Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NATO vows to come to Turkey's aid as China warns against instigating war

" only able to stand up with crutches," Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, once a close ally of Assad, told a meeting of his ruling AK Party. "He will be finished when the crutches fall away." Erdogan, reacting to six consecutive days where shells fired from Syrian soil have landed on Turkish territory, has warned Ankara will not shrink from war if forced to act.

 NATO will 'protect and defend Turkey' if Syria launches an attack, says head of NATO: NATO will 'protect and defend Turkey' if Syria launches an attack, says head of alliance  Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said NATO will support Turkey if it is attacked by Syria. Tensions have been escalating since Syrian shells struck a border town in Turkey killing five civilians last week. Syria's revolt against President Bashar al-Assad threatening to draw in regional powers.

 The Chinese spokesman's statement came at a time when the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues escalating the situation and threats of action against Damascus while going ahead with smuggling terrorists and weapons into Syria to disturb its stability. 

You have to be very concerned about what is happening in Syria. I still have a problem believing Russia, China, and Iran are  going to allow Syria to fall to Democracy. What we saw after the voter fraud in Iran was mild compared to what the IRG will do if this movement spreads to Iran. I really wish Bashar would step down but Iran is the elephant in the room any way you look at it. The total middle east breakdown we have written about numerous times is well under way. We can only hope we keep it from erupting into WW3.

In closing: You know Putin just got himself reelected as President, he did this so he could be at the helm of Russia as he like me knows 100% that world war is our future. He plans on marshaling China who is rapidly building a more formidable military and whoever he can to take on US hegemony.Russia watched helplessly as we had our way in Libya. Putin blames what is happening in Syria on our interference and Libya for training the protesters to fight against Bashar Al-Assad.

Putin is going to do everything possible to keep us from helping the Syrian people and I really feel for them. I do not see this going down the way Libya did and Iran and Russia are going to make sure it does not. I am afraid the Syrian people are going to be sacrificed, sacrificed in what is merely an opening salvo in this the wars for future dominance. I just heard that Russia is gathering forces to go into Iran via Armenia for a quick strike through Georgia. We have a showdown setting up that looks disastrous for the worlds future. It will be a miracle if we can keep this from turning into WW3!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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Demeur said...

I think this depends more on what the corporate big boys are doing in the background. Are they just waiting for the whole thing to collapse then move in to take over? Would Putin seek out another dictator when Assad fails or install his own? Just something to think about.
At this point the only ones making money are the arms dealers.