resources.

an average patriot said...

Larry I hope you get this.
you sent this By Peter Chamberlin

“We look at the challenge before us and are overwhelmed at the utter impossibility of it all – how can we stop the things that are about to be, and save those things that are about to be no more? Is it America’s destiny to become the new “Reich?” Doesn’t our greatly revered Constitution acknowledge our God-given rights to oppose dictatorship if it raises its head in our government, and even to abolish and change government that becomes abusive of these rights and the rights of innocent others? Yes, we have all these rights and more. (Most of the powers that belong “to the People” are yet to be defined [10th Amendment, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved for the States respectively, or to the people.”], but that too has to change.) “Ideological Struggle of Twenty-first Century”

Remember, as Bush said, the Constitution is just a peice of p-aper and he proves it everyday. We the people do not matter anymore and we have become the new Reich but it will not last too long.
If you read the story I did for new years eve you will see that I now have hope we will turn this around because there are well entrenched forces that are waking up. How is this all going to turn out as we are marching to World war? That is the question!

an average patriot said...

Rising productivity has made it possible to accumulate more surplus from fewer workers. Some of this surplus has been used to expand the service sector — finance, transportation, communications, hotels, restaurants, and the education, medical, and penal systems. While the working class as a whole has continued to expand in size, the proportion of industrial workers has declined while the proportion of service workers has increased.
You know, this is true but as we all know, it is being allowed to crumble and I believe for a reason.
You know, in my first book I always point out I said on the cover any grey area is developed to cover a hidden agenda but this proves there are valid grey areas. At leastin which class you fall into!
When I was looking at the various categories of class the only ony that matters to me was not mentioned. that is personal class! How do you conduct yourself? Do you put others first? How are your principles? Are you moral?
That is the only class that matters Personal class! And we do not see any of it in this mis-administration and most other places of so called authority!