Monday, March 22, 2010

Fox News Poll: 68% Say Vote Out All Incumbents, I am with the 68% I am glad it was fox that did this

Fox News Poll: 68% Say Vote Out All Incumbents I am with the 68% I am glad it was fox that did this. I hope they all get the message.

Scott brown's election should have woken everyone up, both party's not just Democrats. They have been getting the message as both parties are jumping ship in record numbers. Keep jumping! The health care reform garbage coming from the right shows me they better cut and run because I am sure Reid and Pelosi are part of that 68% and so is John Boehner and many Republicans.

I have to say that I am from Massachusetts and was a proud constituent of Kennedy’s, that said Brown's victory was not a stinging defeat fro Democrats. The election in Massachusetts was being called a mandate against a party, a mandate against the Obama agenda, a Revolution against a party "the Democratic party" WRONG! Wake up and think about what happened.

What Scott Brown just did should not be misinterpreted by the Republican Party as a denial of Obama, his agenda, or the Democratic Party. It was not! It should be a wake up call to both party's that we the people are sick of the games, sick of the partisanship, sick of the concern being for the Party's not we the people. It is a Revolution however it is not a revolution against 'a party" It better serve as a wake up call to both party's. We the people want to matter again!

The party’s are our biggest problem not the so called terrorists. They only care about themselves not we the people! The games must stop; they must stop acting like spoiled brats while we go down the tubes. Obama is on his own that is why nothing has gotten done. I use to say Bush is the only person I know that can talk out of both sides of his mouth while his foot is in it, sh@t eating smirk on it all the time. Sadly that has become status quo and the face of politics today.

Remember Brown never once mentioned the Republican Party but instead ran as an independent. He promised he would work for the people not as Republicans do but as Ed Kennedy did and to make him proud. It is not a revolution against a party it is just the people wanting we the people that was removed during the last Administration put back in the equation. It is a move against incumbents "all incumbents"

I am with the 68% and firmly believe the Congress has proven themselves inept and incapable of doing the peoples work. It is time to clean house and have a do over with our elected so called Officials!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

The only way we'll get any changes is to get corporate America out of the equation. If we don't get some kind of campaign finance reform nothing will change. We have just witnessed the results of what corporations can do to serve their own best interests.

an average patriot said...

Now the courts gave them the country making us a coporatocracy as they can spend as much as they want. That is BS, freedom of speech my eye!

betmo said...

i told my mother today that the rethugs would try and supreme court their way to a repeal- so' 'nough 10 states are set to sue in federal court over the 'constitutionality' of the health care law.

2l4g.3 said...


an average patriot said...

Hi Billi how are you? so far there are 13 attorneys General fighting it in court but it will go. It is the first step to rebuilding our economy.