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Chinese official makes landmark Afghan visit: Great, let China replace us

Chinese official makes landmark Afghan visit : China, which shares a 76km border with Afghanistan's far northeast, has already secured major oil and copper mining concessions in Afghanistan, which is believed to have more than $1 trillion worth of minerals. Xinhua provided few details about the visit."It is in line with the fundamental interests of the two peoples for China and Afghanistan to strengthen a strategic and co-operative partnership conducive to regional peace, stability and development," Zhou said, according to the report.

China Sees Role in Afghanistan: "We will persevere in managing regional affairs by ourselves, guard against turbulence and shocks from outside the region, and play a bigger role in Afghanistan's restoration of peace," Mr. Hu said in the interview. Solving the problems in Afghanistan "has become an indispensable force in dealing with this region's security issues," Mr. Hu said.

As NATO troops' departure from Afghanistan draws nearer, fears are growing in some parts of the region that instability in that country could reverberate across Central Asia. China has worked to bolster resource ties with nearby Central Asian nations in recent years, part of a global bid to ensure the supplies needed to fuel its economy.

They should be helping! Afghan railroad complete, get a UN mandate and get China's military in there to defend their interests!
I have to tell you. I spent a couple hours researching the China Afghanistan Border along with the railroad and China's considerable interest in Afghanistan. During Afghanistan's war with Russia China cooperated with the US and was sending arms and supplies to the Mujahedin. They have a small border with Afghanistan and a crossing that was closed in 2001 because we attacked Afghanistan.

Reading up on it finds that there really is no road in Afghanistan to the border and access in China is very rudimentary. Reopening the border has been proposed as has even extending the railroad into China by Afghanistan. Of course the future of any kind of mining depends on the security of the country let alone extending a railroad into China.

I would love to see it but I do not see the Taliban allowing it to happen though up to now they have not interfered with the building of the railroad which has been heavily guarded by Uzbeks. Up to now we have been defending China's interests but I firmly believe it should be up to China to defend the railroad not us. I do think it is a winning idea because there is no way I can envision the Taliban or Al Qaeda wanting Chinese troops in Afghanistan.

I understand China has sent peace keepers around the world in the past but never a military defensive force. It is time! I understand they may but will only do so under a UN mandate. Well what are we waiting for? Get that mandate as China's military should be helping too and the Taliban could keep their military out by stopping their efforts to keep out foreigners. Afghan Railroad The railroad is now completed!

I have to reiterate what we already discussed as this really puts their mineral wealth in a new perspective at least for me!

Afghanistan the Saudi Arabia of Lithium The China of Capitalism, success or failure of tribalism is up to them, Afghanistan the curse of natural resources! As you know, US geologists found $1 trillion of mineral reserves in Afghanistan, the deposits, which include large veins of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and lithium are so large they could alter the Afghan economy, American geologists said after discovering the resources.

Plans were announced to start mining copper in the Aynak valley, southwest of Kabul, which holds one of the world’s biggest untapped copper deposits, estimated to be worth up to $88_billion (£44 billion) – more than double Afghanistan’s entire gross domestic product (GDP) in 2007.

In November, 2008 a 30-year lease was sold to the China Metallurgical Group for $3 billion, making it the biggest foreign investment and private business venture in Afghanistan’s history.

However despite the latest finds, with no mining industry in place it would take decades to develop an infrastructure to exploit the vast mineral reserves which are scattered throughout the country including along the border with Pakistan where some of the most intense fighting has taken place. US geologists find $1 to $3 trillion of mineral reserves in Afghanistan

China‘s involvement in Afghanistan is more than overdue! US troops providing security for China’s monstrous copper mine

China is mining what may be the largest deposit of copper on the planet. They stand to make tens of Billions and we are defending their interests.

For now this is justified as we have to be in the area anyway but once China builds a railroad in order to move the copper to port that better come to an end. You can bet every inch of that railroad and port is going to need 24/7 security. It will be a major target as the Taliban seek to keep what is Afghanistan’s theirs!

China should have her troops there providing her own security at the very least. If they were helping in Afghanistan as they should they would be less inclined to be trying to gum up the works for us everywhere else. We must make this a world effort if we are to succeed. I am happy to see we are moving in that direction.

In closing there are 1 to 3 trillion dollars worth of mineral resources alone. Enough to make them a power house if they could only come together in some manner and had someone in control of the country that knew how to capitalize from it. They are throughout Afghanistan including the Afghan Pakistan border which is significant to me.

There is enough lithium alone to power laptops computers Ipads Ipods everything you can think of in the age of lithium batteries, the 21st century. The heck with copper mines pipelines and oil and gas this could force the Taliban into being the China of Afghanistan allowing Capitalism to facilitate their preferred lifestyle of tribalism as the Chinese have used it to further communism.

China owes it to Afghanistan to at the very least pump as much money into the infrastructure as possible and take over from the US as to propping up this so called Government. I have to laugh thinking of the problems they will inherit!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Jim ... not sure if you know, but this is something that I have covered in my journal for long, although not as thoroughly as you as far as profit margin's and total figure's as far as mineral's beside's copper, but only because of the mining contract's China got in "05" or so ... basically I caught a "bite", bottom line. I wrote on it cause frankly Jim (even though I do not hate China at all) I was pissed royally of the amount in our time of financial crisis we were sepnding on Afghanistan, and even more pissed when Laura Bush (at the end of hubby's presidency) announced that we were in China to fight for women's right's and similar nonsense, oppression of homo's or whatever. I was pissed Jim, because of the size of China's (manpower) mulitary (even though I'm sure they are not as efficient as our's by any stretch) that they didnt have any bloody boot's on the ground there that I seen ... I was saying to myself ... "WTF is this? ... a one way street?" I mean frankly Jim ... it looked like the USA was footing the entire bill, and all so China could get their railroad's built to start railing out the resource's they mine. Plus the billion's we spent already updating infrastucture in China, infrastrusture that if the west(us) pulled out, their not even advanced enough to maintain on their own at that! We cant even get decent infrastructural investment's in our own country with our own bloody money at that! Then I figured that we were stuck with it no matter what, simply because Chian hold's about the largest portion of our debt ... and were just getting used or politically muscled to do so ... weird mixed feeling's I had about this whole show since the get- go of it though.

I busted out laughing when I heard Romney the other night say in the debate's that he would crack down on China if and when they were found to be cheatin ... I thought that was such a stupid statement, because of the amount of influenece and trade power that China has on the USA.

To me it doesnt matter of what the capability of the Chinese military is or not ... the bottom line ... is it's ya'll's (China's) investment/ venture, and ya'll need to do something beside's just raking up all the money in this. And I dont feel none of us belong there, after all ... it's Afghanistan's resource's, but I know that the corporate power's own us and China both, bottom line. I mean, their tearing up mountain's in our western state's just to get all the gold dust too, raping the entire globe at that. Enough from me though.

Thanx for the read though Jim ....

Ranch Chimp said...

But yeah ... your damn straight Jim ... let China replace us ... I get so sick of this horseshit Jim, especially the way the American people gulp it up like a soft drink!

an average patriot said...

I think it was 05 that made me respond to all the inequities too RC. It pissed me off that China was benefiting from our dying. I want to see them in there and us home. Home that would be nice but in reality we both know what I call Bush's forever war is just beginning. Always a pleasure! Have a nice day and tomorrow's football.

an average patriot said...

Hey Tom, sucks a big one when you see reality and the lies and can't do anything about it doesn't it!

Ranch Chimp said...

*****NOTE: In my above comment's when I talked about when Laura Bush said "why were there" and about the cost's of the infrastructure that we spent ... I mis- typed and meant "Afghanistan" not "China" ... I basically f'd up in my typing : (

Ranch Chimp said...

Oddly, some of it could easily be connected to China though : )

an average patriot said...

It probably is connected RC anyway I do it all the time. I knew what you meant. That crap about Laura always annoyed me too.