Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brett Baier disrespected a sitting President that was the only desperation I saw

Obama's Contentious Fox News Interview

I thought it was pretty big of President Obama to walk into the Fox den and do that interview not because he was desperate as I saw that one biased right wing writer here said and made fun of in the normal childish right wing way. I was impressed knowing how many times Fox has been caught in outright lies and misconceptions to falsely favor their cause of making Republicans look good and Obama fail.

Obama let go of the contention between Fox and the White House in order to reach Independents Democrats and Republicans alike who watch Faux. It was a sign of Obama's desperation to reach more people and get the truth to them. The real desperation was in the way Baier conducted the interview. You can read it below at the link but what Fox contributors called a great interview would only be called that by Faux.

Brett Baier disrespected a sitting President. He kept cutting him off! I thought it went very well despite Baier's ignorance Obama got his point across. He did nothing different. As he does at every interview and every town hall meeting he searched for the right words. The Fox panel incorrectly and biasedly congratulated Baier on his ignorance saying Obama was hemming and hawing. Watch the video and decide for yourself! Panel Discuss Obama-Baier Interview on Health Care Reform
You keep hearing of some fallacy called a jobless recovery. That is code for the poor needy elderly uninsured and out of work will go south but our system will be saved and that is all that matters. Healthcare must be passed or there will be no recovery of "our" economy because of the millions out of work, the millions losing there houses and the up to 50 million with no health insurance and no way to get it. No health care no recovery jobless or otherwise!

That is the way Republicans want it. If they go with this Deem and pass process and pass this without a vote the sh@$ is going to hit the fan. Down the road who knows when enough is enough, the 2nd revolution Republicans have been trying to incite from day one and even a brother of mine is calling for will happen. If Democrats resort to deem and pass it will destroy our future if it is not already.

You can bet that when Republicans get in they will do what they want, no voting any more, deem and pass everything. Bret Baier was ignorant and disrespectful of President Obama you do not a President the way Baier did. Obama deserves credit for going into the Fox den. It is very important that health care get passed with a straight up and down vote not deem and pass as that will finish off our Democracy and Republicans will make sure of it.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


cal said...

It's so typical of bias reporting, and I am talking about this article. Obama according to my view, 'hedged' around the interviewers questions.
To the point where I could not watch the deceitfulness with which this 'enemy' of the US continued with his rhetoric.
And re: the comment concerning FOX news I quote :"Fox has been caught in outright lies and misconceptions to falsely favor their cause of making Republicans look good and Obama fail."
What a 'biased' view, CNN, ABC, NBC, and the status quo news stations all do the exact same thing. Especially CNN. What a farce, this article does not present truth, it presents the author's bias, and how he desires others to see. You're all hypocrites, and liars, to deceive the masses who can not and will not think on their own. They must need someone to take care of them.
Well let the blind led the blind, for you all are going to stumble into the pit, and then let's hear the wailing, and the pointing the finger.
As for me I'm a 'sovereign' independent, that means I bow down to no man, just God Almighty, I serve the one and only true King, over all mankind, and I will only serve His truth, not yours.
Thank you for the opportunity to respond.
The Lord Bless you.

an average patriot said...

cal I am sorry you are so narrow minded. Google it! Fox has been caught misreporting misquoting and out and out lying numerous times.

You have it wrong! I do not have a horse in this race. I do not need health insurance and I do not need a job. Three of my sons are career military one a card carrying gun toting Republican, one of my brothers is a tea partier, to each his own.

Truth is my only bias you should spend some time looking for it instead of what you want to see. Thank You!

Demeur said...

Jim permit me to address Cal's concerns here.

" I am the bread of life but no man lives by bread alone."

"And who of us when asked for bread would hand a begger a stone?"
Not an exact quote but you get the idea.

Objectively this is not a very good bill. It gives the for profit insurance companies 30 million new premiums with very minimum oversite. I'm sure you could give us your insights as to how the Mass. system is working as the two systems seem very similar. That raises the question what will happen with your states' system once this national bill is passed.
As for Deem and Pass they are not using that proceedure. It was determined by the parlimentarianl that the House could vote on the senate bill then change it by another vote later. It gets confusing I know.

Holte Ender said...

Cal doesn't seem biased at all does he/she, not in the slightest.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Demeur, Kudos! They have the votes and Stupak stole the Republican thunder. I was just listening to a Bush Adviser saying this is a major loss and some from the top will fall. Start with Boehner!

an average patriot said...

I know Holte! Obvious Biased Rightie. I have no horse in this as usual I just expect the right thing done for the masses.

cal said...

I'm not biased, I haven't trusted in any president since JFK, who was assassinated by by our own government and the powers that rule behind the scenes.
All have been thugs and thieves only in it for their ego's, power, control, and self-aggrandizement, and to be on the so-called 'wining' side. The forces that be, have been dwindling down the constitution since 1850, by the RC, Abe Lincoln was killed for his stance against this tyrannical power, the harlot system of Rome.
For it would seem you are all willing to see the enslavement of the nation to Fascist domination. Tell me what pleasure do you get out it? That you should 'lord' over a majority that desires it not. Is that Freedom in your eyes?
Like I said before the One who rules my life is 'Sovereign' over all, I do as He desires of me not man. And man can not force me into anything.
Has anyone ever read Ayn Rand's, 'Atlas Shrugged'? Well this scenario was well written over 53 years ago, by a woman who knew what 'socialism' was truly all about, and she hated it. She was a bit prophetic, don't you think?
So you so-called intellectuals, where is your compassion for freedom for others who do not want this evil? And why should it be force upon them? Do you have some hidden desire to be a 'bully'?

cal said...

Demeur I understand the quote and from where it comes from.
Here is another quote from the same book:
"For also when we were with you we enjoined you this, that if any man does not like to work, neither let him eat."
You see in our modern day society we feel sorry for those who beg, who are homeless, most have given up, and desire not to work, for whatever reason. Therefore, why should we encourage those who just want to take from others and not earn it for themselves? Here lies the problem, we are dealing with selfishness, loving themselves above others, wanting something from the world without working for it. This is what is called the 'wickedness that dwells in the heart of man'.
You use the scripture out of context, which fallen society usually does do, to back up their 'socialistic' so-called compassionate agenda, to show they care, well there is an evil intent in it.
What man calls 'good' God calls evil.
It truly is not love at all what you stand for, it's more along the lines that we can create a caring, and compassionate society without God, for man is capable of all things. The root of this philosophy is the Pride of Man.
This is what the New World Order is all about, to prove to God, that we are Gods and we can bring a just society without YOU.
That is at the heart of the matter.
Believe it or not, it's God's truth on the whole condition of all mankind.
And if you don't believe it, well it does not really matter, for Truth is Truth and that foundation is found only in God Himself, His truth stands, yours will not.
Here is another quote from the same book:
"Let God be true, and every man a liar."

cal said...

Average Patriot, I'm not sorry that I am what you call "narrow minded", for "Enter in through the narrow gate, for wide the gate and broad the way that leads to destruction, and many are they who enter in through it."
I prefer to stay the narrow path, which leads to life, your path leads to death and ultimate destruction.
Believe it or not.

an average patriot said...

You are on the wrong narrow path Cal sorry! Believe in him or not Nostradamus gave us 2 roads to travel into the future, peace and prosperity or death and destruction. Bush put us on the wrong road and I do not think we can be turned around now.