Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Iraq's parliamentary elections another step in Bush's Middle East Breakdown!

Iraqi elections under Way

Amidst tightening security and death Iraq’s divisive election continues

In the past we noted that every time Iraq’s so called Democracy went a stp further it would get that much worse. This will be no exception as the Sunni’s, Shiite, and the Kurds want to be in control and many of us felt in 2003 that Iraq would be in civil war and it would spread through the entire Middle east. Bush freed up Iran to seek the Shiite version of new order while the Sunni supposedly led by Al Qaeda fight for their version. Don’t forget Israel and the Kurds who want a separate Kurdistan carved from Iraq, Iran, and Turkey.

Remember when Bush was first looking for an excuse to attack Iraq to get into the Middle East and establish a new Middle East order? I will spare you but I did a story called Bush's 10 point plan for attacking Iraq. That was because Bush changed his excuse and reason for attacking 10 times before he found one people fell for. One theme however remained constant.

He was doing Gods work and he was on a Crusade. As usual he slipped and spoke the truth. Bushed on national television called his quest a crusade. It really was no accident but the country took offense as they should have and the verbiage was changed as we were smart enough to know the sh@% would hit the fan with Islam and the world if that were the case. Many of us knew it was though denied but advertising that stupidity would have been to our demise. Years ago I did do another story on Bush's Christian Crusader Army.

As usual the truth will again be denied but it is coming out. The truth about the perverted Christians and their new crusades is coming out. This would have gone over well with our allies and the Muslim world wouldn't it have? What the hell was wrong with that idiot? No wait a minute I know. The Islamists, the Muslim world, and us were right all along once again. To Rummy and Bush this was a Religious war.

Rummy was quoting Biblical passages to Bush to update his endeavors and Crusades in Iraq and the middle east. We knew the idiot thought he talked to God. We knew he thought God told him to go back to the middle east and straighten out its problems. We knew the fool was talking to someone but it was not God. Well we were right! It was Rummy the Dummy who was filling his full of crap. Rummy was appealing to his perverted Christian Crusader mind or lack there of.

Rumsfeld's use of Biblical military quotes in his daily reports to psyche Bush up makes sense. All along there were those who said Bush was being misled and played by those he trusted. Me I was not sure. Now I do! It now looks like Bush was played, a pawn of more than Cheney's. The chief idiot was being played by everyone. Rumsfeld used quotes from the bible to fire up and manipulate Little Georgie.

Daily DOD reports and classified briefings were covered with militaristic Crusader quotes from the Bible about fighting and winning battles. Proverbs and Isaiah were favorites. Bush loved the imagery and symbolism. Bush suspected early on the Rumsfeld was over his head so he played Bush into complacency by appealing to his inflated Evangelical Crusader ego.

I guess Rummy was overwhelmed as we knew he was. Rumsfeld did not want to help during Katrina either. All he had to do was send the 82nd who was not in Iraq or combat ready but they would have made the difference in New Orleans. Bush did not even know what was going on there until he saw the awful truth on a video. To his credit he chastised Rummy for his inactivity saying it looked like a third world country. Sadly some of it still does. Rumsfeld mixed Bible with intelligence for Bush: report

Anyway I wished then and still do that Bush would have been honest and up front about his Christian Crusader reasons for attacking Iraq as it never would have happened and he knew it. I am so sick of living a lie but in this instance, of Bush being called deeply Religious. He was deeply religiously perverted. If the public and the world knew Bush was Using Religious scripture to justify this war it would have been devastating.

* In closing we now know for a fact that Bush was using the Christian Religion to justify inflicting horror against Islam. As we said from Day one, Bush was doing the same thing we have been accusing Al Qaeda and all the so called Islamists of doing. That reminds me of one of the quotes Rummy used. It is God's will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men. Peter 2:12 Does that apply to Bush co too? Intelligence was cherry picked and justified military action by feeding Bush Biblical military quotes. Republicans are down playing this as nothing new. Which means it is of consequence. Bush was after all talking attacking a Muslim Nation justified by Christian Biblical quotes. You bet this is of consequence!

Every single one of the Democracies Bush set up in his failed Middle East Democratization program is a mess and will fail in the end. The average citizens may want a Democracy but they do not matter as they do not anywhere in the world. Only the ruling parties matter and we sadly see that exemplified right here.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Weaseldog said...

The people in the public, only paid attention to the things that interested them.

The militant Christian community believed that Bush was going to trigger the rapture and bring JEsus back. They certainly saw this as a Holy Crusade.

Weaseldog said...


Weaseldog said...


The US taxpayer has given more than $107bn (£71bn)during the past decade to companies which are also doing business with Iran, it was revealed yesterday. That sum includes at least $15bn (£9.9bn) of US Government funds that were channelled to corporations which have defied international sanctions to help Iran develop its vast and strategically important oil and gas reserves.

an average patriot said...

All right Wease look at you! It most definitely was a crusade and he made the mistake of blurting the truth out before someone told him to change his words. I will check out those links now, thanks!

Zhann said...

Regardless of how Bush was to blame for the Iraqi situation, I am of the impression that Obama is going to be the one eventually blamed for its current state. With the financial crisis being blamed on him today, it is only a matter of time.

I am still convinced that the reason for Iraq's invasion was Oil, and only Oil. The Holy War, and other reasons, were only given to mask the true intention.

Demeur said...

I think you're right about this being mainly about oil Zhann and seeing who benefited most from this you know it was Cheney pulling the strings of his stooge puppet Bush. How much has Haliburton made on this so far?

Weaseldog said...

Halliburton is now incorporated in Dubai. We no longer have any right to know how much they have made.

What is important is that American and British taxpayers have covered almost the full cost of the war, while Halliburton and Xe have profited handsomely at a cost plus basis, while paying no taxes.

Dick Cheney famously sold his Halliburton stock before entering the White House.

But at the same time, he was given large number of stock options, when Halliburton's stock was int he toilet over the asbestos suits.

By the time Cheney left the White House, those options had soared into the stratosphere.

The war was Dick Cheney's vehicle for accumulating a vast fortune.

He worked to kill over 4,000 Americans, and over a million Iraqis, just to make some money. If he had gotten rich just killing a few hundred people, he'd probably be in prison.

an average patriot said...

Zhann Obama is going to get blamed for everything Bush did. To you it was all about oil and it was in part but mostly to create a new middle east order as God told him to.

an average patriot said...

Demeur it was all war for their profit and all their cronies profited handsomely while killing Iraqi's and Americans and our allies.

an average patriot said...

Wease you know that Bastard got rich off this horror for most. With Rove Cheney and Bush the truth may be known but it will never be admitted to.