Saturday, August 02, 2008

So many lies today in the lie we are living: Anthrax attack was another lie, the Governments excuse and the suicide prove it!

Anthrax Conspiracy theory? No way! Part 1 of 4 on the history channel!

Watch Anthrax Conspiracy? Only by the Government! History channel Part 2 - 4! I am having trouble getting them to post but if you will, go to you tube and watch them. This is too much!

Case closed? No doubt but it should not be if the truth mattered!

When I first heard the guy they suspected in the Anthrax attacks suddenly committed suicide I didn't know what to think of it but after I heard the Goverment's excuse that the scientist was testing his cure for the virus that was why he did it, i got very suspicious. I mean cut the crap! Suicide, how convenient! Another set up in the lie we are living under this Nazi Administration.

Think about all this! Friends say a scientist who killed himself amid an anthrax investigation fit many stereotypes, but biological terrorist was not one of them. People who knew Bruce Ivins recall a friendly, helpful man whose neighbors had no reason to suspect him of wrongdoing; an eternal graduate student with ill-fitting clothes and an awkward social manner; an apolitical egghead too busy with his work to carry out the crimes the FBI suspected him of. Sources have told CNN that Ivins knew he was about to be charged in connection with mailing spores of the deadly bacteria anthrax to a number of congressional offices and media outlets in autumn 2001. Five people died, including two postal workers, and more than a dozen people became ill. No one has been arrested in the case.

Sources told CNN the government planned to seek the death penalty against Ivins, but he had not been charged with a crime at the time he died. Ivins, 62, worked for more than 30 years as an anthrax researcher at Fort Detrick, Maryland, home of the U.S. Army's Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. He co-wrote a paper only weeks ago outlining the effects of a drug on anthrax in mice, one of dozens of papers in his career. Ivins was also a member of the American Red Cross and a musician at his church, St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church. He is survived by his wife, a son and daughter, two brothers and his mother.

People who knew him were shocked to learn of his death and the possible criminal charges. "Ivins was as mild as they come," said Luann Battersby, a former microbiologist who worked with Ivins at Fort Detrick. She remembers a man who wore slightly ill-fitting trousers that revealed his white socks -- a man who never grew out of habits from his years as a graduate student. "He continued to live the lifestyle of a grad student, no frills," Battersby said. Norm Covert, who worked with Ivins until retiring in 1999, remembers the scientist as "a brilliant man, very intense with his work." "We're looking at a man with a distinguished 30-something-year career, unparalleled and known around the world," Covert said. "His career and his reputation are trashed and the FBI still hasn't said what they have on him." This is another set up in the lie we are living today

* The Governments excuse for all this is absolute BS! The government's working theory — that brilliant but troubled Army scientist Bruce E. Ivins released the anthrax to test his cure for the toxin — answers some of the questions, perhaps, but many details remain unclear. "I think the FBI owes us a complete accounting of their investigation and ought to be able to tell us at some point, how we're going to bring this to closure," said former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota, whose office received a letter containing the deadly white powder in 2001. "It's been seven years, there's a lot of unanswered questions and I think the American people deserve to know more than they do today." Ivins' unexpected emergence as the top — and perhaps only — suspect in the anthrax attacks follows on the heels of the government's exoneration of another Army scientist in the case. No kidding, the guy being a mild mannered recluse was an obvious target to cover the Governments real role in the anthrax attacks!

* Responding to reports about Ivins on Friday, the Justice Department said only that "substantial progress has been made in the investigation" but said it may be able to release more information about the case soon. The department is expected to decide within days whether to close the "Amerithrax" investigation now that its main target is dead. "We need to know exactly how Mr. Ivins was involved, if he was involved, how this relates to the case and information that so far has been withheld from the American people ought to be provided," Daschle said. "And I think it should be soon." Bennet Bolton, a friend of the first anthrax victim — Robert Stevens — was suspicious about Ivins suicide and whether the government will disclose what happened. "I don't think this guy was involved," Bolton said, questioning what led investigators from his dead friend — a tabloid photo editor in southern Florida — to the scientist at the Army's biological warfare labs at Fort Detrick, Md.It's a lie, Congress kept in the dark for a reason

I want to say this is just the latest example of the lie we are living today but while I was researching to put this together there were so many it is mind boggling as things ramp up because Bush "may" be running out of time. I am really sick of this obvious lie we are living today to follow a not so well hidden agenda. As I constantly say today! It is getting ready to come to a head. Be prepared and stay together!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Robert Rouse said...

Okay, now I know we have a psychic link. Check out my second latest post.

jmsjoin said...

No shit? Glad to hear it! i was just listening to his friends being interviewed. This is another cover up, another lie. I am sick of this crap! I will be over to see what you put together on it! Take care let me get myself together and I will be by.
Told you we should do something together! Did you ever get that E?

Unknown said...

I knew something was up, when I saw Wally sitting in the corner, with his tin-foil hat on, notebook in lap, muttering, "Ivins, Ivins, Ivins, Ivins, Ivins, Ivins, Ivins,........"

jmsjoin said...

brother you riot!
You know it is all a lie like the rest of the total lie we are living today. He might have committed suicide because they harangued him to death but I believe the Government did this and them investigating the saga means the truth will never be known once again and they will get away with this Nazi crap again. We are in trouble.
By the way, All is well I hope!

Dave Dubya said...

Did you hear Olbermann report the neocon plot to agitate for war with Iran? They thought about having Navy Seals dress up as Iranians, and launch them in speedboat attacks against our ships.

Why should anyone NOT think that the anthrax idea was probably Cheney's?

jmsjoin said...

Son of a gun! Yes but stupid me didn't save the story. At the time my line of thinking was well of course! Where is the news? I forget where I saw that?
It sucks but I think it is Brother that has been on this, war and heroes for personal gain. I am sick of this crap!

PoliShifter said...

This whole thing reeks to high heaven alreay read my theory...

But in brief I think some people from the dark recesses under orders from Cheney approached this guy to get some anthrax. They then sent those anthrax letters to Daschle, Leahy, and Tom Brokaw hoping it would create a panic and the atmosphere to pass The (anti)Patriot Act.

it worked.

Cheney likes to spend time in the shadows. This whole thing reeks of him.

Cheney's latest plan is to dress Navy Seal up like Iranians and attack U.S. targets to justify attacking Iran.

Robert Rouse said...

I have no doubt that if Ivins was a pawn that Cheney's office was involved. The evil son-of-a-bitch's fingerprints are all over this.

landsker said...

Are there more similarities here with the fascists of wartime Europe?
They too were riddled with unexplained deaths, suicides and plots, counter-plots and fake terror attacks.
Ah well, at least they are turning on each other, which saves the cost of bringing them to trial.

jmsjoin said...

You know I agree with you. From beginning to end we are living a lie.
As you say I think some people from the dark recesses under orders from Cheney approached this guy to get some anthrax. They then sent those anthrax letters to Daschle, Leahy, and Tom Brokaw hoping it would create a panic and the atmosphere to pass The (anti)Patriot Act. It worked.

Cheney likes to spend time in the shadows. This whole thing reeks of him. Cheney's latest plan is to dress Navy Seal up like Iranians and attack U.S. targets to justify attacking Iran.
They will not relent and if stealing a third election by scumming McCain in looks in jeopardy look for any number of distasteful scenarios to occur this fall. The right will not stop this agenda no. It is too far along and the abusive power gained can not be allowed in Dem hands!

jmsjoin said...

You know the undeniable facts. The Government did this to further their not well hidden agenda. They used a loner, mild mannered, brainiac, now he is out of the way and they will close this and continue on. This fall hell we are screwed but we will not stop!

jmsjoin said...

By the way, how come there is no way to converse with you on your post or is that because you would rather not?

Robert Rouse said...

Jim, what do you mean? The comments are still open.

jmsjoin said...

when I comment on other sites there is a box you can check if you want to know is someone responds to what you said. That way you can carry on a tit for tat! I do not see that on your site or at least you never reply for whatever reason? You reply to my replies, that is all I meant unless I am missing something which is entirely possible!