Monday, April 30, 2012

video of Syria burying rebel alive as Syrian forces, rebels clash in Latakia when 100's of armed Syrians defect

Syrian troops video'd burying rebel alive, Rebels attack Syrian soldiers from sea, several killed, ‎Hundreds of soldiers defected from the Syrian armed forces on Sunday in the outskirts of Damascus and in the port city of Latakia,

Rebels attack Syrian army from sea, several killed: ‎Gunmen in inflatable dinghies killed several security officials in an attack on a military unit on Syria’s Mediterranean coast, state media said on Saturday, the first seaborne assault reported during the revolt against the government of President Bashar Al Assad as the Lebanese navy intercepted three containers of weapons destined for Syrian rebel forces on board a ship originating from Libya.

Syria’s official Sana news agency said several gunmen and soldiers died in fighting that followed the coastal attack near the northern port of Latakia, 35 km south of the Turkish border.

Syrian forces, rebels clash in Latakia: At least 10 military defectors died during clashes in a village in the Damascus countryside, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Three civilian fatalities were reported in various cities, including Homs, where a man died after a gang supporting the regime attacked him with knives, according to the London-based Syrian Network for Human Rights.

Defectors also clashed with forces in the coastal city of Latakia, where a presidential palace is located, according to the observatory. The new attacks came a day after a bomber struck near a mosque in the capital of Damascus, killing nine people -- most of them government forces, Syrian state-run media reported. It described the attack in Midan district as a "terrorist bombing."

Hundreds of soldiers defected from the Syrian armed forces on Sunday in the outskirts of Damascus and in the port city of Latakia, where large explosions were heard near the presidential palace, the Syrian Media Center reported. Sima Malaki, spokesperson of the center, which represents the Syrian opposition, said dozens of soldiers defected from an army unit that was positioned near the presidential palace in Latakia.

The official news agency SANA reported that “one of the military units stationed off the coast of Latakia thwarted an attempt by an “armed terrorist group” trying to infiltrate from the sea,” quoting an unnamed military source. The Syrian Observatory for Human rights and activists confirmed that clashes broke out between Syrian troops and armed opposition forces in the village of Borj Islam near a presidential palace early Saturday morning. Activist Sema Nassar said the fighting began as “officers and soldiers of a military base near the presidential palace ... deserted with their weapons.”

I tried to find figures as to how many soldiers have now defected but could not. At last count 25,000 had defected but as of late despite atrocities by pro Assad forces the defections are increasing. Hundreds at once and by a lead force so close to the palace has got to be making Assad nervous. I wish I had saved the link but I read a story from Syria that the Alawite minority was getting nervous. Some were getting nervous in Latakia and other Alawite areas that the other religions were going to come chop off their heads.

I now believe they have reason to worry. In the beginning we knew it would take the whole military to defect were this insurrection to have a chance and it looks like it is happening despite knowing Assad followers would put them to death if caught. At the very least the rebels will in the end know they are not fighting only the Alawite minority but Lebanese and Iranian IRG.

Any way you look at it the Russian's and Chinese have drawn the line on what they view as US hegemony and with the blood of the Syrian people. Taking us on is why Putin stole himself an extended election. This is just the opening battle in the war to determine who is going to lead the way into the future. It will not be short or good. As time progresses wars do not get easier they get much worse. Be very concerned!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

It's far more insane than you think. Assads' snipers are killing anything that moves in the streets of Homs and elsewhere. It doesn't matter if you're pro Assad or not either. Anything is a fair target to them.
But once again the problem is that of the Baath party much like we saw in Iraq. It's once again a minority ruling the majority.

an average patriot said...

Yeah I know Demeur, they could care less because all deaths add fuel to the fire. It is bad and it will get worse as the Alawite's fear more and more of losing their grip and the Religious beheadings done to them.

Harry said...

Not a good thing to do for rebels.

-Harry M.
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