Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This supposed failed Democratization program for the World is for Bush a stunning Success in his endeavor for a new world order Forever war!

This supposed failed Democratization program for the World is for Bush a stunning Success in his endeavor for a new world order Forever war!
Man it just dawned on me this morning while I was out running errands. I constantly tell people that what appears to be total failure in the middle east is a total success too Bush as he is on a different agenda than most people realize. I was researching proof this morning that every single forced Democracy this idiot is forcing on the world has failed or is in the process of failing then Bingo!
It dawned on me that this is failure to us but this is total success to Bush. We have been talking of late as to what Bush's plans are for the world and this supposed failure gives Bush the excuse to follow those plans. Let me explain! Boy are we of the world friggen fools!

I talk often about Bush's tactic that Rove taught him of Divide and Conquer to get what he wants. He has purposely created division in America where there was none so he could follow his agenda here in the US. I observed and discussed that that is what he is doing in the middle east and it was highlighted by that failed meeting in Annapolis that only served to create the division necessary to achieve what he and Israel want in creating a new middle east order.
We have of late been discussing that Bush's goal is to create a one world Government with the US at the head of it. I was thinking of all that and researching all the failed forced Democratization around the world when it dawned on me. This Democratization program is not failing. It is only failing to those of us that do not realize what underhanded Bush is doing and that this is all part of Bush's usual underhanded tactic of creating division this time around the world so he can use it to follow his plan for new world order with us at the head. that is what he thinks!
I was sent some work yesterday that Professor Chossudovsky had done. Of course we have been discussing it for years. But Chossudovsky is good and stands a better chance of making a difference than we do. I have sent him work in the past and I received an Email request for a list of past inequities and corruption by the Bush Mis-Administration. I sent him access to the day to day background I have been analyzing since day one of this mess. I never heard back from him so I don't know if he used it in his compilation of a comprehensive data base or not. So I will leave it to whoever thinks this thought is worthy to pass it on to http://www.globalresearch.com/

Bush is working to divide and Conquer the world. This failed democratization program around the world is not failure but success! I was going to list the failures but there has not been a single success. Right from the beginning of this program I consider Reagan to be the father of when he told Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin wall and supposedly broke the back of the Soviet Union. Today the East Germans want the wall back up as they are worse off and do not like having to fight for a livelihood instead of being guaranteed it. Russians too are happy. After their failed experiment with Democracy where they were starving and out of work Putin has pulled them away from Democracy. Their is plenty of food and jobs and all is well as far as the people are concerned.

Putin is preparing to take on Bush and his plan even as Bush has created Division amongst Russia's neighbors to be used to divide and conquer old Russia and her ex satellites. Bush has purposely created all this division and chaos to appear forced to war and fight to implement his desire for a one world government led by us but it will be total chaos for years to come regardless of the outcome. As I was saying, I was going to list the Democratic failures Bush has created but instead I will give you some links so you can read if you want.
Kosovo and the Balkans are erupting again. The middle east is erupting. This is happening around the world and only guarantees the chief warmonger division and years of war for the happy camper. he is purposely destroying America and the world so he or his predecessor can rule it. I am not even going to supply the links to where democratization is failing. It is all around the world even in America. At this point I can only ask can you show me a single success?

I am only going to give you two links because again the supposed experts just do not get it and never will and to our demise, Democracy Cannot Coexist with Bush's Failed Doctrine of Preventive War

They just don't get it! It isn't supposed to. it has done its job! People forget this is the underhanded chief idiot! You can not go by what he says. you have to be smart enough to ignore what he says, watch what he does, and think for yourself. He will never speak the truth or reveal his actual goal. You can only be guaranteed it is clandestine and never what he says.

Lastly I just want to direct you to this link about the Bush Doctrine failing because it is wrong. The Doctrine he announced is not the Doctrine he is following and it is not failing it is succeeding. the Christian science Monitor asks if the Bush Doctrine failed

** It is in the Dictionary but the real doctrine Bush is following is called the Russian Doctrine of Destruction. Here is a brief synopsis: This is fact and it is doctrine, it is dictionaried, and it is indeed fact. We as the lower classes better move fast. The doctrine is fact is in the dictionary. It is used only when replacing existing societal, government, and world order. You look at the facts as to what President Bush is doing both home, in the Middle East, and around the world. Think about all he has done and this should all be put into perspective. You will see it broken down at the link.

** Of course, as you know it is all worthless because he will only smirk, laugh it off as biased innuendo, continue with his plan, and do exactly what he wants. It was first used by mid 19th Century Russians in order to topple one form of order and replace it with their new order. President Bush as we can all attest to is well on his way. First he has to finish breaking down existing societies and Government rule. As you all are experiencing his new policies every day you know that in fact he is well under way. He is almost complete in his bringing down of the legal lower classes and the Democratic Party. Hopefully this will wake up the country. We cannot allow him to emplace his idea of a society and a Government.A Doctrine of fact Bush Uncovered
** You might find it surprising but I wrote that four years ago and have sent it to every single media outlet and Politician I could numerous times. You are learning first hand that it is right on but I am sure none of them have ever read it. You know how this is going to end. It is important to continue to get the truth out. We hear speculation but never the truth and of course it will never be spoken. If you believe this I ask you to please send it to http://www.GlobalResearch.com or anyone else you think can get heard and make a difference.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


betmo said...

well, to me, it's a no brainer that you can't force democracy on anyone. they have to want it. it isn't democracy necessarily that fails- it's the capitalism that apparently, goes hand in hand with it. free speech and free thinking- and free voting- that works imperfectly but it works. what brings the whole kit and kaboodle down is unbridled and unchecked corporate capitalism. i agree one hundred percent with your assessment about the divide and conquer thing. when i first started my blog i started researching- until i got too depressed. good on you!

Anok said...

Hey Jim, I got your messages! In an act of shameless self promotion I am starting a blog burst Truthe In Recruiting

Its about recruiting kids in high school. I am pissed.

I'll pop back in later when I'm all done whoring out my post ;)

Anok said...

Er, that should read Truth not truthe...

Larry said...

It's coming Jim:

We are not living in a sound and rational World, where far-reaching decisions by the US President are based on an understanding of their likely consequences.

A World War III is no longer a hypothetical scenario.

During the Cold War, the concept of "mutual assured destruction" (MAD) was put forth. An understanding of the devastating consequences of nuclear war largely contributed to avoiding the outbreak of war between the US and the Soviet Union.

Today, in the post-Cold war era, no such understanding prevails.

The specter of a nuclear holocaust, which haunted the world for half a century has been relegated to the status of "collateral damage".

US foreign policy under the Neocons is based on a diabolical and criminal agenda. The "war on terrorism" is a lie; Iran does not constitute a threat to global security as confirmed by a recent IAEA report. Iran does not constitute a threat to Israel.

The US president is a liar, who believes his own lies.

While Iran's non existent nukes are said to constitute a lethal and deadly threat, so-called tactical nuclear weapons "Made in America" are described in Pentagon documents as "harmless to the surrounding civilian population".

In a bitter irony, those who decide on the use of nuclear weapons believe their own propaganda. A preemptive nuclear attack on Iran is upheld as a bona fide humanitarian undertaking which contributes to global security.

And now the US Head of State, who has a limited understanding of geopolitics, let alone geography, is hinting that if Iran does not give up its nonexistent nuclear weapons program, we might be reluctantly forced into in a World War III situation. Bush has insinuated that as Commander in Chief, he could decide to launch a war on Iran, which would result in World War III.

"Dr. Strangelove rides again." In an utterly twisted logic, World War III is presented by the US President as a means to preventing collateral damage.

The war would be triggered by Iran, who has refused to abide by the "reasonable demands" of "the international community".

Realities are twisted and turned upside down. Iran is being accused of wanting to start World War III.

Larry said...

The New World Order Coming Soon:

If you don't know where your birth certificate is, you better find it. Because of new federal ID requirements coming late next year, you're going to need it when your driver's license expires.

That was made even more clear Wednesday when Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land took a major step in preparing for the change.

Land had two packages of bills introduced on her behalf in the House and Senate that lay the legal groundwork for creating two new versions of the Michigan driver's license.

The first is a standard-issue license with enhanced security features that could be used for domestic air travel because only U.S. citizens, or those legally present in the country, could get it.

The second is an upgraded, optional, and more expensive ID that could be used in lieu of a passport for travel to and from Canada and other Western Hemisphere countries.

"We need to get this in place because the (federal) deadlines are on the horizon," said Land's spokeswoman, Kelly Chesney.

The cost of both new IDs will not be determined until details of the federal law are finalized, but fees will be slightly higher than the current versions because of enhanced security features and the required document

Land is moving forward because it is important to get laws in place so her office has the authority to issue both licenses. Under the federal Real ID Act passed in 2005, state motor vehicle departments are mandated to demand up to four different documents that prove citizenship and residency before issuing a license.

The act also requires all citizens of Western Hemisphere nations that enter the U.S., and all U.S. citizens re-entering the county, to have a passport or special driver's license.

Land has worked out an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security and the Canadian government that, when complete, will allow Michigan residents who frequently travel to and from Canada to use the upgraded version of the state driver's license.

That license will be more expensive because it must contain a radio frequency identification chip, Chesney said.

Larry said...

Naomi Wolf, author of "10 steps" speaks publicly for the first time about legacy of modern-day tyranny

Author Naomi Wolf, who made headlines earlier this year after she identified the ten steps to fascism that were being followed to a tee by the Bush administration, spoke publicly for the first time yesterday about the origins of what we see unfolding today, Prescott Bush's attempt to launch a Nazi coup in 1930's America.

Speaking on the Alex Jones Show, Wolf said that she was first alerted to begin researching America's slide into fascism when her friend, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, warned her that the same events that laid the foundations for the rise of the Third Reich in early 1930's Germany, when it was still a Parliamentary democracy, were being mirrored in modern-day America.

"A small group of people began very systematically to use the law and dismantle the Constitution and put pressure on citizens to subvert the law - and that opened the door for everything that followed," said Wolf.

"When I started reading, not only are tactics and strategy being reproduced exactly right now by the Bush administration - but actual sound bytes and language and images and scenarios are being reproduced," she added.

Wolf's essay, Fascist America, In 10 Easy Steps , has received plaudits for how it succinctly describes the ways in which dictatorships the world over thro ughout the 20th century have evolved by following the exact same blueprint for tyranny that we see unfolding in America today.

"Everybody that wants to close down a Democracy does the exact same ten things, the same classic steps and unfortunately we're starting to see these ten steps being put in place in the United States," said Wolf.

For the first time publicly, Wolf traced the origins of contemporary developments back to President Bush's Nazi grandfather, Prescott Bush, and his plan to launch a fascist coup in the 1930's.

"There was a scheme in the 30's and Prescott Bush was one of the leaders of this scheme, an industrialist who admired fascism and thought that was a good idea - to have a coup in the United States along the lines of the coup they saw taking place in Italy and Germany," said Wolf, referring to the testimony of Marine Corps Maj.-Gen. Smedley Butler, who was approached by a wealthy and secretive group of industrialists and bankers, including Prescott Bush - the current President's grandfather, who asked him to command a 500,000 strong rogue army of veterans that would help stage a coup to topple then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

A recent BBC radio report confirmed that there was an attempted coup led by Prescott Bush.

"Smedley Butler had been involved with violent regime change throughout his career, but he was approached by these conspirators, including Prescott Bush, and he outed them and he testified to Congress that they were planning a coup in the United States - it's in the Congressional record," said Wolf, adding that the coup was being bankrolled by German industrialist and one of Hitler's chief financiers Fritz Thyssen.

"What is amazing to me and resonant to me is that when the Nuremberg trials were finally put in place, these Nazi industrialists, some of whom had colluded with Americans including IBM, were about to be brought to trial and sent to prison - there was a moment at which they were going to look into turning the spotlight on their American partners," said Wolf.

The author added that laws such as the Military Commissions Act of 2006 were consciously designed to protect current President Bush and his co-conspirators from being indicted for war crimes, harking back to Prescott Bush's history.

"The family history is that you can make so much money uniting corporate interests with a fascist state that violently represses people, that's why when I saw the recycling of so much Nazi language, Nazi tactics, Nazi strategies, Nazi imagery in the Bush White House and then finally belatedly people brought to me this history of Prescott Bush's attempted coup and Smedley Butler's revelations - it gives me absolute chills," said Wolf.

The fact that Bush's grandfather was a Nazi cannot be presented alone as proof that President Bush is carrying on the legacy, but his policies and rhetoric, which in her essay Wolf clearly documents are borrowed from the Nazi playbook, and in particular the recent move to smear administration critics as potential terrorists, are evidence that George W. Bush is the figurehead for a modern-day fascist coup in America led by the Neo-Cons.

Wolf concluded that history shows the only safe course for preserving freedom in such a climate is to prosecute and jail the protagonists of the coup as early as possible, a process many would argue should have been enacted several years ago.

Dave Dubya said...

Yes, look what happens when the guys who tell us government is bad and dysfunctional, are allowed to run that government and turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Informed voters would never have put them in power. Ignorance has helped them more than anything.

How Orwellian is that? The Party slogan, "Ignorance is Strength" is truly a republican value.

Their mission of destroying our government while plundering our wealth is running like a Swiss watch. Their permanant war is being sold as the means to peace. There's the second slogan, War is Peace."

And anyone paying attention can plainly see their destruction of the Constitution is leading to "Freedom is Slavery."

Larry, thanks for the tip on Naomi. I've been passing her "10 Steps" on to friends for a while now.

Larry said...

by Nat Hentoff

During the 1930s, when I was a kid, I read that some big-time American companies were actually doing business with Hitler. I asked my father—who, as a young man, had escaped from Russia, the land of pogroms—how on earth this was possible.

"Profits," he said bitterly, adding to my education in the ways of the world.

More than ever, it's acutely relevant whether corporations—now with global reach—profit from regimes that commit horrendous crimes against their own people.

Last month, a New York–based human rights group, the nonprofit Dream for Darfur, released a 70-page report card, And Now . . . Not a Word From our Sponsors, in which they graded 19 corporate sponsors of the 2008 Beijing Olympics on their response to the genocide in Darfur.

"Sponsors," says Jill Savitt, executive director of Dream for Darfur, "have an obligation to protect . . . their own reputations; they need to press the Chinese host [Sudan's main business partner and protector] to take action or risk being sponsors of what will go down in history as the Genocide Olympics."

Added Ellen Freudenheim, the organization's corporate outreach officer: "Top global companies, from General Electric to Panasonic to Volkswagen, stand to gain vast prestige and visibility in China's burgeoning market by aligning themselves with the games and the lofty Olympic values of friendship and humanity. But their Olympic sized investments of tens of millions of dollars could be diminished if the legacy of the Beijing Games is associated with inaction in the face of genocide."

Mia Farrow of Dream for Darfur put it more bluntly: "This is blood money. . . . Fear of losing money is . . . not compared to the women who are being attacked today . . . and the children who are being thrown into bonfires."

Among the other corporations contacted by Dream for Darfur during 16 months of discussions are the Adidas Group, Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser), Coca-Cola, General Electric (owner of NBC, which bought the broadcasting rights to the Genocide Olympics), Johnson & Johnson, McDonald's, Staples, Microsoft, and Eastman Kodak.

In its 70-page report card, Dream for Darfur reveals that not one company has been "willing to acknowledge publicly that . . . the ongoing genocide in Darfur is morally unacceptable for the Olympic host."

Appropriately, Jill Savitt calls these sponsors, partners, and suppliers for the 2008 Olympics—which will begin on August 8 of next year, with Steven Spielberg serving as artistic director—"handmaidens to a dubious coronation."

The "Olympic Corporate Sponsors' Pledge"—which these sanitizers of genocide were asked to sign by Dream for Darfur—included this promise:

"In light of the unique relationship our esteemed Olympic host has with the government in Sudan, and in our role as friends and supporters of the Chinese government, we pledge to urge the Chinese government to utilize its position to help Khartoum consent to a true international civilian protection operation for Darfur and a good-faith peace process well before the August 2008 start of the games."

Despite the honey-coated language of the sponsors' pledge, not one of the 19 corporations has signed it.

There will be more report cards from Dream for Darfur before the coronation date. Referring to that fateful day, Jacques Rogge—president of the International Olympics—dreamily prophesied in August of this year: "I can already begin to imagine the exhilarating atmosphere the crowds will create as the athletes parade into the arena on 8 August."

The actual atmosphere on that fateful day could make Rogge's blood run cold, because Dream for Darfur has other plans for putting even greater pressure on these corporate sponsors and their "esteemed" host to get Sudan to stop the genocide. If they refuse, not even Steven Spielberg will be able to make the 2008 Olympics palatable to the world.

Dream for Darfur is telling the corporate sponsors—and the American and world public—that "it is working with other advocacy organizations on organizing protest events at sponsors' headquarters, and a mass consumer write-in campaign, as well as contacting the investment community." (Emphasis added.)

Among the advocacy organizations already interested in targeting corporate sponsors are Save Darfur and STAND—A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition, part of the Genocide Intervention Network. STAND has more than 700 chapters at schools around the globe. In addition, Save Darfur includes many active organizations and individuals.

During a Dream for Darfur press conference on November 27, Mia Farrow—speaking about future actions by the group—said, "We are appealing to the public . . . to put more pressure on these companies [and for] the press to do its job. . . . Business is not as usual when we talk about mass atrocities."

"Will you be calling for a consumer boycott [on the sponsoring corporations]?" asked a questioner.

"We have been hearing," Farrow answered, "from communities of survivors that they want to participate in a very large way. Who, then, better to speak about genocide than communities of survivors? And I know they are planning campaigns of their own as well to make their own message clear to the sponsors."

To get involved in the campaign targeting corporate sponsors of the Olympics, contact Dream for Darfur at 646-823-2412 or info@dreamfordarfur.org.

Mia Farrow also said: “There’s a woman who gave me this amulet . . . I wear it around my neck. When her village was first burned, she was holding her baby in her arms when the Janjaweed attacked . . . but he was torn from her arms anyway and bayoneted before her eyes. That day, three of her five children were slaughtered. [She] said, ‘Tell people what is happening here. Tell them we will all be slaughtered. Tell them we need help.’ ”

Do you hear that, G.E., Coca-Cola, Staples, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Panasonic, Volkswagen, et al.?

There's more to come in future columns—along with reports of China banning protests of any sort at the games. President Bush will be there, he says. Will he turn his American-flag lapel pin upside down?

an average patriot said...

you know, I was just deleting all the stories I had saved yesterday to write authoritatively on the subject of failed Democratization around the world and I had to save a couple.
I reiterate this has failed only to those of us who think we should see the success we are told is the goal. But this is success to Bush. This is just beginning.
The division is created and now the turmoil and Bush will be forced to fight and emplace his new order. You can see he is trying to create a one world market well ultimately the goal is a one Government world to run it.
It will not work because Russia and China will lead the world against what Bush has set in motion regardless of what happens in 2008.

an average patriot said...

Truthe works for me. I just responded on your site. Good job! I meant to tell you that on that link I gave you click on the idiot Bush then Next to get the additional pictures. The one you liked was around 6th or 7th.

an average patriot said...

I know its coming and it will not be stopped. What stuns me is that people do not see what is really going on and they think they can make a difference, Forget it!
Bush is the enemy not Iran. War with Iran is a necessity in order to facilitate WW3. It will not be stopped. Bush will not stop! Mutual destruction is no longer a concern because the End of Days seems to be the goal and those that are pursuing this mess believe they will survive and start over smaller.
Well you know how bad it gets so I won't say it again but just a reminder that those that survive to start over will only be the ones that did this and they will live to fight agin in a world unfit to live in or escape from.

an average patriot said...

With those new drivers licences and requirements I just see the average citizen stepped on further. They are being squeezed out in this so called new order.
What concerns me is those citizens outside of the country that do not have the where with all to get back into America. This is really screwed up but it will get a lot worse. As I said I am stunned that there are those that do not see what is happening and they will not stop it though they think they can. They do not realize they and our laws and Constitution do not matter. ONLY THE SOLE DECIDER MATTERS!

an average patriot said...

Larry you know we have discussed Prescot Bush many times in the past and the fact that he was colluding with the Nazi's. I still can't believe he wasn't persecuted for it.
Bush is finishing what Prescott started and this will be the worst and most underhanded Fascist regime in History because of the lessons learned.
I wrote about Naomi's book on Fascism in America because it is undeniable fact and she was ridiculed by Faux news Jon Kassich then she was shut off. This mess will not be stopped and their are MSM enabler whether or not they realize what is really happening.

an average patriot said...

It stinks but this so called new order and forever war will not be stopped. War is the new peace and lies are the new truth. All to keep this Fascist one world government agenda moving forward. This chaos will not be prevented and will soon get a lot worse as this is still just unfolding and Bush has yet to do his greatest damage!

an average patriot said...

Larry thanks for that on China and Darfur!
Dream for Darfur is telling the corporate sponsors—and the American and world public—that "it is working with other advocacy organizations on organizing protest events at sponsors' headquarters, and a mass consumer write-in campaign, as well as contacting the investment community." (Emphasis added.)

More power to them and I wish them luck. They just bettrer stay out of China because they hav promissed to step hard on protestors.
I know it is all about profits and prestige but knowing China's record I am stunned that they are even hosting the Olympics.
That alone speaks volumes!