Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eric Massa's long 15 minutes of infamy as Republicans try to make it bring down Nancy Pelosi

Glen Beck apologizes for the Massa interview the worst in Fox history

I would first ask just how do you grope someone's sex organs unsexually? Tickle fighting? a new one on me, snorkeling? Use your imagination! Massa massages? The man is mentally deranged. No wonder Republicans were for Massa before they realized the trap and were against him. His name is perfect for this idiocy, massa-baited, massa of disaster, massa-bate,Massa-blaster, pick one! Massa: Yeah, I Groped Male Staff But Not Sexually

Eric Massa originally blamed Democrats for his Political demise because he was a no vote for health care reform. He has developed into a sad case and there is more to come as this went on at least through his navy years. Massa has major issues and sadly for him they are being undressed on a world stage.

Things are pretty bad for you when Glen Beck finds it necessary to apologize to his audience of fools for wasting their time. He wastes their time every day! Anyway please watch the video. We found out pretty quickly that Massa was not forced out for being against health care reform as he said and Republicans jumped all over smelling blood that turned out to be theirs.

He had been under investigation for a year and a half. He is a fifty year old mess. not just Beck but all Republicans were courting Massa but it did not last long. They were smart to jump from that sinking ship. Massa was groping and tickling male staffers and he was all over TV saying that is normal. That is normal? for anyone not just a fifty year old? That guy is sick and better get professional help quick.

This gets worse by the minute. Every venue he gets on he gets further of the wall and we hear more outrageous statements. He just keeps rambling on and changing his story on and on and on. He better just shut up. I have to laugh! Larry King asked the Massa of disaster if he was gay. He said ask my wife? Ask the 10,000 men I served with in the Navy. What? My first thought was that doesn't sound like a good idea and it was not.

Republicans are asking for an investigation not on Massa but Nancy Pelosi and what she knew and when in hopes of bringing him down. Boehner asked for an investigation yesterday but would not allow an investigation of Republican Senator Mark Foley in 2006 during the page boy scandal. I am sick of these childish games while the country is allowed to go down.

This started with Massa lying about being ostracized for being against health care then went to tickle fighting and improper touching of male staffers now Massa got his wish and we hear from navy shipmates. Now we hear of special Massa massages, more intense tickle fight, and snorkeling. I guess we can use our imagination! One ex Lieutenant awoke in his top bunk to find Massa on top of him groping him. I think the navy has a bigger problem than Democrats or Republicans.

Allegations mount against N.Y.'s Massa

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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