Friday, April 13, 2012

Syria: Several dead despite the cease-fire as troops, tanks deploy in cities

Syrian truce fragile as troops, tanks deploy in cities: A UN-backed ceasefire that took effect in Syria at dawn is only being "partially observed" as heavy weapons and government troops remain deployed in cities, the main opposition movement said on Thursday. "The ceasefire is... only partially observed... To us it is clear that ceasefire implied withdrawal of all heavy weaponry from cities, populated areas. This has not happened."

Syria: Several dead despite the cease-fire: The start of the cease-fire in Syria under the Annan plan on Thursday did not end the violence in Syria. Forces loyal to the Syrian regime attacked in the north while dozens of arrests were made. At least nine people were killed. One civilian was killed on the road to the city of Mharde in the province of Hama, either by shooting of security forces or or by the Shabbiha" (pro-regime militias), according to Rami Abdel Rahman, president of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The first assessment BY the Syrian National Council (SNC), the main opposition to the regime of Bashar al-Assad, speaks about violations.. "We find that heavy weapons are still in residential areas," said the spokesman of SNC Bassma Kodmani. "Some have simply been repositioned," he added. According to the Syrian public television, an army officer was killed and 24 people were injured in Aleppo,

Opposition activists: Syrian troops, military defectors clash near Turkey: Syrian troops clashed with defecting soldiers Friday near the border with Turkey, opposition activists said, violating a cease-fire that went into effect a day earlier. The clashes occurred in the Kherbet Joz village, which borders Turkey. Both sides have reported cases of scattered violence since the cease-fire was implemented at dawn Thursday, but the border clashes are the first major violation, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Syria is not in full compliance with the peace plan, and troops and heavy weapons remain in population centers despite an agreement to withdraw, said Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.
There have been reports of many dead!

We are going to get dragged into this rest assured and you can't really think at least Russia and Iran will not come out in the open: I remember saying from day one that it would take almost the whole military to defect before they would have a chance and now that we know how involved Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are in the slaughtering that is going on around the country that is beginning to look like the beginning of their fight.

You have to be very concerned about what is happening in Syria especially. Russia, China, and Iran are not going to allow Syria to fall to Democracy. What we saw after the voter fraud in Iran was mild compared to what the IRG will do if this movement spreads to Iran. I really wish Bashar would step down but Iran is the elephant in the room any way you look at it. The total middle east breakdown we have written about numerous times is well under way. We can only hope we keep it from erupting into WW3.

In closing: You know Putin just got himself reelected as President, he did this so he could be at the helm of Russia as he like me knows 100% that world war is our future. He plans on marshaling China who is rapidly building a more formidable military and whoever he can to take on US hegemony.Russia watched helplessly as we had our way in Libya. Putin blames what is happening in Syria on our interference and Libya for training the protesters to fight against Bashar Al-Assad.Russia and Iran will not let this be another Libya but?

Putin is going to do everything possible to keep us from helping the Syrian people and I really feel for them. I do not see this going down the way Libya did and Iran and Russia are going to make sure it does not. I am afraid the Syrian people are going to be sacrificed, sacrificed in what is merely an opening salvo in this the wars for future dominance. God help us!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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Demeur said...

I don't think that this is just Assads' doings. Remember Assad wasn't groomed for the position and studied to be a doctor. My guess is that we have something like the republican party who move lock step with any idea. I believe it was Assads' mother who told him to seek out the playbook of his father who crushed the last revolt. But with today's media there's a good record of what's been done and all the slaughter.