Friday, October 12, 2012

Japan will never budge on its “sacred” ownership claim to islands as US Scholars say ample proof they are China's

After a very long and heated exchange I believe the argument or "fight" over the island is over and the United States has a way out of a military confrontation with Chine over the islands. However there still remains China's claim of soveriegnty over all the China seas and the significant natural resources. I still believe in the end this will result in open conflict with the US who has stewardship over all the other countries contesting China's position. The long buildup in the fight with China and most of the rest of the world over the Islands and all the China seas


Demeur said...

Jeez this is like two little kids fighting over a toy. As if there aren't enough resources left to exploit. Why don't the Chinese send their troops into Afghanistan? They can have all the minerals for the price of nation building.

Peter Thompson said...

What a silly, stupid conflict, a risk of throwing everything away over a bunch of rock.