Thursday, April 26, 2012

New hope for Intelligent life on other planets. Watch the awesome slide show!

I would settle for intelligent life on earth but this is Awesome!

Intelligent life beyond Earth might not be as dim a hope as many scientists thought, according to a new study challenging a widely held anti-ET argument researched by astrobiologist Milan M. Cirkovic and colleagues. Check out the astrobiological clock and the Supernova, awesome! There is some phenomenal research here I recommend enlightening yourself! They found the flaw some of us knew existed in past theories!

I had to run down to the VA so I am going to lighten up today and let you look at some beautiful pictures and contemplate the very real possibility that we are not alone as many of us already knew. astrobiologist Milan M. Cirkovic found a serious flaw in theory of how life is formed in the planetary system not just here on earth. Being a knower that we are not alone and from childhood an astrology buff and searcher of the stars I read the work and delved into every link. Fantastic!

Cirkovic's theories connect the life of a star and the evolution of life on a planet and I invite you to read the theories and look at the Beautiful picture of galaxies and planetary life forming. New hope for intelligent life on other planets

With Billions of Galaxies and billions upon billions upon billions of planets as the basic cycle of life progresses you know earth is not a one shot thing and we do have company.

Officially we may know about it but like everything else impacting our lives it will be denied and kept secret until we have to deal with it head on. I have written about it extensively in a series I called Religion and the lies we call history which I included in one of my books.

By researching different beliefs it was simple to put them all together and come up with the truth about life on earth. The truth in anything can not be found in one belief or the other one always must look at them and objectively put the truth together. I will not get any deeper than that but will introduce you to two important sources of research you may want to read. Have you ever heard of retired Sister Karen Armstrong and her history of God?

How about Erich Von Daniken'sExtraterrestrial influence on early culture and Chariots of the Gods Anyway I better stop, you have enough to think about from the astrobiological clock to the believed truths about life on earth. You don't need my thoughts!!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Jim! ... and Thanx for the read and especially the slide show from MSNBC(?) ... rellay some great photos. As you already know (we've discussed)that I with a buddy and our 2 girlfriend's seen a UFO in Titusville(FL) in the 1970's, which for year's I have blocked out, because of the response we got from folk's, even when we tried to report it, till this day, I have not a bloody idea of what we saw, but we sure as Hell did, I can say it WAS an object/ structure that was flying at a speed and even at a point standing still, like I have never even seen, even in the hi- tech shit we have now ... and of course, never was able to identify what we were seeing and experiencing ... although I still remain skeptic of UFO's ... I know that sound's strange, but I like solid proof ... still cant explain even remotely what we seen though, so you can see how this subject really confuses the Hell out of me. I have read and viewed testimonies as well, of "other's" (many) that seen exactly what we did over a few decade's at that! As far as life on other planet's ... I have alwayz suspected this ... I just find it too hard to swallow that as huge as this universe is, that this was accidently the only planet/ body that formed some kind of life as we know life, or even some that is beyond anything we thought ... so it would not suprise me a bit, if we found other species of life, even like our own in the future somehow on other planet's. The question is for some, is a species being like our's somehow and having advanced technologies, science's beyond our discoveries I reckon. On the other hand, I heard also too many stories that are about abduction's such as gal's who alwayz claim that they were used by alien's sexually and in many cases their panties/ underwear kept by the alien's, so those stories I find a lil hard to swallow, and human's seem to think that everyone want's sex from them : ) At the same time there has even been more credible folk's that have had experience's and seen thing's that no one can explain. I also wondered if there was so much UFO activity, how come the satellite's, astronomer's, etc ... are not picking it up? Yet ... I also wonder if our photo technology would even be able to pick up some of it, and/ or could some alien technology be "invisible" to any of our tech detection ... so as you can see, I have alot of question's. The idea that these sighting's and such are just since our recent last century or so is also in question ... there has been report's of such thing's even in the biblical writing's and scroll's of ancient past, over and over ... some that coincide with what is being reported today. Enough from me on this and have a good un Jim.

Demeur said...

Just to put your mind at ease RC the military at that time was playing with some new and weird propulsion systems. My guess is that they didn't work out well and as we all know no general wants to be known for a failure.

Considering there are billions upon billions of planets in the universe it follows mathematically that there is life somewhere out there. But whether we'll ever see it will remain a question. Remember they would have the same problems getting here as we would have getting there and we haven't made it to Mars with a manned mission.