Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Roger Ailes what ails you?

Glenn Beck is even an affront to fox news not only God!
Roger Ailes to Fox News' Glenn Beck haters: Stop 'shooting in the tent'

Sarah Palin on 'Glenn Beck'

Remember Fox News CEO Roger Ailes was or is contemplating running for President in 2012 at the prodding of friends. That really makes you wonder about his allowing the BS coming from talk show hosts and their guests. Is this what this so called war between Fox and the White House is all about? Is he gathering his following for a run? Is he setting the stage?Much is said about the White House getting involved with this but they must to avoid the anarchy Fox is instigating!

Ailes is the force, the mastermind behind all the negative Obama attack ads that keep backfiring on the Republican party insuring they remain "the pup tent" party. He will not run but I wish he would because it would mean another win for us! Running Fox is no preparation for taking on Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the so called war on terror. The fools on the right keep comparing Obama to Nixon and his enemies list so should Obama do the same and have the IRS audit Ailes! Think Progress » Roger Ailes for president in 2012?

Lastly, I have been pretty pleased with President Obama's efforts at promoting volunteerism as a way of uniting the country and helping the down trodden. He is not saying Democrats we want you to volunteer. He is not saying Republicans and Independents we want to brain wash you into becoming Democrats. He is saying to all Americans "volunteer" to help our America! Remember America? That is what this should all be about not Republicans and Democrats! Obama asks nation to participate in volunteer services

Obama promoting volunteerism is a liberal conspiracy! Beck said it is Maoist China! how can they turn volunteering for America into a bad thing? A Partisan thing? A communist thing? They are friggen sick! LBJ did it, FDR, JFK. Volunteerism has been promoted many times. Hell Obama and McCain both pushed volunteering as Presidential candidates. Paranoid Right-Wingers See Obama's Volunteer Service Project as ... A Liberal brain washing conspiracy! What the hell is next?

Well now we know! Glenn Beck, Steve King: Health Care Bill Vote an Affront to God

I can not blame some Fox commentators for being concerned with Beck's idiocy and the fact that he has become the face of Fox news. Ailes came to his defense because Beck is the insane voice of Aile's who can not speak that way. He told the other commentators to find another station if they didn't like it. Roger Ailes what ails you?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Couple of thoughts here. what ever happened to the "thousand points of light" Shrub the senior used to promote?
Second isn't Ailes from Australia? I'm sure we could come up with our own Beckian foreign plot to take over America with that.

an average patriot said...
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an average patriot said...

Forgot about those points of light I wonder why no one ever thinks of reminding them. You're right about Ailes I wonder why he has so much influence but how could there have have been a move to draft him to run? Now you have me curious!

Holte Ender said...

Ailes is American but his boss Rupert Murdoch is an Australian, although he took US citizenship because you can't be a media mogul and be a foreigner. I don't think Fox could take the hit of backing a massive loser, as Ailes would be.

He was a media consultant for Nixon, Reagan, Bush jr. and sr. Telling lies behind the scenes is what he does best.

Demeur said...

You're right Holte what was I thinking? Posted too early in the morning.
Sounds like he tells lies in the scenes if you ask me.