Saturday, March 20, 2010

Requests for Bin Ladens help from one of his remaining Lieutenants were intercepted!

CIA: Al Qaeda Leaders on the Run

Al-Qaeda crippled as leaders stay in hiding, CIA chief says Requests for Bin Ladens help from one of his remaining Lieutenants were intercepted. They are getting desperate.

It just keeps getting better as at least half of Afghanistan's Taliban leadership has now been captured and the Taliban and Al Qaeda stronghold of Damadola has now been captured along with the 156 cave complex the once sheltered Ayman al-Zawahiri, the second-in-command to Osama bin Laden.

I was watching the civilian Lashkar dancing in the streets and waving their guns in the air saying the Taliban are gone and will never come back. I really am impressed. This is a great victory for Pakistan’s military and the civilian warriors who won their region back let alone the American effort in Afghanistan. Pakistan's Army takes control of al-Qaeda cave network on Afghan border

Half of Afghanistan Taliban leadership arrested in Pakistan

I have been saying for years now that the entire world has a lot at stake here even Iran who knows the Taliban want their country too. The Stans and Russia are helping even if only allowing use of airspace and or allowing us to move supplies through their country. This is finally starting to look doable.

As there are more big catches every day reiterate that the Taliban and Al Qaeda are on their heels in Pakistan and Afghanistan: Not a good time to be a member of the Haqanni family or the Taliban or Al Qaeda as Mullah Baradar's capture is having a rapid snow balling affect in Taliban and Al Qaeda captures and deaths.

Mullah Baradar was the first big catch in what is turning into a string of important militant leaders captured or killed in Pakistan since the operation in Helmund province was started, more specifically the town of Marjah. He was seized in a morning raid on Madrassa Khuddamul Quran near Karachi by Pakistan's ISI intelligence service on February 8th. Of course it is denied but this is great!

This was a serious big catch and it is already paying off! Not only because he was grabbed in Karachi Pakistan by the ISI but because they were using CIA intelligence and he was grabbed while conducting day to day business where he was once protected and safe. His capture is even bigger because he not only is second only to Mullah Omar and Taliban's military commander. Baradar was Mullah Omar's right hand man and his knowledge is extensive.

We have to hope he talks and he is! He is one of the four men who founded the Taliban movement in Afghanistan 1994 and I am sure he knows the disposition of Bin Laden and the whereabouts of Mullah Omar. I understand he is talking and we can only hope to see future sting operations. He is a childhood friend of Omar's and a long time adviser.

This is pretty cool you can look at the large map indicating all the areas in Pakistan next to the border where the Taliban or any of the other militants cross the border to fight. Click on the provinces or the links below the map to see how militants operate on either side of the border. Afghan-Pakistan militant nexus

I think this was a stunning development as he was arrested in a Madrassa, this is sacred in Pakistan, I am sure the Taliban is trying to prevent their fighters from being disheartened and giving up the fight because their leader was caught. I am hoping that is exactly the case! The noose is tightening, keep up the pressure.

There is growing trust and cooperation all around in the battle against the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pakistan is cooperating more than ever.

As we said, he in fact was captured at a Madrassa by the ISI and that is huge! I hope this breaks the Taliban’s back as they are disheartened with their commander’s capture in Pakistan along with the death and capture of many of their leaders, and NATO’s operation across the border to clean out their last stronghold. I hope they melt back into society!

So far as we know now seven of the insurgent group’s 15-member leadership council, thought to be based in Quetta, Pakistan, including the head of military operations, have been apprehended in the past week. Pakistani authorities had netted Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the movements second in command, as well as Maulavi Abdul Kabir, a prominent commander in charge of insurgent operations in eastern Afghanistan, and Mullah Muhammad Younis.

Pakistan has also captured several other Afghan members of the leadership council called the Quetta Shura. These include: Mullah Abdul Qayoum Zakir, who oversees the movement’s military affairs, Mullah Muhammad Hassan, Mullah Ahmed Jan Akhunzada, and Mullah Abdul Raouf. At least two Taliban shadow provincial governors, who are part of the movement’s parallel government in Afghanistan, have also been captured.

* This is huge and just keeps getting better! Think of this, we may succeed in breaking their back then I hope we are smart enough to get the heck out! In closing: Taliban and Al Qaeda are on their heels in Pakistan and Afghanistan, this is not a good time to be a member of the Haqanni family or the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

Despite many recent gains against Al Qaeda and the Taliban many vow to fight to victory. So too must we! We must unite as a world and victory is not to defeat the Taliban only those who refuse to live as a unified Nation not under Sharia law. I finally believe we can do this. Hold on Pakistan we are with you!

Pakistan has done a hell of a job of late. Our drone attacks seem to be pretty effe4ctive of late. These attacks have been very effective the last 6 months. The increased use of the Predator drone and Pakistan's increased military forays have made it a tough life for Taliban and Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda has abandoned their so called code of conduct and are increasingly hitting military targets but targeting and killing civilians in order to turn them against the Government.

That will not happen, they know Sharia law would be forced on them and they do not want to live in a penal colony. In closing the message requesting help and guidance from Obama tells me he is still alive and must be in the tribal areas being protected by the tribes. We will not get him unless we start a major war. These people will never sacrifice their Islamic messiah.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

What it all boils down to is this:

Anything else is just a distraction.

Holte Ender said...

Whether Osama is dead or alive, is of no consequence, he will continue to be the face of the Islamic criminals for as long as they exist.

an average patriot said...

Demeur man you're a riot. I love Floyd. I saw Dark side of the moon in concert at Boston Garden in 73 or 4

an average patriot said...

You're right Holte, dead or alive he is alive and ruling the cause.