Sunday, October 21, 2012

Global warming 2012: After Warmest 12-Months On Record, U.S. Poised To See Warmest Year Ever In 2012

Read the stories you need to in order to understand the dire straits man and the planet are in!

Remember last year? 7/18/2010 No global warming?  2010 will be the hottest year on record! Can anyone say water wars?

8/12/2010 Berserk weather: Russia fires reach Chernobyl, UN warns of 2nd wave of death in Pakistan, Rains threaten China mudslide disaster zone

8/9/2010 Global warming raising hell with worlds weather

4/10/2012 We wonder why some wantonly destroy our planet, now I remember why

8/10/2012 Top Ten Things Climate Change Is Making Worse Right Now By Rebecca Leber and Ellie Sandmeyer

3/2/2007 This is the closest To the truth I have heard yet about Global Warming and I'm afraid it's true!

I have to say that those who have read my articles on the state of the planet know these observations might not be pleasant but I am afraid it is as bad as all that.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Jim ... Folk's say they want "change" ... well ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... were damn sure gonna see some : ) The thing about it is ... these who are raping the earth inside out, have not even lil regard for a thing, they are mining and drilling everything, even the damn mountain's for gold dust, it's gotten insane , and they get us more desperate by telling us, if we want "job's" we will go along with it, ot starve, etc Extreme greed in combination with extreme "cheapness" will have a backlash every time. OUr pre- paid political representation also uses it for the same thing, talking "energy independenece", "job's", "low gas price's" etc, etc ... which is all so stupid ... as aint gonna change, politican's have no control hardly over the world petrol/ energies market's, mor job's for that matter ... etc, etc ... it's just all bullshit Jim, and a majority of voter's are gulping it up like a "Slurpee" on a hot summer day jumping for joy over talk, and asking for another 6" inches up their asses basically.

I also included the fracking in part of my global warming series, because as of last week, we had about 50 small earthquake's in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex over this last year, which is unusual, and I think that it's related to the fracking that is huge here. But damn near the entire country is getting milked from coast to coast, I covered alot of this actually, because the bottom line is one thing Jim ... regardless of the endless talk/ debate's, etc, etc ... on "is global warming real?" or the talk about "is it man made or natural?" etc, etc ... it boil's down to this Jim ... my question is ... WTF difference does it make, we been argueing this shit for over 2o year's now, and just going in circle's ... you cannot tell me that we can throw ton's of carbon, trash etc into the water's, air and land ... and say that it has no affect ... meaning the arguement's are pointless and bullshit ... al for what I call "The Politic's of Pro -Pollution" ... I remember you talking about the Himalaya's or such as far as folk's depending on water ... the thing is Jim ... alot of those area's that depend on mountain water will soon have to migrate as far as their people's too, ebcause of shortage's around the globe. You see Jim ... most of those who are behind the mega raping of the resource's dont care, because they can avoid alot of the tragic weather pattern's as well, and they have all the money to protect themselves from so much that the masses cannot ... but they will atke another loss in time they dont anticipate ... which is wealth. Long story though ... enough from me, thanx for the read Jim.

BTW ... the last 6 link's you have highlighted do not work for me ... it just said that "Thomas. H. Pickering" account does not have access and to change my account or something.

Later Jim ....

Demeur said...

The problem with fracking is that the big companies subcontract much of the work to fly by night outfits and nobody's watching over what they do. Even the chemicals they use are a trade secret.

Up here in the NW we had a record 81 days with no rain. That has to say something is wrong. Here's what I've noticed having lived here for a while. It used to rain as a constant light mist most days. Now we either get no rain or it will rain in torrents.